Weekend Recap: Survival of April Fools, Soccer & a Bad Sunburn

A recap of my weekend.

Friday aka April Fool’s Day

I survived.  Shew!   😉   A joke was played on myself when I got ready for the day.  I had an awesome hair day and got all dolled up with only one place to go…Walmart.  That is just evil, evil I say!  I tried to come up with somewhere else to go but I came up empty.  My son tried to pull a fast one on me as he walked through the door from school.  He came in and said he had the worst day of his life, he got in trouble all day long, and had his card moved to black.  After my heart came back up from my stomach he finally broke his straight face and yelled April Fools!  Little turkey, he had me going.  B came home with scratch off lottery tickets for all of us and as he scratched off his he started jumping around and yelling that he just won $10,000.  He had the kids going for a couple of minutes with that one until W called him out on it.  I also found out on Friday that I got defriended by my sister in law.  Come to find out, one of the reasons she defriended me was that I always beat her score on Bejeweled Blitz.  Are you serious? Yes I am.  It’s a facebook game.  I play on my phone when I am bored and she doesn’t like that I out score her.  At first I thought this was an April Fool’s joke but I was mistaken this reason was for real.


Saturday W had his first soccer game of the season.  It was a beautiful but extremely windy day and he was pumped!  The team has only 2 practices under their belt but they did great.  They ended up losing but they played their butts off and had a blast.  The team they played was really good and the rumor on the field is that they selected their players on their team and the majority had been playing for some time.  It’s all good though!  W had a great time, played his butt off to the point of getting cramps in his side and had a smile on his face the whole time.  That’s all that matters!  They will improve with each practice and game.  Here are a few pics from the game.  I am proud of my boy!


W kicking off the game!



The coolest soccer dad at the games Saturday!



I got a wild hair up my butt Sunday and headed out front to the flower bed from hell.  I hate my flower bed mainly because it is plagued by the weed from hell…Crabgrass.  I am convinced the crabgrass root is connected to hell in some way.  If anyone has crabgrass you know what I am talking about.  For 3 years now I have battled this damn weed and every year I try to get a handle on it only to throw my hands up in the air come mid summer and say F*ck it.  I worked my ass off for 4 hours yesterday pulling weeds and crabgrass roots to the point of having raw patches on my fingers.  My whole body is aching today right down to my fingernails being sore.  To top it all off I am rocking a sunburn, a bad vibrant red sunburn on my back.  I have officially applied aloe for the first time this season..twice.  It hurts.  See look!


Don't mind my bedhead but that sunburn is just wrong.


Sunscreen didn’t even cross my mind, it was sunny but I thought I was in the shade for the most part (I was obviously very very wrong).  After 4 hours in the bed using muscles that have been dormant for 4 months I was done, worn out.  I applied my Preen and next weekend will be to mulch and reapply more Preen.  I will win this battle of the crabgrass and if I don’t I’m bringing in the big dogs..The Professionals.  The crabgrass doesn’t stand a chance this year.  It will die!  I will reclaim my flower bed!




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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Owwww! Your back looks painful. I hope the sunburn goes away quickly!

  2. OW!!! Even your tatoo is in pain!!!
    Geez, we’re lucky if the sun stays out long enough to break a sweat here! I swear I’m living in Washington state!
    Some people take Facebook really seriously, don’t they?

  3. OMG! That burn looks horrible! I’m jealous, though, because it’s cold as a witch’s titi here in WI. I’m at least 4 months away from a sunburn.

    I can also totally relate to looking fabulous and having nowhere to go. It happens to me almost every day. 😉

    Put some aloe on that burn.

  4. I had a friend stop talking to me because I could out drink her. Women are ridiculous.

    In other news….congrats on the first soccer game of the season. Those were some outstanding photos! Hopefully I will be able to share some baseball photos soon. I, however, am an ass and was so excited to get to opening day ceremonies that I forgot to grab at least one of the 5 digital cameras we own. Go ahead and spank me now, I’ll let you.

    My youngest got a sunburn yesterday too. So I asked him what in the world he had been thinking and what he planned on doing if he had to be catcher in the next game. His answer “I’ll tough it out”. LOL. Aloe it up girl!

  5. I was surprised by the first game of the season after only 2 pratices, but at least they got out there and had a good time!

    I have no weeds to pull. That is only because when I re-did my beds I days pulling them all out then applying the weed block paper in layers then 3 layers of mulch. Crabgrass is a bitch! Professionals are needed, if the areas aren’t too big I say rip out the grass and put down sod. I am debating calling in professionals for the season to at least fertilize and get a jump on my grass which I call glorfied weeds. I am losing the battle.

    Happy Monday!

    • Yeah, the coach opted to not practice during spring break so other teams have extra practices under their belt and they will only have one practice this week.
      I am completely jealous of your no weeds.

  6. While that looks painful, (and being a redhead i KNOW sunburn pain) at least the flowers didn’t wilt…

  7. Damn … I got my very first aunburn last year. That was horrible. You can’t do anything without the pain! I so feel you!

    Women are weird! Though I never had that problem before but it probably helps to have women as friends. I normally have kids as my friends. Oooo I can tell you some drama there! Crazy!

  8. Ouch! That’s one big ass sunburn! I bet you couldn’t sleep on your back. Hope you took some aspirin before going to sleep.
    Congrats on your kids game even if they didn’t win.
    I don’t know shit about gardening so I won’t comment on that.
    Don’t worry I won’t unfollow you no matter how much sassier your tweets are 😉

  9. Every year I forget about the thing called sunburns. Spring is finally here, the sun is out, lets go to the park, nobody ever thinks about sunscreen. We’re just happy the cold is over and get one bad burn every year.

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