A Rant, A New Adventure & The Truth Behind Fnkybee

My first post I got done too quick and now I don’t want to start my day just yet so you get installment #2 from me because I want to procrastinate.  You are so lucky, seriously, go buy a lottery ticket.

Go grab a glass of wine and sit back and lets ramble.  What is that? It’s only 10am and it’s too early to drink?  You shut your mouth and get a glass of wine, it’s never to early.  It’s 5:00 somewhere right?  At the very least add some baily’s to your coffee.  Geesh people!

I found myself a little annoyed on Twitter yesterday and did a lot of tongue biting.  One twitterer (I guess that is a word now since it didn’t just get redlined on my computer, fascinating) tweeted to her followers to send her 11 cents to her paypal account for something ‘stupid’ that she wants that is a grand, then gave her paypal address.  People actually started sending money.  She updated throughout the day that she was still receiving payments from people.  As of 10 hrs ago she has received $399.04.  Fucking seriously?  She tweeted throughout the day about comments people have left after depositing 11 cents in her account.  “I don’t know who you are but my wife told me to do it”, “This better be for something really stupid” etc.  Again, are you fucking kidding me.  So now we can just tweet that we need money and people will just start giving it up?  Hell I need some but not for one second would I ever put it on twitter and ask for people to send me a nickel.  I don’t care if it started as a joke, but how big of a joke can it be if you put your damn paypal address out there?  I was and still am uber bothered by this and what’s even more uber irritating about it is people are actually doing it.  Dumbasses.

How about we take that 11 cents which I am sure has added up to more than $400 now and send it to a charity for people who really fucking need it?  Oh, you would rather send it to someone who wants something stupid?  You are a dumbass.  I am appalled by this.

I jumped on the bandwagon on Twitter and started following @BronxZoosCobra the other day and I chuckle with every tweet.  Truth be known if our local zoo lost a snake and I lived close by I would super glue every door, window and opening shut then nail it then duct tape it.  I would never leave my house and I would check my bathtub drain and toilet every time.  I don’t do snakes of any kind.

I am super excited to be a part of a blogger care package venture that one of my friends started.  Marina over at MarinaSleeps received a care package from a family member out of the blue a couple of weeks ago and came up with the idea to do it with fellow bloggers.  Who ever wants to be involved can, you email her your address or where ever you choose for your package to be sent and each month a blogger is chosen and you send them a care package that can include anything you want, something about where you live, something you think they would love, something that you make etc.  Nothing expensive and it doesn’t have to be fancy.  She has worked up a schedule assigning months to bloggers with it starting in April.  I am stoked and have a million ideas running through my head.  I can’t wait to get started on my first package to send!

I was asked yesterday how I came up with Fnkybee.  Truth:  I am really a bee and I’m pretty damn Funky.  Funky as in good funky not stinky dirty funky.  My favorite colors are Black and Yellow, favorite word is Bzzzzzzz, and I am a HUGE fan of flowers.  All my pictures of myself are fakes, stolen off the internet, I don’t even know that chick but her tattoos are awesome and I heard she is pretty cool.  I am not human..I’m a damn Bee!  ….and I’m animated!  How do I do it?  Living in an animated world crossed with the real?  I’ll never tell. (said like Britney Murphey said it in that one movie, you know the one I’m talking about!)

From a photo shoot I did last week, I'm going to be on the cover of BeeTastic

So there you have it.

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. “You shut your mouth and get a glass of wine,”
    You had me on this line right off the bat…
    Love the post & your sassiness. xx


  2. O.M.G. I just want you to know that I follow the same blogger,and I feel the sameway. I asked her to tell me if her plea for money helps because I would love to pay for the IFV that my husband and I so desperately want, you know, for a child (not something stupid).
    Love the bee and am definitely going to check out the care package information.

    • I saw your tweet to her yesterday! I still can’t believe it. If she actually takes the money to get the stupid thing I can say she most likely be less one follower..me.
      It’s not too late to join the care package adventure!

  3. LMAO!! I thought that was really you! Your bloggy attitude and that picture match up!

    Can you believe someone actually started a Twitter account for that stupid cobra? #toomuchtimeontheirhands

    Marina is a hoot! She just cracks me up!!

    It’s 11:36am my time, so happy hour (or two) can commence!

    • HeeHee! All the pic is missing is my queen crown but it messes up my antennas so I just keep it on a table next to my throne.
      Marina is the best!
      Game on for happy hour!

  4. The Twitter thing: whoa, I was not aware of this but then again I don’t follow or allow that many people to follow me so I am a bit out of the loop. However, that is nonsense and I would have called them out on the crap too and all the lemmings who thought it was a good idea to give her money, 11 cents or not.

    The Care Package thing: freakin’ awesome I can’t wait.

    Your nickname: My favorite toy which my mom will confirm as will pictures was a toy bumble bee that I rode. It has wheels, steering wheel, antenna, stripes, the whole thing. I was OBSESSED with this, even long after I grew up I would not let my mom get rid of it. She may, in fact, still have it in the attic somewhere 🙂

    • Be glad you weren’t in this loop yesterday. I did my best not to piss on her parade and it was hard. That takes some balls to do what she did. I’m struggling with un following her wait decision made i’m unfollowing.

  5. I have to agree with you on the twitter shit. That’s awful. I wouldn’t ask for money from people I know, let alone complete strangers.

    The missing cobra was on the news last night. The anchors read off some of the tweets and had me in tears. That’s awesome. I was bit by a snake once. Never again. ugh

    Can’t wait to get the care package started. It should be fun! I’m gonna try to get a post out tomorrow about it and see if anyone else wants to join in.


    • I hate snakes..hate them. If I was ever bit it would kill me because I would instantly go into cardiac arrest. Even if it was just a gardner snake.

  6. Wow – you are on seriously HOT bee!

  7. The stupid PayPal Twitter thing yesterday really pissed me off. There are people bitching and moaning about not having enough money to donate to the Red Cross for major world trauma events… but are willing to part with money (albeit ony 11 cents at a time) to help someone buy a mixer? That’s so effin’ messed up I don’t even have words!
    To top it off, I saw other people making comments about attempting something similar to pay off their cars or take the fam to Disney. It enraged me! I’m a fan of generosity NOT stupidity.

    BUT the care package idea… totally brilliantly generously WONDERFUL! Who wouldn’t wanna get a little “happy” in the mail? (Whoa. Did my Alabama just show thru right there? We call cheap little presents “happys.” We realize it’s bad grammar but, that hasn’t stopped us before!)

    And who doesn’t love bees? TELL ME you’ve heard Eddie Izzard’s “I’m covered in Beeeeees!” bit before… ‘cuz I think of it every time I see you post on Twitter.
    Love you… once again. 🙂 MWAH!

    • Is that what it was..a Mixer?? Seriously? She should really donate the money to a cause not buy a mixer.
      Happy’s! haha! I love it! it was a vocabulary shock to me when I moved to Georgia. all of a sudden grocery carts were buggies, when it rained the bottom fell out, and trunks were boots. I was so confused for the first 2 months I lived there!
      I have heard of Eddie Izzard but not of the sketch I will youtube it!

  8. You are a Cover Girl! Cool! Bee Careful out there. It can get sticky.
    Sorry, I could not help myself. I’ve been sick for awhile. I will stick to that story, too.
    Great post as always.

  9. I may have done this in the wrong order. First I grabbed the wine. Then I drank it. Then I read the post. hick! Then I realized I have to go to my job in 15 minutes. Oh well, at least work should be a lot more fun today.

    Mind if I put in my 11 cents? (Yes, my opinion is 5.5 times more valuable than your average bear.)

    I think you’re brilliant. Why send money to someone just because they want another non-essential consumerist consumption-lifestyle possession? Why support that? On the other hand, you followed her tweets all day long. 🙂

    The best tweet I saw about that snake was this. “TheBronxZoo: We’re confident that our missing cobra has not left the Reptile House.” How reassuring! 🙂

    I think the care package thing is a great idea. And it could lead to a very interesting round-robin style of bloggers posting about it.

    Lastly, so you get the full value of my 11 cents, just let me say this. That image is the bee-all end-all. Heh!

    And I promise you this: Follow my tweets and I’ll never ask for 11 seconds. I’d at least go for 12.

    • I always welcome your 11 cents!
      Well she is in my timeline so yes I am guilty of following her tweets. But I was following in disbelief, that’s ok right? haha!

      I do follow your tweets (which make me laugh throughout the day) and I will only send no less than 15 cents! If you dare to ask!

  10. Really? You’re a bee!? This explains how you put our your posts so quickly! Also, I didn’t know you were on Twitter, so I will check that out today!

    Now, as for this bullshit Twitterer (I’m getting the red squiggly line – perhaps WP is more intelligent than Twitter?) – how stupid do you have to be to actually succumb to a request like that? Definitely, that chick has a lot of nerve to ask strangers for Money for something totally fucking stupid like a wax job – but I’m awarding the Dumbass trophy to all the idiots who have actually sent her money. Oh, was that too harsh?

    As for the care package, I need to email Marina! Thy told me to yesterday, but I don’t follow instructions very well 😀

    Happy Friday!

  11. I followed the Cobra thing. It was great. Priding myself at being “funny,” I wish I had enough time to come up with an idea and keep it going long enough for everyone to follow along. But I guess that actual employment is better, huh?

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