Mimosas, I Hear Them Calling

mimosa - champagne and orange juice cocktail

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I only have a few moments this morning to pump out a post because I have date this am with about 6 other girls for Mimosas!  That’s right mimosas!  I heart me a mimosa especially with a splash of Peach Schnapps.  YUM-O.  Our mimosa mornings used to be about every other month but it has been on hiatus since last summer.  With the beautiful weather that is here and hopefully to stay we are getting them back up and running.  Bring them on!  We have so much fun when we are together in the mornings since it usually ends up that we are all buzzed by 11am.  Nothing like a bunch of half drunk moms on a weekday morning!   😉   I love to be in the liquor store at 9am for champagne.  It says classy all over it.  haha!

The rest of the week is going to be crazy and I’m ready.  Tomorrow is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous so my sister and I are headed downtown to spend the morning/afternoon.  We are first headed to the Frist Center, our art museum, to see a an exhibit that she says we can’t miss.  It’s a photography exhibit by a Memphis photographer, William Eggleston.  Awesome!  I have lived here for almost 8 years and still have never been, along with the Country Music Hall of Fame.  Don’t ask, I don’t know why we haven’t taken time to do these things.  After that we are headed down to the heart of Broadway to eat lunch and take some photos of our beautiful city.  I am excited!  I have been wanting to do this for a while now.  Sunny and a high of 75!  Let’s do this.

Friday B’s Aunt and Uncle are in town from North Carolina so we will be back downtown for dinner and a night out at the honky tonks with them.  Always a good time!  After setting up for the kids to go to Dad’s Friday night I was telling B that it will work out just fine because W’s soccer game isn’t until 1:30 on Saturday, he said cool that is our “out” for Friday night so we don’t get all shnockered and are out late.  Whatever dude, do you remember last year when they came into town?  You were all hammered with your uncle.  I see a repeat come Friday night because when we are out with them the rounds just keep flowing.

On that note I am off to get ready for my mimosas.  They are calling my name, I can hear them…Jaaaaammmiiiieeeeeee!  I must obey the call of the Mimosa.




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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I would so kill for that kind of morning today! Have fun 🙂 I know you will.

  2. I’ve never thought about putting Peach Schnapps in mimosas sounds tasty!

    I hope you have a good day at the museum and hall of fame!

  3. So I’m classy? Sweeeeeeeeeet!

    So why wasn’t I invited to the “mimosa” gathering? And when are you arriving in Vegas to make it up to me?

    The rest of your week sounds like a ton of fun. Have fun!

  4. What a great way to start the day! Hope you enjoyed it!

  5. I will have a mimosa gathering too. Except I’ll make five just for me!!!

  6. Wait how do you make mimosas?

  7. This sounds delicious and so fun. So much better than dragging my butt out of bed for work. 😦 High of 50 expected today, but I won’t count on it.

    *Cue Debbie Downer whaa, whaaa sound effect*

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