This May Hurt Your Brain.

Alright I got a bunch of nothing today but a bunch of random crap so here we go.  If this hurts your brain I apologize in advance.

-My husband was eaten by the Snore Monster last night which moved me to the couch.  That monster is LOUD and annoying.

-The fact that people actually spend their money on Britney Spears tickets blows my mind.  Why in the hell would anyone buy tickets to watch someone lip sync?  If you do you are a dumbass and if you are buying them for your daughter you should be slapped…twice.

-My cat is now known as Daisy the Ninja Cat.  You walk through a room and she comes out of no where and attacks your ankles.  This is not cool when you have hot coffee in your hand.

-It’s been almost 2 weeks since we have been at the pool at my Dad’s because of weather and other going ons.  Today it is blue sky’s and hot so of course the pool is out of commission.  FML.  I need sun, the kids need to be worn out..Its about my Sanity people, Sanity!

-Now that our trip is planned I have the perfect excuse to go shopping!  Oh yes, this girl needs new shoes.  Like how I used the word need?  Yeah I need a new pair of shoes because my 158 pair that I already own aren’t Vegas worthy.   😛   I also need a dress and some shirts.  Yes I need them.

-Chances are that when I do go shopping I won’t find anything because I will be looking for specific items.  Why is this always the case?  When you are broke or just out for the hell of it you can find a shit ton of stuff you want but when you go on a mission you can’t find shit.  I must start now because multiple trips may be needed.

-I am tired of looking at my kids with their 4,379 tattoos on them. We are going to have a scrub fest today, their skin is going to be raw and red.

I will leave you with a funny video.  I may have posted it before, I can’t remember but it is one of my favorites so I will post it again.  The amount of time that my sister and I have spent quoting this video is disturbing and makes me question our brains.

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. There is no order to my comments either so bear with me:
    The whole sun, pool thing stinks! I have work getting in the way of my sun and fun! As for the cat, my uncle’s cat always did that! So funny. My firat cat used to jump on my sister’s diaper when she was young as she crawled up the stairs! Awesome ninja! As for shopping, so much fun to be had! I wish I lived there to go with you 🙂 I also heard that even though Britney doesn’t sing at her concerts they show itself is so theatrical and music keeps you pumped it is like being at a club. I was actaully at one waaaaaay back when she first started to gain popularity, now it is a whole new level of theatrical!


    Oh my word, thanks to you, I’ll be randomly shouting out ALAN! now. Thank you very little. I love the video, never seen it before but I laughed out loud – multiple times.

    Cat Ninja is awesome….minus the hot coffee, of course.

    No comment on Britney, you said everything perfectly.

    I’m seriously considering the $10 plastic blow-up pool at the store, plus $20 in water to fill it up, to keep me cool(er), sane, AND work on this dreadful-white-fat-girl-has-no-tan-whatsoever in the privacy of my own backyard. I’d try the horse’s water trough but it has an electric-fence wire above it and I know I’m not smart (or graceful) enough NOT to touch it and kill myself. Some things are better left not doing them at all. That, my friend, is one of them.

    I’m off to the find the Wizard.



    • haha! My sister and I will break out randomly with Alan! Alan! Steve! Alan!

      Stay out of the horse trough unless the fence is turned off! It’s for you own safety! 😛
      If you find the wizard I need a new brain…and shoes!

  3. Dude dont you just love Youtube. I love their precious gems!
    You knew someone who was a single white female???? Thats kinda awesome!! I wanna meet someone who is like all Basic Instinct. Do you think thats FirecrackerJAD?
    Your kitty is funny.
    Thats why I love Cats… they got crazy personalities.
    Fnky!!!! I love Britney!!! I do…. 😦

    • Firecracker could totally pull off Basic Instinct! haha!
      It’s ok to love Britney..her songs have good beats and they are catchy..did I just say that? Yes I did. My point is the lip syncing and how bad it is and people spend money to see it. That is all. I have two of her songs on my ipod so I can’t hate too much.

  4. Ha, I just read your reference to me above, funny! 🙂

  5. OMG thank you so much for sharing the video! I think I might have peed my pants. Best part of my day. I read your post via email this morning but couldn’t view the video because it was one of many things the company network blocks. I finally got a chance to watch it now. LOVE it. 🙂 Also love your ninja kitty – I too have kitties and they play tricks on me when I’m not looking.

  6. moveneomovenomoveneomovenomoveneomovenomoveneomovenomoveneomovenomoveneomovenomoveneomovenomoveneomovenomoveneomoveno….

    too kewl vid

    And the parents buying BS tickets are the same one’s who made Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth album of the year in ’89…double slap

  7. (Night time) Day time!
    (Night time) Day time!
    Ha ha ha great video Alan

  8. 🙂 haha!
    It just doesn’t get old!

  9. 13 has not stopped talking about this video since I played it for her during her infusion the first time you posted it. Thanks for posting it again. We both just laughed our asses off.

    Shop away girl. There is always multiple trips when you are looking for something specific!

  10. I love the video too. Just more funny crap for my brain. Oh, well.
    Do people really buy BS tickets? I can’t imagine!
    Sorry about the pool. I do not think the kids or I would have made it through those many summers had we not had ours. I miss it so. sob! 😦
    Daisy Ninja. Cool! My Milly sneak attacks my feet when getting into the tub. Don’t ask me why! I just live here.
    Have a great 4th!

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