Kids, You Got to Love them, Other People’s Kids I want to Beat.

I have a shit ton of chores to get done today.  A shit ton I say.  My house has been neglected this week and now it is time to play catch up with it.  It’s all crap, I need a maid.  My laundry basket has given birth to so many dirty clothes it’s disturbing.  It’s a whore.

I hate when you wake up to the smell of death.  I think my garbage can murdered something and then hid it way down in it’s depths, the corpse is now in the decay stage and it smells.  Groddy.  Makes me want to vomit.

The cicadas are now to the point of being creepy.  There are parts of my fence that are just covered with them.  Plus my dog thinks it’s cool to bring the  larva casings in the house and last night he brought in two and left them on the living room floor for us.  I went to pick them up and throw them away and realized they had not hatched yet.  Groddy.  I don’t want them in my house and I need to close up the doggy door.

Speaking of Cicadas..I went on a field trip with W(8)  yesterday, we walked from his school up to the historic Sam Davis Home.  On the walk the kids went nuts over all of the cicadas so I proceeded to pick one up..Pull off it’s front legs and made the head pop off.  I was the coolest mom on the trip!

Every time I go to W’s classroom there is this girl that gets up from her seat and comes over to me and starts talking my ear off.  W has always told me she drives him crazy and she is “so annoying” but I always have her the benefit of the doubt .  Well yesterday I wanted to shove something in her mouth to gag her.  Good God!  I started out with just W and 2 other boys in my group, a little girl who lives up the street talked the teacher into letter her join our group and I was fine with that, she is a sweetie.  Well the “I can’t shut the F up” little girl weaseled her way into my group later in the day.  Peachy.  Come lunch time I had met my breaking point.  She said something to me and I corrected her so she slapped me on the arm.  That was it for me.  I looked at her and told her never to do that again. She smiled and giggled and asked why. Because you don’t fucking touch me you little fucking shit and if you touch me again I am going to go ape shit on your ass, now shut the fuck up and leave me alone!  I didn’t say that of course but it’s exactly what I was thinking.  I was not nice to her the rest of the day.  She never got the point.  Idiot child.

E(6) was in the kitchen yesterday and yelled in at me and said this…and I quote:  “It was FARKING cold in my classroom today”  I asked her to repeat that a few times to make sure I heard her correctly and yes that is exactly what she was saying “farking”.  Every time she repeated it I silently chuckled to myself.  She cracks me up.

My coffee tastes like ass this morning.

When checking my email yesterday afternoon I received an email from itunes, it was a receipt.  I was puzzled by this because I had not purchased anything lately.  I opened it up and there was a list of things purchased, all for a game that my son plays.  My blood started to boil and I called him outside with me immediately.  I asked him about it and his response was “I figured out your password and I will give you $20”.  It’s not about the money you little turd!  I sent him inside to clean his room and told him his father and I will discuss a punishment and he knew I was pissed, he wouldn’t come out of his room.  About an hour later I called him out of his room and told him he owes me an apology.  I proceeded to talk very calmly to him about trust and being sneaky.  I explained how trust is a huge part of a relationship, how he gets a lot of freedom with me because of the trust I have for him so if that goes to the way side with actions like this, the trust won’t be there and I will have to be up his ass all the time and he won’t be able to do the things he gets to do.  I also explained that if he starts being sneaky his life will become hell, I don’t do sneaky.  He began to cry, I had gotten through to his brain.  When I can talk to him and make him cry I know I have hit a chord with him..sweet victory. I told him to give me a hug and he squeezed me so tight that I knew he understood every word and this was his big apology.  The password has been changed and he is grounded from my ipod, his DS and all video games for awhile.

Last night I was flipping from American Idol to Palladia during commercials which was playing a Pussycat Dolls concert.  My son watches for a moment and says “Mom you look like one of the Pussycat Dolls, the one with the short hair”.  I believe he was totally kissing my ass.  Nice try kid, you are still in trouble but you made my day.  I love that kid.

Monday at W’s soccer practice was interesting.  The coach was out of town so another mom and I coached practice.  The other mom has 3 kids and they are all hellions.  They are cute and can be sweet but when you get right down to it they are little shits.  As we were on the field with the team B was left sitting with E and this mom’s 2 other kids who are 4 and 5.  The 5 year old is a little girl and her and E play together during practices and games.  She is a little rough with E and we have had to get on her before.  Well B met his breaking point with them Monday.  I look over and her daughter is pushing on E so B tells her to leave her alone.  The little girl walks over to B and slaps him on his leg, I heard the slap.  He raised his voice with her and told her to get in her chair and never to do that again.  The mom walked over and disciplined her and then walks to me and says “Is B really made at her?”  Are you fucking kidding me?  Your daughter just slapped a grown man yes he is pissed at her!  Control your fucking kids!  So here lies another great example of how parents don’t have control of their kids.  If my kids ever acted remotely like hers they wouldn’t be aloud out of the house.  Later in the practice her oldest son who is on the team walked up to me and drug the bottom of his cleats down my shin.  I told him we don’t do that and he did it Again!  I raised my voice just a level and told him that was completely unacceptable.  I’m pretty sure she heard me because she immediately stopped practice and said we were done for the night.  We still had 30 minutes left of practice.  Hopefully she took her kids home to rip them a new ass but I’m pretty sure she just wanted her kids away from B and I.  I am sorry but I don’t give a fuck who you are or who your kids are, if they are mean or violent to my kids or to me they are getting called out on it from me or B.  We don’t play that game and if it pisses you off, sorry get the fuck over it.  Learn how to control your kids and make it your mission to make them acceptable in social situations.  If you don’t ….You FAIL!  I fucking can’t stand kids that are nothing but assholes.  It pisses me off.

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  1. firecracker3

    That’s like the kid who hit me on the ass at the one store I was in! Seriously, parenting is the most important job in the world and they let anyone “give it a go” *eye roll*

    Good job not only being a cool mom but a great one as well! 🙂

    • I don’t know what is up with kids thinking it is ok to slap or even touch another adult. I wouldn’t have dared when I was young. Kids these days are completely hopeless.

  2. Other people’s kids are the worst. I’ve noticed lately that they exhibit an extreme lack of parenting.

    One young person I’m forced against my will to spend time with talks and talks. She doesn’t care if anyone listens, either. She just keeps on going. And I can’t understand what she says, either. It’s all one long mumble.

    You can easily spot the kids where parents aren’t doing their job.

    • They are! I can’t stand half of them. And yes you can spot them very easily. A lot of parents won’t come to terms with they ARE they parents not just the kid’s friends. Parent DAMIT! They do what you say, they are the freaking kids, you are there to piss of your kids and make their lives hell until they learn how to behave.

  3. Oh bless those idiot children. HAHAHAHA! I have never laughed so hard on a Thursday morning in all my life. This is an awesome post and I’m excited to have found your blog…I’ll be sure to visit often for good laughs and entertaining stories. The taste of your coffee sent me over the edge.

    Speaking of a dirty house, my post today is about the apology letter I left for the Housecleaning Fairy coming today. She really exists and, sadly, so does the apology letter!!!!!

    Happy blogging!

    • I am glad you enjoyed it and I could make you laugh!!! So happy you stopped by and hope you stop by again! I will definitely check out your blog!

  4. What is it with kids hitting people in your family?

    You actually touched a cicada? Whoa. One point for you!

  5. I used to love the class trips, the kids and I usually got along. But there was always one or two that were just turds. Same at the sports practices. Very frustrating!

    You’re going to be having an interesting summer. I can just feel it.

  6. Yeah, I don’t have any patience with other people’s rude, obnoxious, disrespectf kids either or dirty, smelly, sticky looking kids.  
    I know it’s mean but I’ll tell them go away or your mom is calling you anything to make them get as far away from me as possible. 

  7. “Because you don’t fucking touch me you little fucking shit….” Oh, how I know how you feel! I love my kids, but sometimes I just wanna slap the other kid in the back of the head…and of course, we “can’t do that”.

    I mean, what’s the big deal anyway? It’s just a little sting…you know … like a shot at the doc’s. they let the nurse do it, right?

  8. I have came real close before. Instead of the slap I count to 10, mumble under my breath and stomp away. 😛

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