Wrecks, Purple Goop, & Stupid Girls

I have a couple of different things to blog about this am so this will be a bit all over the place.  What’s new right?  Welcome to my brain.

Yesterday B was in a wreck on his way home from work on 24.  He is fine thank goodness but I wish I could say the same for the Mercedes.  It was injured.  Traffic had just started moving again and he was up to around 20mph and the chick in front of him slammed on her breaks.  His phone had just alerted him for a text or something so he had glanced down at it and BAM right in her ass.  The grill was tore up along with the headlights and it had some leakage going on.  It had to be towed.  I am just glad B is ok.  B is Pissed to say the least.

I went to the dentist yesterday to get my permanent crown on..or so I thought.  I get there with the thinking that they are going to just pop the temporary off and pop the permanent on.  Oh how I was fooled!  OF COURSE the temp didn’t want to come off.  She pried at it with the little picky thing and it wouldn’t budge.  She then proceeded to get the plier thingy tool out and started wiggling it back and forth.  Umm, yeah that hurt.  She kept asking if I wanted Novocaine and I refused because I am so tired of my mouth and face being numb.  It just ruins the day.  I kept telling myself I can do this, I have natural childbirth damnit!  I’m tough.  Well the pliers didn’t work so she had to drill the damn thing off.  After that was done she had to drill the temp filling out from the root canal and put a new one in.  I am overwhelmed with joy and a sweaty mess.  The dentist finally comes in and there is more drilling and fun.  Finally all that is done and I’m told that since I had the root canal in between the temp crown and now my permanent crown won’t fit right so she needs to do more molds to be sent off to make a new permanent crown.  Fucking joy.  She puts the big purple goop in my mouth on it’s holder which of course is too BIG for my mouth because my mouth is so small.  She sticks it in there and tells me to bite down.  I can’t get my back teeth all the way together because the god damn thing is too big.  She said it will be fine.  So I sit there with this goopy shit in my mouth for minutes.  Immediately I have saliva pouring from my mouth and she hands me a wad of kleenex, gee thanks.  Next thing I know is I am trying to swallow and a part of the purple goop has found the back of my throat.  With every attempt to swallow it inches down my throat, I am now sitting there gagging and salivating like a freaking rabid dog.  Gorgeous visual I know.  She comes in and I tell her that a part is going down my throat and she says “just one more minute”.  WHAT! I am about to vomit in your chair (I’m literally heaving in the chair) and you want me to hold it in my mouth for another minute!  I am seriously on the verge of vomiting now due to all the gagging from the purple shit that is now half way down my throat.  She finally takes it out and with one immediate swallow off the goop went.  I had her look down my throat to see if she could see it and it was gone.  Yes I swallowed a piece of the purple molding goop.  I could taste it for the next 3 hours and felt it the rest of the day making it’s way down into my body.  Fucking Yippee.  I am going to shit purple goop one day and meanwhile before that happens maybe it will make a nice mold of my intestines.  I will keep you all posted on that.  You’re welcome.  So I left there with another temporary crown and have to go back in 3 weeks now for the permanent one.  I’m ecstatic.

I have a confession, this is just between me and you so don’t blab it ok?  I watch Teen Mom.  I know, I know.  Don’t judge me too hard.  I vowed never to watch this damn show and on a day that I needed mindless TV I turned it on and now I’m hooked.  Hooked to the point that I DVR’d it Tuesday.  I am hanging my head in shame.  Anyway to my point.  I caught up on Tuesday’s episode yesterday afternoon and I found myself pissed off.  There’s a teen mom on the show that decided to give her daughter up for adoption.  She has an “open adoption” with the adopting parents.  She goes off on a retreat for moms that gave up their child for adoption on this episode.  As the moms sit around telling their stories, a woman shares her’s where she had an open adoption and then when her child turned 4 the adopting parents decided to make it closed.  This puts the chick on the show in a panic.  Her and another chick go out to talk and the other chick, who also put her child up for adoption, says that she IS a mom regardless and they both are crying yadda yadda yadda.  Now here’s my beef, but before I get into my beef I will say this * I completely understand why some choose to put a child up for adoption, I get it, I really really do.  Timing, circumstances, situations, etc. In most cases it’s for the child’s benefit and I do believe it is the right decision*.  Back to my beef.  These girls CHOSE to put their child up for adoption therefore in my eyes you forfeit rights to that child.  Rights as in parenting rights, visits and being a part of that child’s life.  If you choose to do an “Open Adoption” all you are doing to that child is mind fucking it.  I totally understand why, the woman I spoke about before, adoption went closed when the child turned 4.  After that you are doing nothing but confusing the living daylights out of that child because they cannot understand who the fuck you are and why you are just popping up here and there.  I think it is being completely selfish to put a child through that.  YOU chose to put your child up for adoption, YOU chose for someone else to be this child’s parents, YOU CHOSE this.  Therefore you have no right to intervene and be a part of this child’s life.  If the adopting parents choose to send you photos or keep you updated, fine, but you cannot expect to just pop in and out of this child’s life the whole time and expect a child to understand who the hell you are.  In my eyes, that would cause more resentment further down the road.  It is a different story when they become old enough to wrap their head around it and they are seeking you.  For now YOU chose to put your child up and not raise it therefore you FORFEIT everything.  Just my 2 cents.

Ok that is enough randomness for one day.




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  1. I will be requesting pictures of all things purple that come outta you…. you never know.. you could get famous!
    I know how addicting Teen Mom is. I know of all people!
    And I totally agree with you on the whole adoption thing. I mean how is Catelynn gonna explain who the the hell she is for now on… and what effect will it have on the actual adoptive parents.
    I feel for them actually. All the adoptive mother wanted was to be a mom.

  2. Okay…
    1. Glad B is okay. Sorry it happened though, just a total pain in the ass to deal with the aftermath.
    2. Purple goop. I hear ya. Did that 2 weeks ago for my dental molds for my night guard, however today I was told I have really nice teeth again. Go me!
    3. Teen Mom: Hear ya on all your points as well. If there is a way to keep tabs from afar just so one day if the child wants to know who you are it is a matter of the adoptive parents saying, “here is the info, she is a phone call away.”
    Okay carry on… 🙂

  3. I’m glad B is ok. And I’m glad you and your teeth are ok. I was eating a grape popsicle. I tossed it half way through your post.

  4. Glad B is ok sorry about your MB
    My daughter watches teen mom but only the episodes on Netflix so she is behind.
    I can’t really watch it cause it pisses me off.

  5. Okay okay okay…. so I’m obviously way behind in my reading, hence the 4 am read. Glad that B is okay. God that blows.

    I hate the dentist and I’m convinced the are demons sent here to torture the evil geniuses here on earth (thus the reason all evil geniuses have an irrational fear of the dentist).

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