Vegas Baby – Part 2 Blackjack Drama & Lots of Shots

Alright I left off yesterday on Tuesday night..It is now Wednesday Morning…

B decided to sleep in and I was up and at’em.  I was going insane because I was ready to start the the blackjack tables of course.  Duh, we are in Vegas!  Finally sleepy head decided to get up, we drank our crack and headed down to the casino.

It’s about 11:30 am.

We find a blackjack table with one young woman sitting at it so we join her.  Little did we know that she was HAMMERED!  It didn’t take too long…it took right around 1 minute or 1 hand into it, however you want to time it.  A few minutes after we sat down another young guy around our age joined us, his name was Keith.  So there are 4 of us at the table now…5 including our wonderful and awesome dealer Debbie.  So we are all on the same page here is the run down of characters for the day…

Debbie – our dealer

Joslin – the young hammered woman

Keith – young man at the table with us

Billy – Pit Boss

Gerald – Big pit boss

Here we go.

B and I order a mimosa as does Keith, Joslin (better yet let’s just stick with hammered girl because it’s more fitting) orders whatever the hell she is hammering at noon and we begin to play.  Hammered girl starts asking Keith if he is a homo and for the next 20 minutes he tries to convince her he is not.  I think he almost took her to his room to plant something in her ass to prove it.  Now she is keeping all of her chips in her purse so every hand we have to wait for her to dig out more chips or pick her purse up off the floor to get the chips etc.  I am starting to get annoyed.  Keith buys us a round of shots…Kamikazes.

Another mimosa for me…Bloody Mary for B.

Debbie was awesome.  She was a sport through this whole thing and kept a smile on her face the entire time, even with hammered girl raising her voice and becoming belligerent.  Billy, the pit boss, notices hammered girl raising her voice, sees the look on my face and comes over to check on things.  By this point Debbie has cut off hammered girl with the cocktail waitress, unknowingly to hammered girl.  She informs Billy of this and he puts ME in charge of the table.  Umm..huh?   🙂   Hammered girl tries to get another drink, finds out she is cut off and is not happy.

Another Mimosa for me and bloody mary for B..Yes please!

We play while trying to ignore hammered chick.  Keith is awesome and fun.  Ignoring her was hard because now she is talking B’s ear off.  She is asking him insane questions, he says something about me being his wife and now she won’t shut up about that.  “You mean you got her?”  “well your wife is hot” “I can’t believe you scored her”.  WTF?  SHUT UP! Next thing I know I look over and hammered girl is hanging on B, meaning her arms were completely around him with all of her wait hanging on his shoulder.  I feel my pulse rise.  (if I wasn’t already annoyed with her it probably wouldn’t have fazed me)  I hear B say get your fucking hands off of me.  I make eye contact with her and tell her “Get your fucking hands off of my husband…NOW!”  Yep stirring up trouble on the blackjack table.  Good Lord.  Of course she starts bawling.  For the love of all things hammered this chick wouldn’t stop crying!  “I’m so sorry” “if it was my husband I would be pissed too” blah blah blah.  First off why are you hammered at noon? and where the fuck are your friends?  So we spend the next 5 minutes trying to get her to stop crying.  Meanwhile Debbie has called the Big Pit Boss Gerald.  He was awesome.  He was this huge black guy with a very intimidating ‘take no shit’ look.  He just stood at the corner of our table and watched her.  I was cracking up.

Keith gets us another round of shots…Washington Apples.  It’s 1:00.

Keith decides he wants to buy a chick at another table a drink and makes the mistake of letting hammered girl know this.  She gets up to go talk to this chick to see if she is single.  Gerald, the big pit boss, stops her mid way next thing we know she is standing there crying…again.

Hammered girl makes it back to the table, unfortunately.  Keith at this point has had enough of her too.  Something gets said and the next thing I hear is from Keith to Hammered girl “Can you please shut the fuck up?, you are ruining my table karma! Just shut up or leave”.  I am about to bust out laughing and I want to high five our new found friend.  B and I decide we need to eat and coat our bellies because if we keep up at this pace we will be passed out in our room by 3.  We get up from the table and watch hammered girl literally cry to Keith and apologize.  When we finally see her walk away we head to eat.

We stop by the room after lunch and this is what happened.  Truth be told this is what happened almost every time we went to the room.

He loved that damn pillow.

Back down to the tables we went after B’s playtime with the pillow.  Debbie’s table was open with only Keith sitting there.  Score.  We sit back down and he immediately buys us another round of shots…Straight up Makers Mark.  I passed because I am not woman enough for that shot.  I ordered a beer.  Keith has obviously has been going strong since we left because he is 3 sheets to the wind by now.  It’s 3:30.  We continue to play and have a great time, until Keith decides we all need another round of shots.  Good lord.  This time the shots were Deck Farts.  They tasted just like their name but I drank it anyway because I’m cool like that.

Debbie this entire time was awesome.  She cut up with us the entire time and was very tolerant of all bullshit at the table throughout the day.  I heart Debbie.

Mind you Wednesday afternoon we were more buzzed than we were our entire trip.  Maturity?  Age?  Free shots?  I don’t know.  You pick and I’ll go with it.

We have plans this evening to meet up with Thypolar and Mr. T and they are picking us up at 7:00.  WOO-HOO!

I started to write about that and realized how long it was going to make this post so now you must wait until tomorrow!

Oh the Suspense!  ….When Blogging friends come to life!!!!!

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Taking my time through this A-Mazing thing called my life. I'm the owner and photographer at The Adore Girls here in Nashville TN. Life is what you make of it and I am making mine...AMAZING!

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  1. Hangover part 3…good read cheers

  2. Hammered Girl sounds…interesting. It sounds like she was so annoying that you want to leave the table…yet she’s kinda entertaining.

    Can’t wait to hear about meeting Thy and Mr. T!

  3. OH MY GAWD….THE PILLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. First off I would have loved that day. Drunk people are so fun!! Seriously… especially chicks… best day ever for me… that you had! Does that make sense.

    Secondly I am shocked that no one noticed this but this explains my mind in the gutter 24/7. In the beginning, you said Hammered girl kept saying that Keith was gay. Then you wrote and I quote, “I think he almost took her to his room to plant something in her ass to prove it.” Him putting it in her ass would HAVE proved that in fact he was gay!!!
    Keith seemed cool… but he was like totally gay!! And again you are way more cooler than me… I would have smacked drunk girl from hanging on my hubby.
    Drunk people… I tell you. They are great til they play grabby with hubby!

  5. Awesome, drunk lady! Best entertainment! I actually did laugh out loud at the pic of Billy with the pillow 🙂

  6. B was attacked by a giant tootsie roll everytime you went back to the room? That doesn’t sound optimal…

    i thought all the comedy shows were in the theaters…guess I need to check out the tables….

  7. Next time you are in town, I’ll be your backup. We could have taken her. LOVE the pillow. Mr T now wants one. I told him “not until I get my ironing board” ahem. I’m done now.

  8. You guys should have snuck the pillow out and taken it home.

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