I always have the urge to hit the “This post is super-awesome” button over there on the right.  What if I do and it’s really not super-awesome?  What if no one else thinks it’s super-awesome?  That would suck.

I just found out that one of my girlfriends is pregnant via facebook.  What the hell?  No phone call, not even a text to tell me this type of news?  Is this what it comes down to…telling huge news like this on facebook?  Another reason that facebook can suck my ass.  I was a little hurt by this.

I am counting down hours no make that minutes or even seconds to Saturday night.  I am headed out with my Stepmom and her friend that is coming into town from Indiana.  Last week and weekend was long.  Long I say!  B worked non stop for 6 days straight leaving the house before 6am and not returning till anywhere from 7 to 10:30.  It was just me and the kids….the whole time.  Mama needs a break.  Mama needs a huge break.  Saturday can’t get here fast enough.  I need a drink.

What is sad is that I have resorted to my stepmom and her friends to go out with this time around because mine all suck.  Yes people it is true.  I need new friends or better yet if my friends that live in my computer or in Twitterville would just move closer to me my life would be awesome. Unfortunately I can’t make that happen.  I need super human powers damnit.

I would make the best damn princess in the world.

I need people to come clean my house. Hints, the princess reference.  I also need the kids to not touch anything after the house has been cleaned because it seems that I clean and you can’t tell 5 minutes later.

I resorted to watching Cartoon Network last night because there was nothing on the 400+ channels that I get.  That’s sad.  My son would have been proud.

B and W leave for Indiana tomorrow for a night.  E and I will be here and we have decided to have a girls only slumber party.  I have a feeling she will be in my bed sleeping with me punching and kicking me all night long.  Good times, I can’t wait.

\]]]]]]]]]]]]w333333  <—-  the cat decided she needed to say something.

I twittered something yesterday and got a kinda shitty reply back.  My first thought..”well that wasn’t necessary and don’t be a twittercunt”.  Twittercunts suck,they can be male or female.  When you make the decision to put your 2 cents in on something that wasn’t directly said towards you and your 2 cents is shitty, negative, or assbagish you are a twittercunt and I have a flying urge to unfollow you.  Especially when that was the first thing ever said to me by this follower.

Lesson of the day:  Don’t be a TwitterCunt.




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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. First: Facebook???

    Second: That word made me laugh out loud. Great way to start the day! Now I feel almost ready to go to work. Almost.

    These things happen. And Facebook is here to revel in them.

    • oh yes facebook. I have been on there forever and stick to it because of my friends up in Indiana where I grew up. It’s sad but I can’t walk away from it. I have however learned how to ignore it more and more.
      I am glad that I could make you a bit more ready for work today!

  2. Yeah, I hear ya on the friends shit. I moved out here to buttfuck PA 9 years ago. I’m about 1 hour, 10 minutes away from my old town and I’ve only been in touch with maybe 2 people and not even on a regular basis. I friend one of them on Facebook. All of a sudden people from my old town want to friend me.

    Bite me.

    I’ve noticed as we get older, lives take separate routes and the friendships start waning. You’ll find out who your TRUE friends are. The ones that keep in touch, no matter how far away they are.

  3. Whoa, did you and I have the same days or what?!?! Creepy! You know how I feel about ALL of these because, we share a brain often, it is huge and awesome so no worries there is enough to go around and then some.

    Facebook, in my opinion for the purpose of my life only, has done more harm than good. Thus my absence as of late. Cleaning, yeah I would lose my mind if I felt my work was a losing battle so I feel your pain there. As well as the friends issue, the going out issue, the Twittercunt issue. Which btw I love since I like to save the word Cunt for special occasions and people 🙂

  4. i wanna hug you. You and I had the same weekend. Where is my drink!/!?
    I totally know what you mean about the whole friend thing… alas thats why I dont really go anywhere.
    And if we all lived each other (us blogging twitter friends) we would always hang out!

    Where are B and W going?

    Twittercunt! Ha ha ha best word ever!
    That should be the word of the day!

    You need to tell me who was being that… so I can give them the stink eye…. o_- <that kinda looks like a stink eye right?

    • Your drink is sitting with mine waiting very patiently for us! Yes we would ALWAYS hang out fo sho!
      B and W are going up to visit his parents and get a deep freezer that they are giving us.

  5. OH. MY. You make me laugh out loud. Please, if possible, set your defaults to automatically select “this post is super-awesome” because your posts really ARE.

    Facebook can definitely suck ass. I totally agree. And your new word is awesome, just another reason I love reading your blog posts! (p.s. I’m adding this word to my stash, alongside Chode.)

    I want us to live closer too, because I want to hang out with you. I’m in a similar place with people I “thought” were my friends. There are two people who I consider to be my best friends. Well, three – two have vaginas and the other is my husband. Bless his heart. Last month, I sent CUSTOM (aka expensive) invitations to 25 so-called friends for a luncheon at my house and only 3 people attended. I had enough food for an army brigade and spent 3 days cooking and prepping. I received no RSVP, no email, no phone call, no text, nothing…..CHODES.

    Anyway, you are welcome to my house ANYTIME. I’ll serve you some homemade Southern goodies, including sweet tea from a Mason jar. We’ll sit on the front porch and bitch about everything worth bitching about then solve the world’s problems with our ingenius solutions.


    • haha! God love ya! I love that you enjoy my blog so much! I enjoy yours too!

      That stinks about your luncheon! People are assholes! I would have came, you can bet your pretty little tooshie on that one! 🙂

      I would totally be down with some sweet tea, out of a mason jar of course, and some good ole girl talk on the front porch! That sounds absolutely lovely!! We should rule the world!

  6. As soon as I finished reading your blog I quickly went over to twitter to see who or what a Twittercunt looks like. Sadly I could not identify the suspect.
    Oh well maybe next time I’ll be quicker and can catch a glimpse.

  7. Move to Vegas!

    The End. Love you 🙂

  8. OMG, I am relating to you at this very moment. First, Facebook – when my mum had a stroke a few months ago, I told the people closest to me. I didn’t tell the people who never keep in touch, or who never initiate communication because frankly, they suck. One of these ‘people’ emailed me to ask what was going on because she’d seen some allusions to something being wrong (I wasn’t specific on FB). Anway, she recently asked why I was being cold toward her and I basically told her I was tired of being the only one to reach out, and asked why something like my mom’s stroke, prompted communication from her. Anyway, I digress.

    Point #2: My friends suck too! I’ve been thinking about posting a wanted ad on Craigslist. Maybe I’ll have more luck meeting people who actually want to leave the fucking house and see what this city has to offer!

  9. As usual I crack up at your boldness.
    Can you believe people get so damn lazy they can’t call or stop by to give you good or bad news, they just put it on Facebook along with the other crap. We all have “friends” that never comment or say anything…I am still bewildered by that. sigh!
    My cat Milly always has something to say just like your little fur bucket…I must let her write her own post one day. It will be grand.
    See, I had just spoke about the hundreds of channels but nothing to watch. I can just throw that money on the fire pit and get just as much satisfaction.
    I believe we are all in line for the Princess acceptance. So, live your destiny, you Princess you….. your Prince awaits.
    Enjoy the week!

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