Vegas Baby – Part 1

The Vegas vacation was awesome and I do believe that is an understatement.  We had a blast.  Here’s the recap.

We started off at the airport of course and a trip through security is always fun for me.  Why you ask?  Because I’m always one to get pulled and patted.  I don’t know why but it never fails.  I tweeted after going through security that day and I got a response of “you must look like a drug mule”.  This may be true.  I had on a thin tank, shorts, and flip flops.  That is it. No belt, no big pockets nothing.  They put me in the spinny look inside you thing and immediately get questioned if there is anything in my back pockets.  I said no just buttons on the!  So of course I get the rub down from Mary Butchess who, I’m telling myself, just wants to rub my ass.  After my molestation I immediately get called over to another stand where I am told to stand still and put my palms up.  Now I’m thinking HOLY SHIT, what the hell.  Dude takes a piece of cloth and wipes my palms, I look at my hands and they are shaking like crazy.  I know there is nothing on them…I’m hoping..but it’s still nerve wracking.  I finally get the clear to proceed.  That was good times.

Ok on to the good stuff!

We arrive in Las Vegas grab a coffee and our bags and it’s to the hotel we go.  The hotel was gorgeous.  We check in and head to our room.  The room was amazing.  Everything about our hotel was fabulous from the scent of vanilla when you walked through the front doors down to the bed in our room.  The bed was THE most comfortable bed I have ever slept on while on vacation.  It was tough to get out of it in the mornings.  Everything in the room was controlled by a bed side touch fancy.  What you noticed about the hotel was the smell, the lines of the design, and the textures used all over.  It was gorgeous.

Our View

B taking in the View

We settled into the room, chilled for a moment and off we went to check out our new home for the week.  We headed down to the casino and found an open blackjack table.  We played for a few and came out ahead…time to move on.  Our hotel was connected to the Monte Carlo by foot and to the Bellagio, Vdara and Crystals by tram.  We headed to the Monte Carlo.  There we walked around and had dinner at The Brand Steakhouse.  Seriously, the best filet I have ever had….Ever.  Yum.  We headed back to the room for a minute and to change because I was getting frost bite on my toes, it’s freaking cold in the casinos.  We were off to the Bellagio.  Let’s just say the blackjack tables at the Bellagio that night was so very nice to us.  We cashed in and headed outside into the freaking oven that is Las Vegas.  The fountains were going outside the Bellagio we stopped and took that in for a moment then headed down the block.  Yeah we made it to the corner of the Bellagio before saying screw this we are sweaty let’s go back in.

Now by this point I have done some major people watching and what I can’t get over is the number of kids in Vegas.  To me Vegas is not a family destination.  Kids were everywhere!  While we were eating dinner that evening, I noticed a couple of kids plopped down at the wall while their parents played at the tables.  What!  Blows my mind but whatever, mine weren’t there and that is all that matters to me!   🙂

Monday night we were back in our room a little too early for Vegas style but we were pooped from the day.  Tuesday was a brand new day.  Tuesday morning I got a tweet from Hacking Vegas (a fellow blogger & tweetster) who just happens to be a cab driver in the wonderful LV asking if we needed a ride anywhere.  SCORE!  This is a score for a couple of reasons…1. We get to meet the one and only Mr. T and 2. it’s freaking hot and it’s too early to work up a sweat walking.  Mr. T (the ultimate LV Hack) arrived (I was so excited to meet him!) and took us down to the Venetian.  We decided that we needed to take in a show that evening and we decided on Criss Angel’s Believe and got tickets.  The rest of the afternoon we walked 86.3 miles from casino to casino.  We stopped by The Mirage which was like walking back into time, the casino was just old and the people in there….I will just leave it at that.  Time to move on.  We stopped by Caesar’s Palace and then back to the Bellagio we went.

Me outside of the Mirage

It was time to hit the room and get ready for the evening.  We made reservations at Sirio for dinner and had some time to kill so we headed down to play some blackjack.  I didn’t like that I had to get up from the table for dinner, let’s just say I was on a roll.  Dinner was once again fabulous.  Sirio offers the taste of Tuscany and it was, again, the best pasta I have ever had.

The Criss Angel show was at the Luxor.  We were excited, it’s Criss Angel!  Yeah well, I really wish I could say nice things about the show but I can’t.  It was awful.  It was a huge huge waste of money.  You could tell how everything was done, there was no Vegas Glam or WOW, it was like it was thrown together in 5 minutes.  We were, to say the least, disappointed.  There were a couple of things that were alright but for the most part I wish I would have lost the money we spent on this show at a blackjack table.  After the show we played a few hands and felt the need to get the hell out of there.  We headed outside to get a cab and the line was a mile long.  At this point B is just bitter and pissy (mostly due to the fact that we just wasted too much money on a shit show) and he wasn’t about to stand in line for 15 minutes for a freaking cab.  We hoofed it down a casino and caught a cab there.  Why didn’t we just walk back?  I was in platform stilettos and those babies aren’t made for walking.  We finished the evening losing a bit and ended it for good with pancakes at 1am.

The first 2 days don’t sound all that exciting I know but we had a great time together.  I am sure I am leaving some stuff out too but this post took me forever for some reason.

Wednesday’s goodness is to come…it has all the good stories.  Stay tuned…..

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Sounds really awesome…I am scheduled to go to Vegas for my 30th and am looking forward to that break. I can’t wait for part 2 🙂 More pictures please and what hotel did you stay at?

  2. Yes more pictures please.
    Although I’ve been to Vegas many of times it still fun to see it thru other people’s eyes.

  3. I am so glad you had fun.
    I am so excited for the exciting parts where you guys get so blitzed and that you guys decided to get married… even though you guys are already married!!
    Sounds so fun… tell me there was a tiger in your bathroom!!!
    Hmmm those airport security sound fishy. My hubby has been gone for a while and I still got another week with out him…. I might have to go to airport security to calm the fires. Hopefully I get Big Bertha from Sweden who lives little Mexican girls. 🙂

  4. I know a woman who used to take her kids to Vegas all the time. I guess they would go to places that had more “kid friendly” accommodations and activities. But there is no way I would take a young child to a casino and just let him sit there against the wall while I gambled.

    So you met Mr. T!!! Did you get his autograph???? LOL!!

  5. Really? The ultimate hack?… Ok your right. 😉 other then the bummer show it sounds like a great start. You relize the the casinos turn the heat up outside to keep you at the tables. They have all kinds of powers (shh that’s a Vegas secret).

  6. Total awesomeness!

  7. Sounds like you had a blast! I can’t believe the Criss Angel show bombed. That sucks! Looking forward to the next installment. 🙂

  8. So glad you guys had a good time the first couple of days. When you are getting a rub down from airport security, just say “can a hottie with a nice ass take care of this for me?” or “could you move a little to the left?” It’s quite entertaining and they usually leave you alone after that. At least….that’s what I’ve heard (insert giggle).

    Just so you know, Mr T and I have decided to take Cris Angel out. We are just waiting till we find him in a dark alley somewhere. Why? Cuz that’s how we roll, all Vegas and shit!

    Can’t wait to read about your ‘exciting” Wednesday. What happened Wednesday? Oh…….

  9. I’m so glad that you got a break from regular life and had time to hang out together!

    And seriously… what is WITH all the people who bring their kids to sit against the walls at casinos?! It makes NO SENSE to me!

    Criss Angel… LAME! Sucks that it was a waste of perfectly good Blackjack money. But I’m glad you had more time AFTER that to redeem the trip!

  10. kewl fun even with the CA bomb…more please…

  11. Fun! I’m sorry the Criss Angel show stunk. I can’t wait to read more!

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