Stereotypes Exist because They Are Proven Right

This might cross the line or piss someone off but you know what?  I don’t give a damn.  So let’s get started.

Stereotypes and the Feeling of Entitlement

Someone close to me is a bartender downtown.  The bar is not located right on Broadway or 2nd Avenue right in the heart of everything, it’s not on Eighth Avenue it is in Midtown.  Tuesday night she was at work behind the bar when a group of people came in, male and female, majority being male.  They start ordering drinks and shots of Grey Goose and Patron.  One order came in for multiple shots of Grey Goose and a female takes care of the bill…Total Bill $56..Tip amount 0.  It’s last call and she asks them if they would like a last drink.  One man says give me 8 shots of Patron while a another member of the party says “just put it all on one tab and we will split it up”.  She starts preparing the shots and is chilling the shots right in front of the 2 men.  One of them look up and tell her to make sure they are chilled.  Obviously he doesn’t see her right in front of him doing just that.  She takes a deep breathe.  After the shots are chilled, poured and served she tallies up the bill and puts it down in front of one of the men.  Total $212.  He immediately starts questioning why she put all of the drinks on his tab.  She replies because I was told to.  He starts arguing with her saying “Who the hell do you think you are putting them all on my tab”, “who the fuck does that”, “Why would you put them all on my tab?”.  She explains to him, again, that is what she was told to do from the man sitting right next to him.  The man next to him hands the guy $100 in cash.  He looks at it and says thats great but why the fuck is all the drinks on my tab?  By this point she is trying to keep her cool.  Here is a large group of people that has been ordering top shelf drinks all night long and not tipping the entire time and now he wants to argue.  She tries to explain to him once again.  He has now blown up and is yelling at her.  “Fuck you, You shut your fucking mouth”, “Who the Fuck do you think you are?”.  She then asks them to leave the bar and tells them she will call the cops.  This just angers the man even more and he continues to yell obscenities at her.  Other people in the bar are now telling him to quit talking to her that way and to leave her alone.  He bows up and starts yelling at the people in the bar telling them to fuck off ect.  She then tells them that she is calling the cops and they need to get out of her bar now.  He starts arguing with her about that now.  Finally after way too much time had passed they left.  A man and a woman from the group proceed to their car parked right out front and sit there for the next 30 minutes.  Were they waiting to see if the cops were actually called?  Were they waiting for her to get off work?  I don’t know.  Another man from the group that comes into the bar often comes back in and tells her that she shouldn’t have called the cops and it was the wrong thing to do.  Why?  Does anyone deserve to be spoken to that way?  The answer is no.  She never did call the cops, it was a scare tactic to speed up the exiting process.

Rumor in the bar was the group of men that were in there causing this scene are Tennessee Titans.

With that said lets get into the stereotypes and entitlement.

This is from the bartender venting about that experience at the bar.

The Truth is… Some people are real mother fuckers. I dealt with some real assholes tonight at work, I heard that one or more of them may have been professional athletes. Well, sorry I don’t care who you are, act like an dick face and I will treat you like a dick face. Here’s an idea…Don’t be a dick, be happy that for some reason genetics worked out in your favor and got you out of the projects that should have been your destiny. How about you prove me wrong for a change; be polite, at least pretend like you learned something in college, learn how to say please and thank you and don’t start every sentence “uuhhhhhhhhh…”, T.I.P.S do you know what this means? If I were to paint it on some rims or line the letters with “bling” would you then understand? How about a rap song about what T.I.P.S. means? What IS important to you? I want to be wrong about you, but you just continue to prove all my assumptions right. Rims, jewelry, fancy cars, fancy clothes, gold teeth, “bitches and hos”, pit bulls, etc. Women that fancy you have no self respect. And you should leave the animals out of it, a pit bull is not a status symbol. All these other material items that you find so important are completely trivial, but sadly you may never understand this. You make me angry and I fume inside everytime I encounter you, yet somehow I still feel sorry for you, like maybe its not directly your fault. Whatever it may be just remember, I am smarter than you so please don’t try to argue with me.

Yes that sounds like she is stereotyping all over the place but Stereotypes don’t exist because someone was sitting around thinking them up to be an asshole, they exist because people choose to act a certain way therefore molding to the stereotype.  The people that choose to act this way think they are entitled to.  That is Bullshit.  If you don’t want to be stereotyped then don’t live it and then wonder why you are placed in a certain category.

Do you think anyone would think the above statement is true if it wasn’t proven right on a daily basis?  No.  It doesn’t matter the color of your skin with this stereotype it just is what it is, white, black, purple or orange.  I have been in the service industry and this person has been in the service industry for almost 15 years and it has been proven time and time again.  Ordering top shelf but yet not leaving a dollar, being rude and demanding and again not leaving a tip.  It’s sad that the stereotype is proven right more than wrong.  That’s the thing, if you don’t want to be “stereotyped” in a certain category then prove it wrong, don’t live it.  We all choose to be the people we are, if you choose to be an asshole then guess what, you will be treated like an asshole and thought of as an asshole.  Period.  It’s all in your power.  I don’t give a shit about the color of your skin.

No one is entitled to be a dick, no one ‘owes’ anybody anything except respect.  Everyone is equal..period.  If you feel that it is not equal then that is on you.  I am not knocking a lifestyle, dress, cars or what have you, its about being human and having respect for people around you and self respect.  You want to roll on 22’s, wear the best or whatever thats great but treat others with some respect.  You are not entitled to more than the person next to you.  You both are equal, you both breathe the same air.  It’s about RESPECT.

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  1. Fuck yeah! I am with you! The no tip stuff bugs me! I always tip and at least 20 percent for anything unless for some reason they were very poor at service or attitude for no apparent reason. Go Fnkybee!

  2. Its sad but some people never cease (did I spell that right) to amaze me. Dick face does not do them justice – I have a few choice terms to use but they are all in Spanish and if I cant spell cease in English, well good luck reading my Spanish LOL

  3. OMG dude!!!
    I would have totally slugged that fucker in the face!! She is obviously a better person than me.
    I hate people like that. Ewww now I am just freaking pist!
    That has actually happened to me before… I will tell the story next week.
    I am glad someone stood up for her. Buncha jerks… just cause you got all the money in the world doesn’t make you ok to treat people badly.
    Burns me up!!

  4. I definitely hold with this 🙂

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