My Anal Retentiveness Pays Off

Sunday afternoon B went shopping for a new wardrobe.  He needed it, trust me, the guy hasn’t had new shorts since our last vacation 2 years ago.  He was due.  *side note I refuse to shop for the guy anymore, he either doesn’t like what I buy or it doesn’t fit right etc.*  When he got back I was going through what he bought to see how he did on his own (I was very impressed by the way) and I made the comment that we should go on vacation now that he has new clothes.  He smiled and said “that sounds good”.  Later we were making dinner and I looked at him and said “we really should just say f*ck it and go somewhere, just the two of us”.  I waited a moment to be shot down with reality but instead I heard him say “We really should.”  Just going with it I said “Should we do Key West again or Vegas?”  He said “It would be really cool to do both, spend a few in Vegas then fly down to Key West”.  Yeah well we aren’t millionaires and don’t have $7,000 just laying around to pull of that vacation (I priced it and that is what it was).  We are pushing being Thousandaires and need to stick to a one destination vacation.  After dinner I plopped myself on the couch and started pricing trips to both Vegas and Key West.

Now you see I love to plan trips.  Love it.  I become ridiculously wrapped up in it and will spend hours researching different hotels and flights on every site imaginable.  I’m anal.  It’s ridiculous.

Of course it’s cheaper to go to Vegas than Key West.  We have been to Key West a few times and only Vegas once.  The one time we went it for a convention for B’s Company.  He was stuck with his itinerary all week which was full of seminars, classes, manning a booth etc. where I was free to do as I pleased everyday.  I wondered around Vegas during the day by myself and with another wife and poor B didn’t leave the Venetian the entire stay.  So we decided on…

After a quick phone call to B yesterday morning to confirm that he was indeed serious about going,  I was on a mission to plan our vacation.  I spent all day on different sites, playing with dates, and researching different hotels.  I even called and picked HackingVegas’s brain about the strip.  If you ever need any information about Vegas he is your man to talk to.  I had 10 tabs open on my laptop at any given time through out the day.  This is a hell of a decision you know and especially for me being a Gemini, decisions like this don’t come easy.   😉

What was killing me were the flights.  The majority of the flights were late flights, not getting us in until after 7pm and having us fly out in the wee hours of the morning which was making me consider an extra night stay.  All the flights were at least 6 hours with layovers on each of at least an hour.  Pricing the good time flights added an extra $100 at the least to our total price, usually more like $200.  Grr.  I was beginning to get frustrated and had started to except that we were going to pay at least an extra $200 over the budget I set for us any way we stay.  I had it narrowed down to two hotels, The Cosmopolitan and The Monte Carlo.  The Monte Carlo was the least expensive of the two but my hesitation was that the rooms were just plain ole hotel rooms with no “Wow” factor.  *we were completely spoiled by our first trip and staying at the Venetian (that we didn’t have to pay for)*  The Cosmopolitan was a bit more but the rooms were beautiful.  By this point I had smoke coming out of my ears and a headache was approaching.  I then found my way to TripAdvisor.  That site always changes everything for me.  Both hotels had good reviews but with the same complaint.  That made me rethink my choices.  During my research I had came across a hotel called the Aria, which looked amazing.  I always skipped over it because of the prices.  As I was plugging in different hotels into TripAdvisor I typed in the Aria just to see.  The reviews were amazing, I don’t think I read a negative one.  This got me thinking.  *more smoke coming from my head*  I went back to the 3,873 tabs and repriced everything with the Aria, prices were still on the high side.  I made my way to Aria’s site to look at rooms and they had a flight+hotel option.  I had learned from earlier that when you go straight through the hotel’s site the flights were going to be crap and it was more expensive but I tried it anyway on the Aria site just for shits and giggles.

To my surprise they had NONSTOP flights and the prices were cheaper than anywhere else!  HOLY MOTHER OF MAKE ME EXCITED!  I just about peed.  So for just $100 more than I was going to pay to fly 6.5 hours with layovers and stay at the Monte Carlo in a mediocre room, we are now going to stay at a 5 star hotel AND have nonstop flights to and from.  Can we say Stoked?  Together now…Stoked.

The Aria

This is where you will find me.


I am now going to spend the next month brushing up on my Blackjack skills, oh yes, I love me some Blackjack.  I will also be starving myself and working on my tan.  If the women really look like the ones that showed up in my “Aria Pool” google *see pic below* I am going to need to do both of those things PLUS get boob implants.

Yeah, I don’t look like that and I sure as hell don’t sport heels with my swimsuit.  I will most likely come home with a complex.

On top of a fabulous place to stay and flights that rock my world, there is one more thing makes me extremely excited.  I get to meet Thypolar and HackingVegas while we are out there!  Word!  2 people that live in my computer will come to life!  I am very excited to meet both of them and spend an evening drinking ice cold beverages and tearing up Las Vegas!  So you two get ready…get plenty of rest…and get ready to rock.

Let’s do this!



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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. So, my Monte Carlo is mediocre, eh? 🙂

    Good find on the Aria, though. I’ve never heard of it. It’s been a while since my last trip.

    Have fun!

    • No no! Sorry. My point was that I was spoiled by where we stayed last time so the Monte Carlo just looked like ant other room. That is all! I am sure it is a great place to stay. I was looking for a WOW!

  2. Oh what fun it is to be YOU!!!!! Will you adopt me?! Please. Pretty please?!

  3. I am soooooo jealous!!!
    I wanna see Thy and Hack in the flesh!!
    So when are you going?
    Buy me something!! No wait send me a pic of you and Thy and Hack and B!!!
    Thats what I want…. oooo I am so jealous!

  4. Exciting!
    Lots of pics please!
    And when you get back plan my trip to England for me. I haven’t got a clue as to where to start.

  5. Sweet! I was excited for you when you said you scored non-stop flights, I think that would have made me the most excited! Place looks awesome and the rooms cool, but not over the top and too expensive, an excellent score. My sister said the prices for Key West were ridiculous for the flights the only reason they went was because they have a free companion airfare voucher to use on this trip. Anyway, tons of fun will be had and seriously the coolest thing is meeting Thy and Hack! Awesomeness!

  6. Awwwwwwesome! You’re going to have a blast, and you’re going to get to meet some really cool people. I’m jealous, but totally excited for you.

  7. I’m so excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How cool you get to stay at Aria, I’ve stayed at Monte Carlo and a whole lot of other hotels on the strip but my favorite is Paris no matter what (it’s a sentimental thing)
    When are you going? I wish I could go!

  8. Woo Hoo! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited. Did I happen to mention that I’m sooooooooooooooooo excited? Because I am!!!!

    We are gonna tear this town up girl! i say we start with drinks while watching Absinthe and then head to Fremont Street for some 80’s style partying. You in? Tons of Kodak moments. Since we’ll all be drinking I’m gonna have to check on limo service for the night.

    Please hold…………….

    • So are you excited? ;). I am too! That sounds like a plan! Just let me know what night u want to do that bc I’m going to try to get tix to see the jabbawockees too!

  9. Have a great trip. I do not know if you have ever checked out but they have some really awesome deals and I have seen cheap flights there for vegas.

  10. that woman was photoshopped…she’s actually 87 year old Gladys Moskowitz who stands 4 ft 9 inches tall, has grey hair and walks with a limp. you’ll rock…

  11. I can’t wait. I know it’ll be a blast as long as I’m not driving 🙂 hit me up if you need info or help with anything else. I’ll look into discounts for you at JABBAWOCKEEZ 

  12. This sounds sooooo exciting! Room for one more?

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