A Big Bag of Douche

I don’t know where to start and this is going to be all over the place. So here’s the deal.

-For the last couple of days W has been saying his throat was hurting.  He wouldn’t complain all the time, he would mention it here or there and he was acting just fine so I didn’t really pay any mind to it.  (that’s excellent parenting I know) Yesterday he said it again a couple of times and then came up with his own diagnosis for it.  His thought is it hurts because the little punching bag, as he calls it, in the back of his throat was stuck to one side.  I looked and it was where it was supposed to be.  After my shoot down of his diagnosis he went to B and had him look.  B got out the flash light and looked. Next thing I hear is “Mom needs to take a look at this.”  I look and think Ah Shit!  W has white crap all over his tonsils.  This usually means one thing…Strep.  Peachy.  If this is so, this means he has been walking around with Strep for 4 days now.  We are off to the doctor here shortly so see if I’m right.  I am currently taking bets on what the outcome is.

-Now where did the strep come from?  I bet it came from Indiana.

-B and W took off to Indiana on Wednesday to stay at his parents house for the night.  I get a phone call Wednesday night from B saying he has already had his fill, he had been there only a few hours.  My thoughts exactly and this is why I declined the invitation to go.  The next day he gets home and starts filling me in on the going ons up there.  Always drama which is not drama to anyone else but us because it’s such the norm up there.  Reason #598 why I’m glad we don’t live up there any longer.  He goes on to tell me about how everyone talks not only around the kids but to the kids.  The profanity used towards the kids is just disgusting.  This comes from all..the grandparents, the parents, the aunts and uncles.  Reason #3 I’m glad we don’t live up there.  If we lived up there I can guarantee my kids wouldn’t be around this very often, then I would be labeled the shitty snob that won’t bring her kids around her family.  Reason #587 why I’m glad we don’t live up there.

-My coffee tastes amazing this am.

-I think they should change the spelling of Wednesday to Wendsday just because after 30 years of spelling it 95% of the time I spell it wrong the first go around.  My fingers want to spell it the way it sounds.

-Saturday night I went downtown with my stepmom, her friend that was in from Indiana and my sister.  First let me just say that my stepmom is amazing and looks amazing.  She got all dolled up in a cute little summer dress with her tan and if you were to guess her age she looked 40 not 53.  She’s one hot mama!  We had a ball showing her friend downtown.  We did the rounds of the honky tonks and of course started with Tooties and did the loop.  I think it’s safe to say that her friend had a good time seeing that she was passed out in my back seat on the way home.  ha!

-I think I had a twin walking around Nashville Friday night.  I had 3 people stop me Saturday night and say that they saw me Friday night.  One dude even told me he saw me at the Embassy Suites.  Umm…No, not unless you were peering through my window Friday night and watched me sit on the couch.  Weird.

-It’s never a full night out without an argument.  My sister and I are standing in the front part of Paradise Park when two toolbags walk up and first one asks if I was at the Embassy Suites the night before.  We get through the whole ‘That was not me, I wasn’t there” thing and the next thing I know is my sister is arguing with one of the tools.  Not real sure what the hell started it but I hear my sister calling this dude a douche to his face and telling him to go on.  Then the other one wants to get involved and she is calling him a toolbag and telling him to walk away.  He did the other did not, he wanted a fight.  So he is telling her that she will never find anybody that can stand her, she will be single forever blah blah blah.  She’s telling him to fuck off and that he is a complete douche and toolbag and needs to go back to where ever he came from because Nashville has enough idiots already to go around.  I’m standing there with my beer in awwe because it was pretty funny and I love to hear my sister tell someone how it is.  Then the dude started to get completely out of line with her and I put myself in between them and finally calmed it down and got him to walk away.  Total buzz kill.

-I’ve had my fill of downtown for the rest of the summer.  I will stay in my little town and frequent the hole in the wall instead and drink beer for $2.50 versus the $4 you pay downtown.  Plus I would much rather be out with B surrounded by rednecks and bikers than be downtown with a bunch of Trendy McTrendersons and dumbasses anymore.  If that is a sign of age, I’m completely fine with it.




About Jamie

Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. So, how was your weekend? 😀

    I stay home and drink. It’s alot calmer and safer. Not as exciting, but I know I won’t get into it with anyone. THAT’S a true sign of age!

    Hey, are you sure you weren’t at the Lehigh Valley Mall the other day, I swore I saw you!

  2. It amazes me the number of people who, in my opinion, “look for fights” I often find myself walking away because I am worried where things are headed.

    @ryoko861 I was at the LV Mall, but I look nothing like Fnkybee 🙂

    Per the family comments, ah lord, what a mess! Hope W is feeling better after a trip to the doctor and the pharmacy.

    Glad to hear that Saturday night went well! I thought about you guys while I was laying on my bed thinking about going to bed at 10pm (my time) 🙂

  3. I hate familial drama. Ours resides in CA and TX and I am so glad we don’t live near it all the time. The handlful of times that we see people is PLENTY of drama for the year. I have no clue how people live near all of their family and hang out at EVERY holiday and crap. I just couldn’t handle them being up in my business all the damn time. I’m sure it’d be handy sometimes… like during emergencies… but, DAILY?! Pssshhhh! I’ll stick with my “Family of CHOICE” (IE friends!) over our “Family of Origin” ANY day. They’re more reliable!

    And Hubs and I have taken to getting beer from the commissary during drill weekend and staying home, making crazy machos and Wii bowling instead of actually going out. We’re OLD and too tired of dealing with stupid tools when we go out.

  4. I think I saw you on Friday at that one bar with all the Trendy McTrendersons. I’m pretty sure it was you.

  5. I had some family drama of my own over the course of 13’s party weekend. I’ll be sharing that douchness soon. “douchness” hmmmm. Is that a word? It is now!

    Sorry about the strep. It sucks. 16 had strep 3 times in 6 months. Why? no one knows. Do they want to take out his tonsils? No. Why? Because his ENT is a million years old and thinks everything can be cured with a spoon of sugar and a can of coke.

    • Douchness is so a word, or at least it is now! My hairdresser was telling me about a family member of hers that constantly carries strep. He is hardly ever “ill” from it but he always has it and carries it. Weird.
      Umm…You might need a new doctor! haha!

  6. I enjoyed this post. Bring on the 2.50 beers! We actually have a bar here that has beer for 75 cents, hell yeah.

  7. Dude… I saw you streaking at the park down by the river.
    I didn;t call the cops I promise.
    I don’t mind drama cause it makes for an interesting evening as long as it aint me involved. But I will handle it if it comes my way…. where is my taser??

  8. Why can’t we all get along. 🙂

  9. Hope W gets well soon.
    If anyone starts something with my little sister, oh hell no! it’s ON but with me douchbags will get a piece of Pkitass’s mind.

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