On Some Random Notes…

I haven’t had a random post for awhile so here we go.

-My husband thoroughly cracks me up and this is one reason why I love this man so damn much.  I wish I could share a story on here regarding a random moment last evening with him but it is a bit inappropriate for here.  Let’s just say it involved him making up an inappropriate song and wanting to play it for my family just to see their reactions.

-I love twitter.  I heart twitter.  Twitter makes me twitterpated.  Now I sound like I need therapy but it’s true.  The group of us on there brightens my day every day and makes me laugh.  If I were in a crowded silent room and pulled up my twitter I can guarantee that at one point or another I would blurt out in laughter and get many looks, yes my twitter time line is just that funny thanks to the many that I follow and have come to know very well.  Thank you to the ladies and Gents that make me smile and laugh hysterically day in and day out.

-Yesterday I pulled up facebook on my phone..I was bored.  There at the top of my news feed was a picture of one of my friends on there.  There for all to see was a picture of her kneeled on her bed with nothing on but lacy panties.  With one hand she was holding her phone to take the pic and the other was down in her panties.  I was in shock.   😯   No not because of the picture itself because to each their own but because she has 2,000+ friends on there and she uses her page to promote her photography business, post shoots that she has done and correspond with potential customers along with using it for personal as well.  It was in an album with furniture that she was selling and I my initial thought was “OH NO!”  I knew this had to be an accident because it is totally out of the norm for her to post something like this.  Someone had posted on her wall asking if she realized she had posted that and if it was on purpose and just as I suspected it was not done on purpose.  Her son or nephew or whatever this kid is to her got a hold of her phone and did  it.  She deleted the photo and immediately put up a post saying that she was so sorry to all that had seen it.  Of course she had a million comments on that post and she had commented back to someone that she is totally comfortable with her body so that made it a bit easier.  Good for her!  She is built like a brick shit house so I am sure the majority of her friends that seen it wasn’t bothered by it and most likely enjoyed it, I just wonder how many times it was copied to hard drives in the 10 minutes it was up. haha!   😆   She had to of been mortified but she handled it calmly and classy.  Go Belles!

-I need a million dollars.  Hell a cool 500k would work just fine.  So if you can make that happen that would be great.  Thank you in advance.   😛

-Next week the temps will be in the upper 80’s and it’s about freaking time.  Hopefully Mother Nature is done shitting on us and freezing us out.  Her little joke of making it warm, then cold, then storms, then flooding, then more warm and then more cold is getting really freaking old.  If that crappy nonsense happens again I am hunting her down and punching her the boobies and hooha.  So if you need me next week I will be at my dad’s by the pool, kidless, eating bon bons and being fanned by Fabio.  Not really, I will just be by the pool by myself tanning this white ass body of mine in a bathing suit that I have no business being in until I am tan.  It’s a viscous cycle.  Thank god the pool is fenced in and no one can see me because there is a chance I would scare the children and neighbors.  I am currently rocking a wonderful farmer tan that needs to be evened out immediately.  Mission Sun Beam will be in full effect.

-My dog is a lazy piece of poo.  The little shit goes back to bed everyday after the kids leave for school for 3 hours..IN MY BED.  I catch myself wanting to channel my inner “oh shit I’m my mother” and pull back the covers and yell “you can’t sleep away your whole life!”  Then teach him to vacuum and dust to earn his keep.

-School is out in 3 weeks for the summer.  As I am super excited to not hear that damn Beeping in my ear 5 mornings a week but this also means that my kids will be home with me every day for 2 1/2 months.  I love them, I do but there is a good chance that mama might become an alcoholic.  I worry every summer that I will become the mom hiding Vodka bottles all over the house sneaking silent chug-a-lugs.  B and the kids will wonder why come dinner time I am hammered and everyone gets spaghetti-o’s for dinner.  If this starts happening the house needs to be searched and I need to placed in a 12 step.

-That last random note is just a joke of course.  I am looking forward to the summer with the kids, we have many fun things to do. I am sure it will fly by and I will be sad to see them go back to school. <——-that was a good one wasn’t it!   😆   I crack myself up….now where’s my Vodka???

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. If I win the lottery, I’ll split my winnings with you 50/50.

  2. firecracker3

    I will bring the limes…for the drinks of course! And yeah, pool time!

  3. You are def the Queen Bee!
    You crack me up … and just to be on the safe side ask for the million …I will be borrowing money. So will everyone else!

  4. OK first, wow. WOW your friend must’ve been blushing some shade of crimson! On one hand, it’s funny – well, it’s funny to a stranger, maybe not so much for her, LOL! On the other hand, umm, there is none.

    I too, need a million dollars so that I can run away and retire forever. I am tired of working for a living! Also, I am tired of giving the government all my money, so when I run away, it will be to a place where I get to keep all my money and not give any of it away in “taxes.” Wanna come?

    As for the weather – check out tomorrow’s post to see how I feel about F’ing rain! Yes, believe it or not, I’ve written two posts in a row!

  5. Girl you make me smile and I love you for it. It’s ok…we can divulge in the vodka together. F*ck my liver yo!

  6. If you can teach the dog to clean please let know how you did it.
    I would really enjoy having a clean house someday.

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