It Was a Good Weekend.

My to do list for the day is 5 miles long, which stinks since I have the energy for only about a mile but I will chug-a-lug my coffee and hope it turns me around this morning. I need the energy of a crackhead to get me through.

One of the things on my to do list is birthday party invites for E.  Her party is in 10…10 days and I have yet to send out invites.  Parenting/birthday party fail.  I get the procrastination award.  Well it’s not really procrastination it was her not being decisive on where the party would be.  I hate having birthday parties here at the house, it’s just too much work, money and people (kids) inside my house!  She finally agreed on place and I set it up, now to send out invites.  Thank goodness for evites!  They will be going out today.

The rest of my to do list is quite boring so I will spare you a coma, I can’t afford being sued for medical bills.

The weekend was great.  B and I went out Friday night with his Aunt and Uncle that were in town for an annual get together with other friends.  There were about 14 of us in total.  We were the youngest couple there, the rest being in their 40’s and 50’s.  Let me just tell you this group of people can par-tay.  B and I bailed just after midnight and the rest of the group were going strong.  We first met them at a restaurant for dinner and to watch a band.  There were a couple (B’s uncle included) that were just hammered when we got there, it was 7pm.  There was much hooting and hollering going on by 10pm.  We left the restaurant and headed down to 2nd Avenue to a bar that has rock bands, Big Shotz.  I really like this bar, it’s small and always has a good band rock’n.  It’s the only good bar on 2nd Avenue, the rest of it I can’t stand.  I hate to walk on 2nd Avenue, I hate the people on 2nd Avenue.  There are a lot of clubs on 2nd Avenue, therefore you have the younger crowd that is annoying.  As we were walking to Big Shotz we passed a bar that I can’t remember the name of and outside they had a barrel, a big barrel with a chick dancing on it.  I wish I would have stopped and taken a picture because I am sure she makes her mother so very proud.  “So what does your daughter do?” “Oh she dresses like a complete whore (she had on tore fish nets, hoochie pants aka underwear, and a bathing suit top with knee boots) and shakes her ass on a barrel outside of a bar on 2nd Avenue on the weekends, she’s a professional”  Nice!  I mean seriously..Wow.  I just showed that I am getting old.  Good job Jamie.  🙂    Along with seeing that, I saw 2 young girls with a mom walking out of a store.  One of the two girls had on hoochie shorts so short that her butt was hanging out and black leather boots that came up over her knees, she looked like she was about 14.  That is a parenting fail right there.  Make your child put some freaking clothes on and look her age.  After my eyes had bled about a dozen times we finally made it to the bar.  The band was great and the rounds were flowing.  Round after round of shots..Porn Star Shots that are quite amazing and Fireball.  I am not woman enough to shoot fireball so I passed on those but hand me a Porn Star and it’s game on, they are like a melted blue popsicle. The group we were with was cracking me up.  It was like hanging with my parents in a bar and watching them just get schnockered.  They were dancing, hooting and hollering and just having a grand ole time.  At one point I looked at B and said this is us after the kids are out of the house and I’m ok with that.  I never want to become stuffy and lose my youth and will to have fun.  After the umpteenth fireball shot B looked at me and said it’s time to go.  We headed home and left the older crowd to party us under the table.  It was a good night.

Saturday brought a soccer game and another sunburn on top of the 2 that I all ready had.  Good times.  The boys lost by one this week and played so much better even though they had only one practice last week.  They played their hearts out again in 92 degree weather and did great.  The rest of the day was a chillax day and it was nice.

In other news I have set up a Bonanza booth along with the my Etsy store for my photo prints.  I have had so much positive feedback on my latest outing “Project Nashville” that I think I am walking around with a perma-smile on my face!  Now I am in the process of getting both stores updated and promoting to get the word out.  So if you see it everywhere I apologize, I am going to be one of those people for just a bit.  I also had a text come in over the weekend from a friend of a friend asking me to do their family pictures in June.  I’m stoked.  I plan on devoting much more of my time to this venture and am so ready for the challenges ahead of me.

On that note it’s get busy time….


About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Cheers (with a Porn Star shot) to an awesome weekend! Good luck on the to do list. I am right there with ya on the coma-inducing list!

  2. I love your pics! You are very talented. All I can do is put lipstick on using my cleavage. But, hey, people love that.

  3. You know I love your pics so Congrats on it all. Too bad you don’t like closer to Vegas. (12) is a model and it’s almost time to update her portfolio. I would definitely hire you after seeing your work.

    Your weekend sounds like a ton of fun girl. I’d definitely have me some porn star too! Yum. I’m with you on the “younger annoying crowd”. We see a lot of that in Vegas too and it gets old. It seems that the 30’s and older crowd can party better anyways and enjoys themselves more. Maybe we just know how to do it better, right?

    Girl, we HAVE to get together!

  4. Hey just you wait … you with me the coolest gramps and grams ever … I shall shut up now.

  5. Sounds like an adventurous weekend – especially with the pole dancing hooker on a barrel! That sounds catchy doesn’t it? Maybe she can use that as her tag line – you know, to market her goods 😀

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