My Daughter the Rocker..Oh Cool Snap!

Hold on to your hats people…we are having a cool snap here in Tennessee.  After 15 or so days of 90+ degree weather we have a little relief. By a little I mean instead of it being 95 degrees its going to be 86.  Fish out the sweatshirts and long pants because it’s all kinds of chilly up in here.   😉   In honor of this cool snap I will be half assing all of the home front duties today and heading to the pool with the kids and actually enjoy being outside by the pool instead of having to be in it completely submerged.  It’s a rough rough life, but hey someone’s got to do it.  You’re welcome.

My daughter has now become quite the little rock star.  2 years ago for Christmas B got her a hot pink acoustic guitar and she has finally taking a liking to it.  For the past week she has been in her room playing it and singing all of her favorite songs.  After much begging I finally got her to agree to play for me.  I snuck in my phone to record her and have some cute video.  B needs to tune her guitar something fierce.

First up..E singing Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

Now a Miranda Crosgrove song.

So yes I have living with me the next pop super star! haha!  I love listening to her sing and play her guitar, it makes me smile.  B is the happiest man alive listening to her, you should see his smile when she plays.

About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Dude…..
    your daughter almost made me cry! She is so beautiful! Awww seriously dude… this was an awesome blog.
    She is soo cute and I did remembered the words! I loved it!
    Hopefully she will get rich and famous and you can lounge by a pool forever.

  2. *she remembered the words is what I meant to say… don’t worry I am going back to sleep

  3. That was so freakin’ cute!

  4. That’s just adorable! And she knew all the words!!!! Ya neva know…….this could be future video for “Behind the Scenes” on VH1. They’re going to want past videos of your daughter.

  5. Rock on!!!! Very kewl to have the next pheenom under your roof…

  6. How adorable!
    Her voice is so cute.

  7. Such a cutie! I love when she said “Kitty cat!”

  8. That’s too cute, fnkybee.

  9. She is adorable Fnky!!! Quick girl… better lock her up. I have room in the closet where I am holding my daughter hostage. You are welcome to put E in there too. They will be fed and will have an armed guard outside standing vigil in case any testosterone containing being comes within the vicinity.

    Just sayin

  10. What a cutie! U2 is touring – you should see if she can open for them 😉

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