Storms, a debate, & a Conversation about Tornadoes.

I am relieved that we are safe after yesterday’s weather.  I wish I could say that for the next town down from mine, only 10 miles away.  They weren’t as fortunate and have a big cleanup ahead of them along with 2 dozen counties here in Middle Tennessee.  Yesterday as I was cooking dinner and talking to my step mom on the phone I turned on the Weather Channel and they had a live feed coming from Birmingham.  The camera was focused on a black monster as the reporter called it, one of the biggest tornadoes the reporter/meteorologist had ever seen in his 30 years in this field.  It was huge, it was black, it was just mean looking.  I froze, all I could say to her was “turn on the Weather Channel”.  She did and we both watched in silence for about a minute.  We couldn’t believe what we were looking at….and it was was happening right that very moment.  All I could get out to her was “I have no words”.  She agreed.  Just by looking at that twister you knew in your gut that the outcome was not going to be good.  This morning I am still in awwe as new video and photos come in from Alabama.  The storms yesterday is going down in history as one of the biggest outbreaks of tornadoes and severe weather.  When I started watching the coverage this morning the count of lives lost was at 173, now 3 hours later its over 200 and rising.  My heart aches for the families that lost loved ones, that lost everything.  That could have been us very easily.  I am very grateful.  My heart goes out to the ones that were not as fortunate.

Yesterday I had put something on Facebook regarding Obama and his birth certificate.  I wrote “What I don’t understand is why it took 3 years to show a birth certificate.  Seems a bit fishy to me”.  My point being that with all the hub bub surrounding this stupid birth certificate you would think that he would have nipped it in the butt and just showed it a long time ago to stop the accusations.  But no it took 3 almost 4 years to surface and be shown.  That is the fishy part.  This started a little debate.  I had a comment come in that said “at what point does he say he shouldn’t have to prove to everyone exactly who he is?” and went on to say that she provided all information necessary when she was hired for her job but does not feel it necessary to prove that to her co-workers.  Now I love this girl, she is one of my besties so I do not wish to offend. You can not compare and everyday joe’s job (this is every single job besides the president’s job) to the position of the President.  He is not running just a big corporation he is running our country and I think that if the people of the country you are running have suspicions about you and you say you are who you are then it shouldn’t take 3 freaking years to show the proof.  That’s it. Period.  Not to mention I think he sucks and shouldn’t be president anyway.  Moving on..

My son said something last night at dinner that made me bite my tongue.  I wasn’t about to get into the subject with him but I see what just 1 year of Moms Day Out (preschool) at the local Baptist Church has embedded in him.  I didn’t get into a big discussion with him because 1) he is 8 and 2) I want my kids to believe whatever they want to believe.  This is the conversation:

W: I just don’t know why God made tornadoes.

Me: He didn’t the weather did.

W: No God made the tornadoes.  He also made bugs. I don’t know why anyone would make tornadoes and bugs.  They serve no purpose.

Me: God didn’t make the tornadoes or …..  (and I stopped)

I changed the subject as I felt my blood pressure rise just a bit.  Now here is where *in my thinking* religion is one big mind fuck and screws with the head.  They say God created everything.  Fine, whatever.  My son thinks God created tornadoes, fine. But if or when he realizes that over 200 people have lost their lives how do you explain that one?  God created the tornadoes to take out innocent test our response time?  The fittest survive?  What the hell is that?   I have an uneasy feeling because my son believes it.  I will stay quite because he is 8 and hope that he realizes its all shit on his own. I will also hope that he pays attention in science class and learns what really makes a tornado.  Science vs fairy tales…Science always win with me.

On that note I am off to the post office to ship out my first Etsy Order that finally arrived yesterday!

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  1. I totally understand what you are saying about religion. It’s just reasons for things that we dont understand yet it contradicts everything else.
    I am seriously trying to sheild my kids for as long as I can. Hopefully no one gets all holy roly on me….

  2. I have a rule that I don’t discuss religion or politics with people that I consider friends…PERIOD! It causes nothing but trouble. No two people ever look at either of those topics in the same light and considering the passion that comes with both of them, its just a recipe for ending a perfectly good friendship.

  3. I think it’s great that Donald Trump FINALLY called Obama out on this whole birth certificate issue! Kudos to “The Donald”. I agree, he should have laid this to rest 2 years ago! Slacker.

    Your son will learn. I did.

  4. I’m glad that you’re safe!

  5. Glad to hear you and your family are safe

  6. Glad to hear that you are safe – I can’t believe the weather insanity that the US has been hit with lately!

    I try not to discuss religion or politics with anyone – kids and adults! The topics are just too touchy, and often end up in a heated debate, and I’m usually not in the mood to argue 😀

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