#IHNFCWYJS <—-What? Exactly.

Here we go again. No, I’m not channeling White Snake.  Here we go again on Friday together.  Isn’t it wonderful.

-Like I have said before Twitter makes me twitterpated.  The people that live in my Twitter (that sounds kinda dirty, ha!) make me happy, they make me laugh, they keep me sane.  I heart them.  What I have noticed about twitter lately is the immense use of acronyms.  They have always been there but I have taken note as of late to how much they are used.  Not only to how much they are used but to the fact that I don’t know what 95% of them mean.  I have decided that I need to walk around with an acronym dictionary to ‘get’ what is being said on twitter.  I read a tweet and just smile and nod like I know what that acronym means.  On the outside I am saying “yeah I totally get what you are trying to say”, On the inside I am saying “I have no flipping clue what you just said”.  #IHNFCWYJS

-Another twitter thing that cracks me up is what we will do as true twitters to get what we need said within the 140 character limit.  Poor vowels, they are the first thing thrown to the way side when we need to shorten our words.  We will stick in a number to replace a few letters, spaces..what are those when we have a lot to say?, correction punctuation..what’s that?  To become a true twitterer you must throw out everything you have ever learned about correct grammar and in English class and channel your inner 7 year old to write your tweet. Perfect example is one of my tweets that was retweeted by a buddy and shortened to fit.  Perfect example on what we will do to get that 140 limit!   🙂

-On another note B was asked by a dude that he has known for a few years now if he would be interested in playing bass in his band for some upcoming gigs next month.  Of course B jumped at the offer, anytime he has a chance to play he is stoked.  The guy sent B some of their old songs to get familiar with.  Let me start off by saying B usually plays rock, that is his genre of choice but he will play whatever.  Good thing because this band is a punk band.  His first practice as a punk bass player is tonight.  Interesting.  Rock Punk On!?!?

-If you have been watching The Voice at all you know of Javier Colon on Adam Levine’s team.  He is, in my opinion, the most talented singer on the show.  His voice is just amazing.  This week he blew me away again with his rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You”.  Now I am not a Coldplay fan, I think there is one song that I dig but that is it.  Blasphemy I know, but it is what it is.  So with that said I had never heard of the song “Fix You”.  I instantly fell in love with it.  The words are just beautiful.  I went to itunes and compared the original to the Javier’s version.  You know who won?

Yep, I would much rather listen to Javier Colon sing it than Coldplay.  His version is now mingling on my iPod.  My money is on him to win the fist season of The Voice and when his record comes out I will be purchasing it because his voice is like butter…smooth.

On that note Rock Your Friday!



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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Acronyms are tough, I feel as if I try too hard to figure them out and make it WAY more complicated than it needs to be. I have Googled such things already to figure them out 🙂 Tell B to rock it, punk or not! And I do not watch The Voice but there is some serious talent there! Hopefully, they will push groups like Coldplay (gag me!) out of the music market haha.

  2. RUFKM? I’ve started using that. I will do ANYTHING to shorten or make a tweet fit the 140 limit. My notehand experience from high school comes in handy.

    Javier has fantastic voice control and range! That was an awesome video! I hope we see more of him!! Yes, I think I’ll be buying his first CD as well! If he doesn’t win, then there’s something wrong with the world!

  3. Speaking of acronyms, did you like your acronyms letter opening/butterknives that I sent you??

  4. I refuse to join the acronym world. People want to be too wordy. If I have something funny I need ot write, there is no spacefor a set up of a punchline. If omeone doesn’ “get it” they need ot read a news story.

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