Balls to the Wall.

It’s been a crazy weekend and week already and it’s only Tuesday. ACK!  Here’s the rundown.

-Friday night B and I went to see Bill Burr at Zanie’s.  This was my second time seeing him and I was stoked because he was funny as hell the first time around.  Yeah, well he has lost some of his funny.  He still made me laugh, don’t get me wrong here but not like the first time around.  I found myself a few times sitting there not laughing and thinking “STOP F’n Yelling Dude!”.  There was 12 of us that went to the show and we were all at a long table packed in like sardines.  The long table next to us was full of young kids.  They had to be only 21 if not there with a fake ID.  They drove me fucking nuts the entire night.  The dudes were all plaid shorts with button down shirts with the collars popped, the girls in their little bitty dresses and stupid headbands…that right there was enough to make me want to punch them in the back of the heads but oh no they had more to make this night fan-fucking-tastic.  They are all drinking like crazy, I notice they started passing around a flask and popped collar toolbag would tell whoever he passed it to to “CHUG”.  Shut the fuck up douchehole, we are at a comedy club not a freaking bar.  The girls wouldn’t shut the fuck up through the entire show.  I hear their annoying giggling and talking all night long.  Full conversations going on through the whole thing.  I wanted to punch the blonde in the back of her little fucking head.  This said blonde gets up at one point to go to the restroom she comes back and sits down on popped collar dude’s lap.  Of fucking course they are a couple.  Her sitting on his lap put her head right in my view.  I sat there for 2 minutes steaming and then reached up and tapped popped collar dude on the shoulder and told him she needs to get the hell out of my way.  Of course she shoots me a look and I shoot one right back.  She moves to the chair right next to him and now they want to make out.  For the Love of God you fucking ninkapoops!

– as I am telling my Dad this story he reminds me that the Douchey McDouchersons that I just talked about most likely looked and talked about me as “that old woman” at the show.  That’s fine with me.

-Saturday B and I kicked ass.  Kicked Ass I say!  We cleaned out the garage and threw a whole stake body truck full of shit away.  Yes a whole freaking truck full of shit.  Stuff that we thought we needed to keep, old furniture that was from my childhood that I thought I needed to keep.  I finally came to terms with the decision to pitch it.  Yes I could have kept it and passed it down to my kids but what the hell are they going to do with it?  Most likely stick it in their garage and go through the same thinking that I went through.  If we hadn’t touched it in the last year we pitched it.  We went through cabinets and laundry room as well and what a difference it made.  Man it feels good!  Ahhh…Deep Breath…and exhale…  We started at 10am and didn’t stop until almost 8pm.  We were pooped.

-The reason for the clean out was to make room for my new stand up Freezer!  WOO HOO!  You know you’re getting old when you get excited for a freezer.  Yep, that would be me!  We have wanted one forever and after I started couponing we decided it must be done.  My freezer is so pretty, I find myself going out and just looking at it.  That right there people is just sad.

-Speaking of couponing, I have been at it for 4 weeks now and have saved almost $500 to date!  That makes this momma happy happy happy!  Yes I have a little stock pile started but nothing huge.  Just enough that I don’t have to go buy stupid expensive crap for the next 3-4 months.  I am stocked on cleaning supplies, girlie products, bathroom essentials, chicken nuggets, coffee, pop and a few other things.

A few of my store Scores:

-Boxes of cereal for $.65! (Cinnamon Toast Crunch) (Also a few other kinds for $1.25 a box)

-Betty Crocker sides for $.65 a box

-Playtex Tampons for $.99 an 18 count box!

-Resolve stain remover for clothes for $.50 a bottle

-Dial handsoap $.18 a pump

Yesterday I headed out to run my errands and had to stop by Publix.  I went in with a short list of things I needed and my coupon binder.  After scanning the aisles one by one with my coupons I found deals that I was expecting, so needless to say I bought more than what I had planned on but it was all stuff that I would need in the near future.  I walked out of there spending $95 after saving $90!  I’ll take that especially at Publix!  They have some of the best deals if you do it right!

-Yesterday was another balls to the wall day.  After running a shit ton of errands, the kids came home and we headed out to get E’s dance stuff that she needs for her first class tonight.  We had to drive 45 minutes to the closest dancewear store.  Her class is a combo class so she will be doing Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop.  So we needed a leotard, tights and ballet shoes for ballet and boy shorts, sports bra type top and jazz shoes for jazz. Thank god for Hip Hop they can wear sweats, t-shirt and tennis shoes because for the other two it cost me an arm and a leg. My daughter now needs to go get a job at the age of 6.  She did dance 2 years ago with a different company and I didn’t like it and she just wasn’t ready so I pulled her from it.  This time around it is with a new dance company and she is so excited about it.  This dance company is amazing.  Along with regular classes they also have competition teams, one of their dance teams won Nationals last year.  How awesome is that?  Needless to say I am stoked for her to start and I hope she really likes it and wants to stick with it and maybe eventually compete if she wants.  (that might be one of my childhood dreams coming out through her but oh well, my parents would never let me be in dance when I was little and that is all I wanted to do)


So there is that.  Aren’t you glad I shared all that?  SO exciting, I know.  😛

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  1. Cool savings chickie!!! Keep it up!! With all that dance stuff, you’ll need the extra mula!!

    Ugh, dads and their cell phones!!! Don’t get me started…….

    Doesn’t it feel good to purge? Did some of that myself these past weeks.

  2. I saw Elephant Revival live in a small venue recently. The audience stood around drinking and talking through the entire show like it was a cocktail party. Twice the band asked the audience to STHU. The venue operator also came out and asked everyone to be quiet. You can guess how successful these efforts were.

    The show was awesome, but there was a busy din throughout the whole performance. We bought tickets to see and hear these guys live and were quite upset at the rudeness of most of the audience.

    The band didn’t come back out for an encore.

  3. People actually really pop their collars? I’ve never seen this in real life, only in the movies. I wanna see it for reals so I can laugh my ass off!

    I’m sorry to hear they were bugging you though.

  4. If you keep talking like this…. I just might start couponing! Damnit… I got nothing better to do… I might as well.

    I hate the pop collar look. I would have folded them down. Grr I hate hecklers at comedy shows!

  5. 1. That group you described, yeah, those guys I swear to you all workout at my gym, they travel in packs like high school girls and they annoy me. The girls, as your described, exactly the same. Your reaction, I share it!
    2. The parents and the cells….yes….I hear that, but it is more my mom than dad, he is pretty slick with phone things.
    3. The couponing, holy freakin’ awesome. I am not doing good lately, no coupons for things I want it seems 😦 Ah well, I will have to sacrifice elsewhere to make up the difference.

  6. Congrats on all your coupon savings. That is truly awesome. I would be staring at that damn freezer too! It must feel great to finally let go of some things. It’s kind of like a cleansing of the soul. I did it a couple years ago when we moved. I ditched some crap that I hadn’t used or touched in a while. It felt great 🙂 Now that the in-laws are moving (and we are stuck helping) I am really hoping they do the same. They have a house, garage and storage shed FULL of crap. They say that they are getting rid of most of it. We’ll see.

    As far as the show goes, I’m sorry it wasn’t as good the second time around. Personally, i would’ve shanked the chick but maybe I need some anger management.

    Dance is exciting! I’m excited for E. You better send me some pictures woman! I had a blast in dance growing up. It was one of the only things that helped me get through hard times.

  7. I want a picture of the freezer! Pretty please?!?! Seriously, that was the ONE thing I specifically asked for when we moved into our home five years ago. I didn’t care about furniture, wasn’t worried about kitchen appliances, I only wanted confirmation that we were getting a chest freezer for the garage. It’s been full since the day it arrived from the Delivery Truck. Husband and I, along with his parents, slaughter two steers every year. Needless to say, I’ve never bought a package of beef since living in Texas! Plus, every trip to Kentucky via passenger vehicle means I return to Texas carrying the Mother-Effin’ Load of Goodies from Mom and Dad’s garden….complete with frozen cut-off sweet corn, canned tomato juice, corn relish, pepper relish, green beans, and bacon from the pigs Mom and Dad have slaughtered. Geesh, we are SOOOO not vegetarians are we?! HAHAHAHA

    Congrats on surviving your awesomely crazy and busy, yet productive, weekend. Once again, you’ve proven your awesomesauce status, Fnkybee!


  8. How much fun for your little girl my daughter did ballet for 3 yrs I loved going to the recitals. I miss that. Enjoy it as much as possible and as long as she wants to do it.

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