The world needs to revolve around me today.

Just for today.

My Monday is jam packed and I have 5,387 things to get done today.  5,357 of those involve stores, stores that do not open until 10am for some reason. I didn’t have to deal with this until I moved to the south.  I am originally from Indiana and stores were open by 9am at the latest.  You could get up and go.  Soon after we moved to Georgia in 2000 I remember getting up on a Sunday to run some errands and do some shopping.  It was around 9am and I stopped at a local store to check it out.  I park, I walk up to the door, it’s locked.  I find the store hour sign and they don’t open until NOON!  WHAT!  Yes Noon.  They don’t open until noon because of church.  Well la de freaking da.  What about us sinners that don’t go to church but want to shop instead?  Answer: We are screwed.  “No shopping for you!”  This drove me nuts because if I had to do any shopping on the weekend that was my prime to do so.  Why?  Because everybody but me is at church!  Grr.

We move to Nashville and everyday..EVERYDAY..the stores don’t open until 10am.  This drives me absolutely insane.  It is now 8:47 and I am ready to walk out the door but instead I am typing my post because if I was to leave I would have to sit in a parking lot for an hour.  This is crap.  Us moms are on a limited ‘alone’ shopping schedule where kids are not involved if you have kids in a preschool or full time school.  This is the ideal shopping.  No chasing a kid around, no saying 4 million times “you stay with me”, “don’t touch that”, “no you can’t have a flipping toy”, “quit your whining we are almost done”, “I don’t give a crap that your legs are tired”.  It’s just you and the store.  Bliss.  You have time to really look, try on the 6 pairs of jeans to find the right fit, to buy the exact things that are on your list etc.  I loathe having to shop with my kids in tow when I am after specific things and on a time schedule. It cramps my shopping style.  They walk slow, they want things, they complain and they can be whiny.  Not cool.

The stores not opening till 10am cramps my style too.  I don’t have time for this.  Time will be against me today.  I will get the majority of stuff done, that I know, but I also have a feeling that a few things aren’t going to get done before the kids get home which means we will have to go back out to finish up.  This means…They will be with me.  Shoot me now.

Doesn’t the world know that it needs to revolve around me today?  No? Well it should damnit.  I have shit I need to do.  I need every stop light to be green, I need there to be no lines at the checkout, I need everything to be in stock, I need every size to be there for me to purchase, I need the birthday presents to jump out at me screaming buy me for your daughter (because I have no flipping clue what she wants, she doesn’t know either which means she has too much crap), I need everything to go smoothly.

So yes, today the world needs to revolve around me.  Period.

Just like this!

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Ugh…I’m with you on hating when stores open. I hate waiting until 10 or noon on Sundays. Sundays are the worst because I realize Sunday evening that I forgot something, but it’s always after 6…when everything has closed!

    I hope your day goes well!

  2. It always easier to go out and run errands by yourself. Kids are wonderful, but their presence is not really conducive to getting stuff done. And like you said, time is limited for the stay-at-home parent, gotta take your chances when you can. Stores and sinners…Chick-fil-la isn’t even open at all on Sunday. We always drive by on Sunday and say, “Well, I guess they don’t want my money today.”

  3. Store hours here are the same way, 10am, 12pm on Sundays I think the mall doesn’t even open until 11am. I don’t mind mostly b/c I workout in the AM so no issues there.

    I would flip my shit though if I was a mom and had limited alone time as you stated, I would be banging on the door whining, “cmon let me in I have shit to do damnit!”

    Hope you get the list done! Nothing feels better than checking items off the to do list 🙂

  4. Not open until 10:00?! Geez, the day is 1/2 over by then. I couldn’t do with that either. And, shopping with the kids?! Forget it.

  5. I guess that’s one of the perks of living in Las Vegas. You need to move here, I just decided.

    In Vegas you can do just about anything you want at any time of the day. Shit, if I wanted to get my nails done at 2am I could. Why? Because what would happen if an entertainer, showgirl, or stripper broke a nail?

    Start packing…it’s ok….I’ll inform Mr T!

  6. I have the same problem here in PA. They roll up the sidewalks in certain areas. Especially in Lancaster, Amish country. A lot of the stores open at 10 here. But Walmart(8am), Home Depot(6am) and Giant(grocery store-opened 24/7). And small business wonder why they can’t keep up with the big guys.

    I feel your pain. It was an adjustment for me too when I moved from Jersey. A whole new world.

  7. I lived in Germany for many years and the hours were even worse, especially on the weekend when stores opened on Saturday at 10AM and were required by law to close at 2PM. On Sundays everything was closed.

  8. Yeah… its time we move to the second city that doesn’t sleep. Vegas!

  9. Everyone by law should get a day where the world revolves around “me”

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