Little Miss Cranky.

It’s safe to say that I am a bit cranky today.  I was cranky before I went to bed, I was cranky in my dreams, I was cranky at my husband when he told me bye this morning when I was still asleep because I was mad at him in my dream, and yes was cranky when I woke up, which means I am still cranky now.  What  a downer I am right now, but you know what? It’s my party blog and I’ll be cranky if I want to.   😛

My crankiness started yesterday when my dad and Susie just stopped by my house.  I don’t mind that they stop by when they are out and about but for the love of god call and give me a heads up.  I do not like when people just show up at my house unannounced.  It’s common courtesy to call and say ‘hey I’m in your area, we are going to stop by’.  That would be cool. They walk in and I’m pretty sure my stepmom read my face because she starts saying “I told him we can’t just stop by, that we need to call” to which my dad replied “We moved down here to see them and we can just stop by if we want to”.  Umm..wrong.  Obviously Susie knows and dad is delusional.  My one pet peeve or you could say huge annoyance when we did live in Indiana was B’s parents just ‘dropping by’ unannounced.  I have voiced this I don’t know how many times and my dad would agree but for some reason thinks this does not apply to him.  I now have to find a polite way to bring this up and make it known that it does apply to him and a phone call would be nice is required.

My crankiness level elevated when Dad started talking about today.  Today we (myself, kids & my sister) are going with Dad and Susie to see a waterfall.  Well I thought that is what we were doing.  Yesterday he informed me that we are hiking to the waterfall and then fishing afterwards.  Let’s start with I don’t want to hike because it hurts my knees and after last nights volleyball game and track and field on the Kinect they are killing me, hiking does not sound fun at the moment for my knees.  Then when we add fishing to the day I want to slit my wrists.  Now I love to fish, I can sit and fish all day long but when it’s on top of an hour ride to the park, a mile hike to the waterfalls, an hour back to dad’s and then how many hours of fishing I am having a little bit of an overload. When we factor in the kids with this whole day they are going to be whining little things by the time fishing comes around and that makes Mommy just a bit more crankier.  Plus I think I am entering Dad overdose time.  I have spent all day Saturday, all day Monday, 2 hours yesterday and now all day today with him.  This is a recipe for disaster between me and him.  I love my dad, think the world of him but this is a little much all in one week.  Believe you me when I say I have ran every excuse through my head to use to get out of this but this is where being nice and doing the right thing haunts me.  I can’t make myself not go because for one it would crush him, and two I can’t send my sister with both of my kids to do this, even though all would be fine.  AND to make it a perfect day it’s only going to be 50 degrees, it was supposed to be 60 but no that would make it to easy.  Grrrrrr!  I want to stomp around like a little kid throwing a temper tantrum and I might just do that before the day is through.  This is going to be one interesting day.

Oh my sister just came to tell me that my dog just got out.  Flipping fantastic.  Now I get to go chase my dog around the neighborhood.

I want to go back to bed.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Just tell Dad, NO, you don’t want to go. Have him take your kids if he’s so into having family time. Then let HIM get cranky, afterall, misery loves company! 😀

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only person who does the I’m-cranky-with-dream-you-so-I’m-cranky-with-real-you-too.

    I hope today goes well and the crankiness ends soon!

  3. It could be worse, you could have to do my job for today 🙂 despite my squeals of delight there is still ample annoyances today by 9am no less. Feel free to vent!

    • I know it could be worse, I was being a bit of a drama queen. I would hate to see if I worked with the public in some way today because I would most likely get fired. haha!
      I did get out of it after all my bitching and whining.

  4. Yeah … glad your feeling better.
    I know what you mean about family overload… sometimes you just need down time.
    So lets take a nap .. eh?

  5. Glad you are feeling better and actually get some quality time to yourself. That’s a fantastic bonus! Everyone deserves to have some cranky time. If you’re a mom, you automatically double the cranky time allotment. As far as I go, I’m cranky quite often and people either take me as I come or can go about their business! Have a relaxing day 😉

  6. If you don’t call first, how will I have time to hide the People magazines and set out The New Yorker?

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