Oh yeah..With a Cherry On Top!

On Tuesday I headed over to one of my all time favorite blogs MarinaSleeps to visit one of my favorite peeps Marina. She had won an award..The Cherry on Top Award.  Why did she deserve this award?  First if you read her blog you already know, but if you haven’t here is why: she’s awesome, amazing and she rocks, oh and she’s funny as hell.  As I was over there visiting, she commented on one of my posts telling me she had something for me, then there were tweets telling me the same thing and to go to her blog, all the while I am thinking “I’m already there and if you would leave me alone for two seconds I can read your post!”  Geesh woman, pushy little thing!   😉   Well I finally got a moment of peace from her to finish her post and I made it to the bottom where she passes along the award.  Well what do you know, She passed it on to me!  I stood up so fast to celebrate that my laptop went flying and I had one of those slow motion “Nooooooo” as I tried to stop it before it hit the floor.  You know what? I caught that shit!  I am freaking Super Woman people with crazy quick reflexes.  After saving my laptop I continued my celebration in my living room by myself cheering “Oh Yeah, I’m the shit, I got an award! Wooty Woot Woot” all while doing the cabbage patch, I gots skills.  Then I did a cartwheel, landed in the splits and tore every muscle from the knee up including muscles I didn’t know I had to tear.  I looked over and there sits my dog who was staring at me with the look on his face of “What the fuck are you doing, you are a crazy excuse for a human”  I threw a toy at him that hit him in they eye and then waddled to the freezer to get a bag of peas to put on my girly muscles.  I couldn’t walk or move for 24 hours.

Anyway my muscles, girlie ones included are healed now so back to the subject at hand…The Cherry on Top Award!

My extra=You get super adjectives with my Posts!

My next on the award agenda is to say my thank yous….

I want to thank the academy.  What?  I wasn’t chosen by an academy?  Well then, I want to thank Marina for rocking my world everyday and making me laugh so hard I almost pee my pants.  Just know that if you get any funnier and I do start peeing my pants and I have to start wearing depends before clicking on your blog, I am sending you a bill, because I refuse to sit on the toilet with my laptop.  Thank you to all my 5,329 readers.  What?  I only have 7?  Thanks for busting my bubble, geesh can’t I just have a moment.  I would like to thank my 7 readers for reading or at least clicking on my posts to make it look like you have read it.  This award will go on my mantel next to my 2, that’s right people, 2 Stylish Blogger awards.  I am drawing up blueprints for the addition we will be building onto our house just store all of my awards.  I’m just that cool.   😉   And that was just a joke.

Next to list 3 things that I love about myself.

1. My teeth. I wore those freaking braces for 6 years so you can bet your sweet ass I love my teeth!  I have to, they cost my parents a fortune.

2. My sarcasm.  Its about survival, sanity and not hurting someone.  Have you met some of these so called humans that are around?  I have to have sarcasm to deal with them or I might have to beat them or commit myself.  I like my freedom so I will continue loving and using sarcasm frequently.

3. I love that my sense of humor can actually makes people smile and/or laugh. That is huge.  I’m not saying I’m the funniest person, because frankly I’m not, not even close but if I can put a smile on someone’s face every now and again, to me that is pure awesomeness.

Now to pass this cherry on with picking 5 deserving bloggers…


I am giving it right back like a hot potato to Marina over at MarinaSpleeps.  She has gotten 2 awards this week and I wanted her to have a 3rd.  This week is all about you girlfriend.  You are awesome.

Sarah over at The Fence.  I met her at wineparty a couple of weeks back on Twitter and she used the phrase “We’re just that classy” I instantly fell in love and wanted to make out with her. I have since stalked her blog and became a fan. On top of that she offered to call and set up Hospice for me after a trip to Burger King.  She loves me and cares deeply for my bowels.

Thy over at Thypolar’s Life Uncensored.  She’s amazing.  Her life should will be a movie one day.  She is currently on her way to hook up a hitch to my state to move it closer to hers.  She can do that, she has a biohazard suit and a hitch plus she’s amazing remember!  She lives in Vegas so I now have a place to stay when I go there,  I’m not sure if she knows that so… Thy, consider yourself warned.  Serious note:  Her blog is awesome, you should read it..seriously why are you not clicking on her link right now?

Jen over at Firecracker3’s Musings.  You may have been asking: Will she be passing the award to Jen? My answer: does a bear shit in the woods?  How could I go on without passing the award to my cosmic twin?  She’s an amazing human and her blog gets me laughing and works my brain at times.  I love this chick and consider her a good friend now.  Oh the wonders of the blogosphere bringing people together one post at a time.  Thank you blogosphere.

And last but not least:

Thoughts over at ThoughtsAppear.  Thoughts is a Pop-Tart loving Zombie.  That right there should be enough but I will go on to tell you that this chick is awesome.  I want to party with her.  Her boyfriend is Kiefer Sutherland, she has a crazy cat named Esme that is at times up to no good, and she had a penguin named Pete, R.I.P Pete.  Most of all she is funny and her blog is fantastic.  One of my first stops in the am when I get my read on.

So there you have it.  My Award, My thank yous, and my 5 recipients for the passing of the cherry.


Rock your Thursday people!

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Again, I must do the queen wave! Many thanks and an awww shucks 😉

  2. Aww Missy thanks. Due to all this celebritdom I started drinking and snorting sprite. I beat a paparrazi down with an umbrella and married and divorced all in a 24 hour period.
    I am all about winning and the goddesses that are my goldfish.
    But I am making a comeback. I’ll be on dancing with the stars.

  3. Congrats on the almost-academy-award! And I have a couple new blogs to check out based on you sharing the love!

  4. Oh how I love thee….let me count the ways!

    1) You rock
    2) Your sarcasm rocks
    3) You’re sippin’ on the awesome sauce
    4) Marina thinks you rock too!
    5) You still rock
    6) You love me too?
    7) You’re letting me tow your state closer to mine
    8) I love cherries, especially when they are on top (take that as you will people)
    9) And you rock!

    Thank you…thank you very much (with a hint of Elvis, but of course)

    My ladies always have a place to stay when visiting Vegas, as long as you don’t mind the circus that is my home and the mental patients that are constantly screaming through my halls 😉

    Tomorrow I am posting my side of the Mr T story and Monday I’ll be spreading some cherry love!

  5. LOL, nice post! I’m coming to you via my fabulous blog mate Thypolar! I think you and I will get along – off to read some of your posts!

    Sarcasm and wit rule, yo!


    Congrats on your award!

  6. “Have you met some of these so called humans that are around?”
    Yes, I have met some of these humans and I’ve had no choice but to adopt the same strategy of sarcasm to survive. Sorry people, if I took you seriously even for a second I would be forced to ask myself some very difficult questions about humanity.

  7. At least 8 readers, fnkybee, and now I’m off to check out the blogs you’ve tipped here.

  8. Thanks for the shoutout… you get more awesome daily. Exponential awesomesauce? I didn’t even know that was possible! Thanks for the award and linky-loos! You’re rad… even more rad than your rock-lovin’ offspring!

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