Arnold and The Rapture

The world must be coming to an end because Arnold fathered a child of a house worker.  Let’s discuss….

~I don’t give a crap about Arnold & Maria’s child scandal.  I understand that he is a celebrity and a political figure but really, who gives a shit.  I’m not losing any sleep over this, are you?  Is someone’s world besides the family really turned upside down by this news?  The news this morning said that Maria is asking for privacy for herself and children.  Little late for that.  This is just another example of the media being trashy.  They get off on everyone’s dirty laundry.  I think that is sad.  This is a very big personal story for them and I think the media should have more respect.  To you Maria, I am sorry to hear that your husband stuck his wiener in the maid and had a child.  That sucks.  You are smart and leaving him.  Kudos to you and I wish you and your family the best.

~The Rapture aka Judgement Day.  I heard about this on Twitter.  Thank you Twitter for letting me know I am doomed to die on Saturday.  Yes Saturday May 21st is supposedly Judgement Day and Jesus is coming back to save the ones who believe and shun the ones that have ignored his love.  Well people, it’s been nice knowing you, I will be shunned. The ones that he saves will be taken from Earth to Heaven in an “instant” by Jesus himself.   Those left behind will suffer the torment of the  Apocalypse  for 5 long months until the end of the world on October 21st.  Well that sounds fun!  I wonder if there will be an open bar during the Apocalypse party?

Here’s the rundown of events for the Rapture:

On May 21st there will be a global earthquake..the greatest earthquake ever.  Oooo!  Going to shake things up a bit!  Jesus will save those who believe from the earthquake and those who do not will be left to suffer the End of Days and beg for death.  God will not save any more people during the last 5 months of Earth’s existence before it is destroyed along with all of humanity on October 21st.  Talk about being on your own and your parents being officially out of town.  Let’s party.

You can even by a T-Shirt for The Rapture!

Only available for a very limited time..

If you have a T-shirt then it’s easier for him to know which ones to save.  Making it easier for the man.

This is all completely ridiculous and just confirms my belief that this is all crap.  Why would God want to destroy all of humanity if he loves us all no matter what?  I will tell you, it’s actually very very simple…..It’s all shit.  This dude named Harold Camping has nothing better to do than dream up extravagant nonsense to drive people to the churches to brain wash them.  Just think of how many people are flipping out because of this event that is suppose to take place.  I am sure some crooked preacher is taking full advantage of this somewhere by saying “come to my church, give me your money and I will guarantee you will be saved from the wrath of the Apocalypse.”  Umm. No.  I will keep my money and live through this.  Trust me, I’m good.

The idiots that believe this will happen are the ones that have been completely brainwashed by religion.  I am sorry you are in a trance and now don’t know your ass from a hole in the wall and can’t make a decision for yourself.  I will see you on the other side.


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  1. Arnold has a long history of womanizing. The leopard has not changed his spots. He admitted in 1977 or so that he went to orgies. When he first ran for governor there was Gropegate when woman came forward and accused him of groping their breasts, putting his hand up their skirts and being asked about sex acts. During that time Maria stood by his side and defended her husband.

    Before that he cheated on his girlfriend of five years. After her, he had an “open relationship” with his next girlfriend. The dude indeed enjoys putting his wiener places, as you put it. He likes it a lot.

    I agree with you, though, that the media will make too much of this. It’s easy to blame the media but they are only giving the people what they want.

    He has at least five children. They are the priority now. I’m sure they face an uphill battle but the effort still needs to be made.

    The thing that amazes me about Armageddon predictions is how many there have been. It’s staggering. And, as far as I know, all of them up until now have been wrong. I see no reason why this one will be any different. The Bible says that no one knows when it will come.

    Nice post. I love the way you write.

    • Thank you!
      You are right regarding the media giving the people what they want and that is sad too. The fact that people get off on other people’s drama like this baffles me.

  2. I’ll have the beer chilled and ready for you and me on Saturday, ok? We can then watch everyone running around like idiots screaming “The world is coming to an end!!”

    Do you like Michelob?

  3. First, open marriages – a good option in my opinion. Second, the tshirt rocks!

  4. Kristin Brænne

    Be a ★ !

  5. So what you’re saying is that in reality, I’ll be alive until October 21st? Sweet.

  6. I am really pissed if the world does end! There are so many movies I wanna see!!
    I wanna see Hangover 2!!

  7. Who knew God would be so specific?! I wonder when moses led the israelites out of Egypt if he gave them an exact date. I imagine it went something liek this;
    “Moses. Moses!”
    “say what?”
    “Moses you must lead the slaves out of egypt!”
    “Sure thing boss. Leaving now”
    “Moses wait! It must be on February the 21st at procisely 2:04;31.3 seconds!”
    “synchronizing watch now!”

    or something liek that. That was a little overboard, sorrry:) Good post. Loved it.

  8. First, I learned about this on twitter also. Second- I say Screw it all! I say we all start traveling and meet up somewhere in the middle. If we all start drinking now, we won’t care about who’s missing, who’s been left behind and who’s buildings are falling to the ground around us. Let’s rock this shit 🙂

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