Summer and the FurBucket

I’m taking a break from Friday’s Survival Sarcasm for a minute, it needs a time out and a moment for the cards to be refreshed with some new.

With summer break and the kids all up in my bizznass it’s hard for me to keep up with all the blogs that I read and comments coming in on mine.  So with that said if I don’t comment on your blog or reply to a comment left on mine, I have not turned snooty and don’t care anymore, it’s just that  I have 2 needy kids, 1 dumbass dog who keeps trying to play with and eat the new cat, and 1 brand new kitten who is always under the couch or bed then I have to get up and move furniture to get it.  I still love you all, it just going to take me an extra minute or two to keep up.  Bare with me.

Speaking of the new kitten, I have had numerous requests for a picture of the little furbucket.  So here you go.

Meet Daisy Furball Pfister, yes that is her full name.

I am so happy to announce that I am not a prisoner in my home any longer!  The mosquitos are not partying all up around my house anymore. The standing water up the road has finally dried up and now we are back to the normal population of the pesky shits which now I can handle.  Also on the bug front the cicadas are quiet which means they have all done the dirty and died.  So until next time…later bugs.  I can actually hear myself think outside now and have realized that what I do think inside my head doesn’t add up to a pile of beans and it’s all random bullshit.   🙂

I have to say that this summer break has been a good one thus far.  The kids have been great and we have had fun.  They have been huge helpers around the house and we have had minimal fighting.  They are actually getting along nicely for the most part which makes me extremely happy and less of a drunk.  We have kept busy with running around and spending the majority of our time poolside at my dad’s.  It’s time for a fun kid outing here soon like a trip to Beech Bend which is a big amusement/water park, the aquariums in Chattanooga or something.  Time to start planning that one.  I am really hoping that B comes to his senses and realized that we need to visit Key West sometime this summer, just me and him.   😉   That is wishful thinking seeing that we need a new roof and a bunch of other not so fun house crap.  Hey, a girl can wish right?

I want to take a sec and send a huge shout out to the girls that are participating in our care package exchange.  Thank you all so very very much for my packages last month.  They were all so neat and thoughtful and most of all FUN!  Thank you again, you girls Rock my world.

So to all you girls:

Rock your Friday!



About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. I totally understand being behind on comments etc. Somedays I don’t have the energy to comment back, even if I have the time. I hope your summer is amazing and full of Key West. I am glad the package arrived safe and sound, I am always a little late and I LOVED the prayer!

  2. Cute furball! And a nice name, too. The naming of cats is very important. My male cat is “Guapo Picard Tutankhamun Taker.” Our female is named “Tilly.” You can guess which one I named and which one my wife did.

    I’m way behind on comments, too. It happens sometimes.

  3. *In my retarded little girl voice that I use for cute animals* “OMG a baby kitty!!!!” Yes, I have issues, anyway. So cute 🙂 Enjoy the summer break and the moments of peace while they are getting along. I will have my sister report back from Key West at the end of the month to let you and I know what all we are missing and live vicariously through her and her b/f. Happy Friday!

  4. I’m there with you …at the moment I am yelling, threatening, all of the above my kids that if they dont clean that looks like a tornado hit it… well I will not be happy and neither will they.
    I plan to take them youngin’s to a new petting zoo… so we see how that goes.
    I wanna go to Key West too … whine whine whine.

    Your kitty is sooooooo cute!!

  5. your blog is adorable:p

  6. Your kitty is cute. But he looks like he has a cold.
    Glad you enjoyed all you care packages.
    Enjoy your kids and have lots of fun with them.

  7. Miss Daisy is far too cute.
    I had been holding out for another Siamese, but I have my Milly-Silly Milly- I call her.
    She has become a snob, So maybe I do have my Siamese after all:)
    Happy you are surviving the kids and summer. Take a nap girl!!

  8. Your new addition is adorable. I’m having a time management issue myself so I completely understand. You completely rock my world though so don’t be afraid to text me. 🙂

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