My son is Quite the Author! I am so Proud of Both of My Kids!

Alright party people, I have to bust out a quick post because I have plans this am.  What are my plans you ask?  I am going to watch my baby graduate from kindergarten!  That’s right!  I can not believe my baby is done with kindergarten and moving on to 1st grade.  I am very very proud of her, she has done great.  She has went from barely reading heading into kindergarten to beyond her reading level come year end.  I have watched her grow and blossom in a completely different way this year.  My baby is gone.  She is growing up.  I now have a little young lady.  Her personality has grown, her independence has grown, she as a person has grown.  It makes me smile from ear to ear but yet brings a little tear to my eye.  My babies are growing up.

My son (8) has done fabulous this year too.  I can’t be more proud of him.  Last week was the 2nd grade award ceremony and I fought off tears of pride the whole time.  I still can’t believe I made it through the whole program without letting one tear fall.  That is will power!  When it was his turn his teacher had a lot to say.  He received 3 awards..real awards.  First was a Super Reader Award for reading 53 books this school year, the most in his class, majority being chapter books and beyond his grade level.  He was reading 4th grade level books by the mid-late year.  He received the Excellence in Mathematics Award, he has been pulled out twice a week to for enhanced math all year long.  And last he received a Language Arts Award for his writing.  His teacher said over the PA that he is a phenomenal story teller and writer and that she can see his work being published in his future and that she looks forward to reading it!  She has pulled me aside before at the school to ask me if I realize his talent for story telling because he truly has a gift.  How cool is that!  My little boy is growing up into a wonderful little man.  I can’t be more proud of him.

I am going to share 3 stories that he wrote at school, I hope you enjoy.

How I Got Kidnapped by Minim

Hi my name is slame shady leprechaun.  And this is my story about how I got kidnapped by a rapper.  Hope you Enjoy!

One upon a time there was a leprechaun named Slame Shady leprechaun.  I met a rapper named minim.  For some reason he kidnapped me.  And you know what he made me do?  He made me sing his latest hit!  And after that he let me go.  And you know what happened?  His cat ate me whole!  Yep!  I told this whole story from a cat’s belly.  The End.

Ps. The cat ate my left hand.

Story #2 – This one doesn’t have a title

Two days ago I went to game stop planet.  It was humongous, it was fabulous!!  I went there in a super rocket ship.  At game stop planet you get all the free video games you want.  It was radical!!  I met game stop people that were aliens.  One of the game stop aliens built me a house made out of video games.  And they bought me a 1,000 inch plasma tv!!!  My house looked just like a game stop building.  They even remolded my rocket ship!  It was Awesome!!!!  The game stop aleins are awesome!  So I remolded their shop.  They said it was wonderful.  All thought it was dinner time at home on Earth I stayed and ate with the game stop aliens.  The game stop aliens are super nice.  I had to go home.  My mom called me on a super duper watch.  The game stop aliens were sad because I had to leave.  I took some pictures of the game stop aliens and me.  But then I had to leave.  I said good bye tot he game stop aliens.  And then I was off in my super rocket home.  My mom said “what were you doing?”  I said nothing..absolutely nothing mom.

Story #3 – No Title

One morning I woke up and I was a grown up!~  It was fabulous!  I got out of bed and put on my favorite fossil finders shirt and headed out the door.  I was going to O’Charleys to eat.  The waitress was super duper nice!  She took my order.  I ordered one of everything.  It tasted like heaven.  But when I got the bill it was $100,000.00!!!  I said “I don’t have that kind of money!”  So I went to get a job.  I went to a bunch of different places.  Suddenly…there was a game stop man out front waving a sign that said “help wanted”.  I didn’t hesitate.  I went to tryout for the job.  And I passed!!  It took me a year to pay that bill from O’Charleys.  But then it was all worth it.  Cuz I could stay a grown up and work at game stop for the rest of my life!!!!!!!

The End/Hmmm??????

There you have it, stories from my little author.  As you can tell he loves video games and his favorite place in the world is game stop!  haha!

I am uber proud of both of my kids and I can’t wait to watch them grow up and become wonderful people.  I just hope it doesn’t happen too fast.


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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Like son, like mommy! I’m sure he gets his talent from you! This could be the start of something. Keep his confidence up and we might be seeing novels from this little guy in the next 12 years.

  2. Dude as soon as you see that little boy … pinch his cheeks for me! He is hilarious! Especially his first story!
    I am not kidding dude! He is smart and his word usuage is amazing!

    Congrats to the baby girl. I know just how you feel. Exactly. Savannahs graduation is tomorrow. I am crying now as we speak.
    Lets make another baby!!

  3. I am currently developing a serum that will keep our small ones young forever. So far it only grows human ears on asparagus…. it’s a work in progress!

  4. Congrats to the grad!
    Make sure to let us know when your son’s first book gets published.

  5. First off, your son is a genius!!!!! Love it. Also I am slow on my package sending so never fear it will be there. I’m just kind of late.

    and not in the period sense.

    thank god.

  6. thank you everybody! I read my son all of the comments and he was grinning from ear to ear! To keep up his writing over the summer months I am making him his own blog to share all of his stories!

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