“F Off”, It’s the theme of the Day

Last night I caught a story on the local news regarding bumper stickers on other people’s cars.  It goes something like this…If you see a bumper sticker on another car driving down the road that offends you, you can report it and have that person fined $50.  Are you Kidding me!  This is asinine and makes me want to purchase and apply a sticker on my rear bumper that reads “Fuck You, You Smell like Monkey Shit”.  OR report a bumper sticker that reads “My son/daughter is an honor student”  because that is telling me you think your kid is better than mine and I’m offended.

Maybe I will go with this bumper sticker.

Next in the same story was regarding in-car DVD players and what you play on them.  If someone is driving behind you or to the side and they can see the movie that is playing and it offends them or they find it inappropriate they can report you and you can be fined.  W.T.F!  Again, this makes me want to ride around with porn playing at.all.times.

When does this shit cross the line?  Now we can’t put whatever we choose on our cars and play what we wish inside our own private property just because Mary Ann who has her head shoved so far up Jesus’s ass thinks it is unchristian like.  Well FUCK YOU.  All these people that get their panties in a bunch because other of people’s actions, words, stickers or movies aren’t what they would choose need to shut the fuck up and get over themselves.  They need to realize that just because they feel they are holier than thou doesn’t mean what they say goes.  So to you people that believe your word goes and you make enough stink and cry hard enough to have changes made to the laws to suit you because you believe it’s right, you can

This goes right along with the holiday celebrations in schools.  You cant’ say Merry Christmas, you can’t have Christmas Parties, you can’t dress up for Halloween etc etc etc.  This shit pisses me off.  It’s all because of whiny ass people who are too fucking sensitive.  If you don’t like it turn your cheek, don’t look, stay home.

Tracy Morgan came to Nashville in the last couple of months and during his show he did a bit about gays.  Well, a dude got all offended and made a such a huge stink about it that Morgan came back to Nashville and apologized.  Now for the record what Morgan said I feel went a tad too far BUT it’s freaking comedy.  Anyone with a bit of common sense knows this.  If everyone said something every time they felt a bit offended by a stand up skit and cried about it then there would be NO comedians.   If you are easily offended, you have no business taking your sensitive ass to a comedy gig Period, Unless you are one of those people that goes around looking for something to bitch about.  I hate those type of people.  They suck.  Morgan’s ordeal is just another example of people being way to sensitive over dumb shit.  Anyone with a brain in their head would understand that were watching a Comedy show.  It would be like me getting pissed every time a comedian said something about “women” or “whities” or “honkeys”.  It’s a fucking comedy show, I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch and cry about it.  Everyone needs to..

I don’t go around criticizing people because they believe something different from me.  Who the fuck am I to judge?  I would never in a million years make such a stink about something that it would take away from someone who believes differently than me or likes something that I don’t.  If you are not physically hurting me, my kids, my family I am a big enough person to turn my cheek with the thinking, “that’s retarded but it is what it is”.  Example: The guys that hang the balls from their truck hitch.  To me that is gross.  I don’t like balls in the flesh and I don’t want to see steel balls hanging from your truck but it is what it is and I’m not going to cry about it so much that they will be banned.  No, instead I pull up behind a truck, see the balls hanging, think “that’s gross, I wonder if he is compensating for something” giggle and then quit looking at them.  Period.  Done.

So to everyone that bitches over stupid stuff…


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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. That’s messed up! I hope that gets overturned or changed. That’s completely stupid – to get a fine for your bumper sticker, or movie, or what have you. Um, don’t look at it if you don’t like it! We’ve got to draw the line on PG’ing the world. I mean seriously people.

  2. Well, little Miss Fuckybee. Good rant!

    When I worked for Milwaukee AIDS Project I had a tee shirt that said, “FUCK safe” in big bold letters. At an AIDS event a mom told me that she preferred I not stand near her children, so I turned my back but didn’t move. I loved that teeshirt!

  3. Who gets the $50??? I may have found my new calling. When I go out in the world and look around, literally everything offends me.

    I’m gonna be rich!

    P.S. You had me at “F.”

  4. Dude!
    This is exactly how I feel. I feel everyone has a right to their own opinion but don’t be a cry baby!
    It just goes into how I feel that we are turning into a nunch of big wussies!
    Grown up people… grow some balls! No need to attack people cause they got a sense of hunor or different ideas from you!

  5. where is the “love” button?

  6. There is these extremes of “protection” and the other extreme of “no rules” (sort of like that text info I sent to you earlier) where as I always say “my middle ground people?!?!?!” It is frustrating, obviously as you demostrated in this blog post to deal with or even have to listen to the nonsense. As every TRYS to police EVERYTHING we are left with a bunch of people without any common sense, good judgement because they never learned WHERE to draw the line…all my humble opinion of course as common sense would tell me disclaimers are sort of needed anymore…for everything 🙂

  7. people who get offended offend my offensensitivity.

    so fucking there.

    I have seen a bumper stick that reads, “My son is the best at Good Behavior on Cell Block 5″….all the honor roll fucks can kiss my ass…

    Then there is the popular, “My D student can kick your Honor Roll kid’s ass.” always good for a chuckle.

  8. well aren’t you the Bitch of the Day!!!why are you not one of us!!lol ….. we think alike doll and this is why we have this hilarious blog of ours!!we have a frickin disclaimer at the top and if you don’t like it, Fck off! We aren’t trying to offend on our site but people have no snese of humour sometimes! the bumper sticker thing is hiarious! and if I didnt have to shlep my BIT’s around then I would totally tell everyone to Fck off and have a nice day!xoxo

  9. I ma laughing my butt off!! AMEN SISTER!!!

  10. A British presenter is currently under fire for making a remark and some British Army hero (black) took it as racist and got his army issued panties in a twist about it. So this presenter came back and said “It’s not comedy if it’s not offensive”. LIke, DUH! All comedians are offending someone or something when they’re on stage, aren’t they? And it takes just one straight laced, bible thumping dork to cause a stir and scream “foul”!

    I am SO with you on this! GET OVER YOURSELVES PEOPLE! If it offends you, TURN IT OFF!

    We could take it further and say those people that get offended are offending me! I’m offended that you’re offended at something you shouldn’t be offended about. Exactly, WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE!

    So much for “land of the free”.

  11. Holy fucking shitballs! Are you kidding me?

    Shit! I apologize because I didn’t mean to offend you. I don’t have the $50 because I spent it on some manners classes….ok actually it was vodka. Same shit different toilet, right?

    I had a friend who insisted on playing porn in his SUV at all times. He use to share stories of the shit that would happen from other cars once they realized what he playing. I rode along with him one night. Let’s just say it was interesting….. 🙂

    • Seriously when I read your comment through my email this morning it immediately made my day with the line “holy fucking shitballs!”

      Rock on.

      That is hilarious about the friend with porn playing!

  12. I hate those damn dangling balls on trucks. Ugh!!! Really are they so insecure with themselves that they need the balls to tell us they really are men.

    As for your city offense fines…. Well I’m offended they are doing this…. Now where do we complain?

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