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Pin Up Shoot – So much fun!

Almost 2 weeks ago a good friend of mine put together a Pin Up Girl Shoot and I had the privilege to shoot it.  Nat did great putting it all together, she did the makeup, hair and wardrobe.  She knew exactly what she wanted and had the day mapped out.  We shot for around 7 hours in and around Lucid Linds Studio and had a blast.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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For more information on booking your shoot visit today!

It’s Party Time

Saturday was the big day and it was long and hot one!  We had a great time with family and friends.  There was about 25 people that showed up throughout the day, a lot of people ended up being out of town and a few ended up having to work.  That sucked but we still had a good time.  I didn’t take as many pictures as I had planned because I couldn’t stay out of the pool long enough, it was so damn hot and I didn’t think taking my camera in the pool was the brightest idea.   😉

Here are a few that I will share, hopefully my sister doesn’t check my blog anytime soon because she will probably kill me for a few!

Linds, W, E and Dad

I had these all over the pool house..heehee

The pool house

Time for cornhole. Linds & Jordan

Dad and Wyld

Silly Mandy, you can't drink Moonshine through a snorkel

Nat and Jordan


Linds getting her old person care package. 1st up - Adult Diapers

Rock'n the Diaper. She would so kill me for posting this one! 😉


Linds in her MooMoo complete with reading glasses.

Soon after this last picture was taken it was game on.  We started flippy cup and that was all she wrote.  There wasn’t anymore picture taking..just drinking.

Of course no party is complete without a weirdo.  A friend of my sister’s brought his friend and he was something else.  You know the dude that gets too hammered too quick and just doesn’t know when to stop.  Yeah that dude..he was there.  Thank god he finally went to his car and passed out!

All in all the party was a success.  Everyone had a great time!

Arnold and The Rapture

The world must be coming to an end because Arnold fathered a child of a house worker.  Let’s discuss….

~I don’t give a crap about Arnold & Maria’s child scandal.  I understand that he is a celebrity and a political figure but really, who gives a shit.  I’m not losing any sleep over this, are you?  Is someone’s world besides the family really turned upside down by this news?  The news this morning said that Maria is asking for privacy for herself and children.  Little late for that.  This is just another example of the media being trashy.  They get off on everyone’s dirty laundry.  I think that is sad.  This is a very big personal story for them and I think the media should have more respect.  To you Maria, I am sorry to hear that your husband stuck his wiener in the maid and had a child.  That sucks.  You are smart and leaving him.  Kudos to you and I wish you and your family the best.

~The Rapture aka Judgement Day.  I heard about this on Twitter.  Thank you Twitter for letting me know I am doomed to die on Saturday.  Yes Saturday May 21st is supposedly Judgement Day and Jesus is coming back to save the ones who believe and shun the ones that have ignored his love.  Well people, it’s been nice knowing you, I will be shunned. The ones that he saves will be taken from Earth to Heaven in an “instant” by Jesus himself.   Those left behind will suffer the torment of the  Apocalypse  for 5 long months until the end of the world on October 21st.  Well that sounds fun!  I wonder if there will be an open bar during the Apocalypse party?

Here’s the rundown of events for the Rapture:

On May 21st there will be a global earthquake..the greatest earthquake ever.  Oooo!  Going to shake things up a bit!  Jesus will save those who believe from the earthquake and those who do not will be left to suffer the End of Days and beg for death.  God will not save any more people during the last 5 months of Earth’s existence before it is destroyed along with all of humanity on October 21st.  Talk about being on your own and your parents being officially out of town.  Let’s party.

You can even by a T-Shirt for The Rapture!

Only available for a very limited time..

If you have a T-shirt then it’s easier for him to know which ones to save.  Making it easier for the man.

This is all completely ridiculous and just confirms my belief that this is all crap.  Why would God want to destroy all of humanity if he loves us all no matter what?  I will tell you, it’s actually very very simple…..It’s all shit.  This dude named Harold Camping has nothing better to do than dream up extravagant nonsense to drive people to the churches to brain wash them.  Just think of how many people are flipping out because of this event that is suppose to take place.  I am sure some crooked preacher is taking full advantage of this somewhere by saying “come to my church, give me your money and I will guarantee you will be saved from the wrath of the Apocalypse.”  Umm. No.  I will keep my money and live through this.  Trust me, I’m good.

The idiots that believe this will happen are the ones that have been completely brainwashed by religion.  I am sorry you are in a trance and now don’t know your ass from a hole in the wall and can’t make a decision for yourself.  I will see you on the other side.


Happy Birthday to You My Beautiful Little Girl

Today is a special day, My sweet, beautiful little girl turns 6 today.

E is one of the most sweet little girls you will ever have in your life.  She is my little ray of sunshine.  She lights up a room with her smile, she can make you laugh with her complete and utter randomness, she can make you feel better with just a hug.  She is a joy to have around all the time.

 She brings so much to the world with her smile, laughter, wit, sarcasm, randomness, sense of humor, and her stunning beauty.

I want so much to give her the world but yet shield her of it at the same time. I never want to see her get hurt even though I know heartbreaks will come, unpleasant situations will arise, life will be bumpy from time to time.  I hope she knows that I will always have her back, I will always be here for her, and forever love her more than the world itself.

She is my little fnkybee in training.

The world wouldn’t be as bright as it is today without her in it.

Happy Birthday to you my sweet baby girl, I love you more than you will ever know.

My 100th Post..It’s Epic. Well not really I just Called it That.

Well people…this is it…are you ready?  Hold on to your pants because I am about to blow them off!  It’s my 100th post.  It’s Epic.

No, not really but that was one hell of an intro wasn’t it!   It is my 100th post but the blowing your pants off with my epicness is the questionable part.   😉

I started this blog back when ever I did my first post and I didn’t know what to expect out of it.  Was I going to keep up with it?  What the hell was I going to blog about?  Did I have anything at all interesting to say?  Is anybody going to give a darn about it?  I have found that the answer was YES to all the above questions!  Unbelievable!  Seriously, I am blown away.

I started my blog so I would have a place to write things down, make notes of my life, a place to put down my thoughts, my rants, share my photos, and vent if I need to.  I never intended for anyone to really keep up with it and/or care what came out of my brain, I just thought of it as mine.  Well I have been taken back by the fact that there are some fellow bloggers that actually do keep up with it, care what I have to say, think that I am funny, and comment to reassure I am not crazy.  There are fellow bloggers that click on my blog while scanning the 100,000’s of other blogs out there.  Wow.  Some just read and leave, some most probably start reading and then move on, but some actually take the time to comment.  That is pretty darn cool.

When I started this venture, like I said before, I didn’t know what to expect or hell, what I was doing for that matter.  What I have learned is blogging is awesome, I find it therapeutic, it is nerve calming, it is reassuring, it is comforting, it is scary.  I used to write when I was younger, keeping a journal of sorts, jotting things down here or there, I was a doodler..big time, I kept a binder full of poems that I would write, usually about something crazy that was going on.  But as I got older and busier that went to the way side.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy writing, not that it is professional in any way shape or form.  I am sure anyone would have a hay day given my blog and a red pen.  I am not a professional writer, never claimed to be, don’t want to be.  I write as I would say it to you if we were having a conversation in person, as it flows (flows thats a good anything just ‘flows’ from my brain) from my mind.  I don’t have time for big words and all that jazz.  My blog is me..who I am…the person I have grown to be…it is my life.

I said I find it therapeutic, and after blogging for awhile I was amazed to realize this.  I noticed how much better I felt after I did a post, especially a post about touchy subjects in my life, or when I was irate and needed to vent.  Getting it out feels so good.  I write, I feel better, I move on.  Another thing I have noticed is how scary it is.  I am one that thinks..out of sight out of mind.  I took this to the extreme when I had my 2 kids..yes my eyes were closed through both births…out of sight out of mind at it’s finest.  “I have my eyes closed and can’t see that I am pushing a baby out so it’s not really happening, so what the hell is that pain I am feeling????” about getting off track..jumping back on..aaaaand continue.  But what I mean is when I sit to post about some touchier subjects they become real again, you relive the emotions, the fears, the feelings.  That is scary but again, so therapeutic.  I guess you can say my blog has become my therapy with some life happenings…and its Free!  Hells Yeah!

The comments…they are awesome.  First and foremost it proves people actually read my blog…still funny to me.  But it’s cool because some comments reconfirm that I am not crazy or losing my mind, it lets me know others have had similar feelings or thoughts, that I am not alone in some of my thinking, and others have been in similar situations and with that you get advice.  I have taken some of the advice and have applied it to my every day life or in certain situations.  Thank you to all that reads and comments!  You all rock my world!

Another cool factor of blogging…the community that I have found in it with fellow bloggers…complete strangers.  I love meeting new people, hearing what they have to say, learning about them..their lives, I love the diversity of it all.  What blows my mind is finding complete strangers that are similar to myself, that have or are going through the same things, reading their blogs and thinking “I have been through that too!” and seeing how they handled it.  Its pretty darn coolio.  I have found my twin  😉  a couple of states away…we share the same brain at times, I always look forward to reading her blog. Shout out! know who you are!   I have found other bloggers that I look forward to reading their blogs because they always make me laugh and put a smile on my face…word, others are more on the serious side and get me thinking, others are from older people that share their stories of times past..fascinating!  Its just neat, what a generic word. but it is just that.  The community aspect of blogging is something I was unaware of and didn’t know I would find or didn’t know I was looking for.  But I did and it’s Awesome.

I have had some rough patches along the way of my blogging experience..pissing some people off, I’m good at that I have learned.  But it is what it is.  I think they are just way to touchy but whatever.  I have learned what I can and can’t blog about or at least how to go about it more discreetly.  I have learned people don’t like to be called out in my blog…oops, truth hurts doesn’t it?  It is all a learning experience and with anything you learn from your mistakes and grow from it and become better.  And I have learned how to use the ‘Private’ post button and use it when I really need to get things out..specific things.  Sadly I have to make it for my eyes only because god forbid I piss another person off.  If I could go back and change one thing from my blogging experience, I would have never, never, ever, never, made it known to personal everyday friends and family.  I made that mistake when I got Freshly Pressed, I was just so excited and made the mistake in all the hoopla.  OOPS!  Oh well…too late now.

Which leads me to getting Freshly Pressed for a post I did titled It is What it is When You Wear What you Wear.  That was a funny, crazy, whirlwind couple of days.  300+ comments and over 10,000 views.  I didn’t realize I couldn’t get that many people’s panties in a bunch.  I never set out in hopes to get FP’d so that day when the first comment came in congratulating me on getting FP’d my first thought “they just commented on the wrong blog” then I immediately went to the front page and there it was.  Holy Flippity!  What cracks me up is I wrote that post in about 10-15 minutes and was being a complete smart ass in some of it and people read it, twisted it, yelled at me, agreed with me, tweeted it, reposted it, handed my ass to me, applauded me etc.  What an experience that was and I am pretty sure I am ok with that 15 minutes of fame for awhile.  No more FP’d for me please!

So with all that said…I am thankful for finding my blogging home, I am thankful for all of you who takes a couple of minutes out of your day to read it and share your comments, advice, and stories.  I am thankful for the friends that have been made, your stories, your blogs.  I am thankful for free therapy!

So here’s to the next 100!

Cheers!  and always…..KEEP ROCK’N!


When vulnerability rears its ugly head..

So this is my 99th post which means **drum roll please** tomorrow will be my 100th post!  But wait..I might have to do it today because I have weekend guests coming so I might not have the time, OR I will wait until Monday.  Oh the suspense for you I know!  How can I do that to you?  Heehee!

The pressure of the 100th post…self induced of course.  Yesterday was a fellow blogger’s 100th post…marinasleeps and she did a great 100th post!  I can’t believe that I have even started a blog to begin with, let alone have found 99 things to write about and most of my posts can be categorized as questionable.  What really blows my mind is that people actually read it.  CRAZY!

Now lets get serious for a moment.

Vulnerability.  I don’t like it, I don’t like or enjoy feeling vulnerable.  I am a strong girl, high confidence, do my own thing, think my own way so when this weak not so cool of a feeling creeps in I freak out just a bit and it makes me panic in a way.  Yesterday I had this feeling for the most part of the day, it made an appearance and decided to make its self at home and stay awhile.  When Mr. Vulnerable pays me a visit I feel weak as a person, it makes me question myself and lets certain thoughts and memories come back to the front.  I have pushed these thoughts and memories to the back of my head for a reason..I don’t like them, I would like to erase them all together but that seems impossible, believe you me I have tried.  What I believe brought it on was a post I read that was referred to me by a friend.  It opened up a can of worms in the past department.  I spilled it to this friend yesterday after reading that post and whoa!  Did she get an ear full or eyes, I should say because it was via email.  Anyway…I let her know things that I have only said out loud to a few..meaning my sister and one other friend.  What did it was typing made it that much more real.  I was a sweaty mess by the end of the email and after I hit ‘send’ I changed my shirt.  How gross is that, but obviously it got me working.  Like I said, it made it real, and I relived it again in my head.  The rest of the afternoon I spent thinking about what I wrote which led to other thoughts that have been pushed back into the dark depths of my brain that no one knows about but me, myself, and I.  I am not proud of some things that I have done in my past but it is what it’s my life, it’s my past.  Even though I am not proud of some of those things and some of the choices I have made I have realized that the majority of it makes me who I am today.  It has made me stronger and it has made me wiser.  Where the vulnerability plays a part is with the things and choices that have made me weak in a few departments.  Those are the ones that I keep pushed way back in hopes they will vanish and sadly they never do.  I do not, I repeat, do not like to feel weak.  I do not do or handle weakness well.  I thrive on being strong and in control so when I do feel weakness it gets to me, makes me question myself, my past, my choices….my strength.  There is a level of guilt that I feel when weakness rears its ugly head, personal guilt.  Guilt that comes from “why the hell would you have done that?” “don’t you know what could have happened” “do you understand how lucky you are to even be here?” and “what the hell were you thinking?”  Well, I did it, I do know what could have happened (thats the part that creeps me out), I do know how lucky I am to be sitting here now (trust me), and I don’t know what the hell I was thinking but obviously, for some reason, I thought it was a good idea at the time.  Stupid young girl.  On the positive side, I have learned from those mistakes and choices and even though they have weakened me in couple of places, I have learned and am in the process of building that strength back up.  It’s been a long process but I am getting better because when I really think about it it’s just mind over matter.  My weaknesses are self caused, they can be fixed…they will be fixed.  I am a very lucky girl to have what I have, to have been through what I have been through, to have had the experiences, good and bad, that I have had.  It makes me who I am today.  As much as it bothers me I chalk it up to life, which leads to knowledge of the ugly side of life.  I do feel I have a hand up on my kids as they grow, learn, and start to go through their own experiences in life, good and bad.  One thing I wish is for my kids to always be honest with me and come to me with absolutely everything.  I have no intentions of hiding my past from my kids, that is a big fat lie..a few they will never know about…but what I will tell them is the lessons I have learned and hope they learn from them.  The majority of my dumb moment experiences I can share because they are just ‘young’ mistakes, the majority of us have had them, nothing to hide there.  I will be honest with my kids for the most part if they come to me with similar situations they are in.  I would rather them not make a lot of the same mistakes I did but it’s part of growing up, finding yourself, learning who you are, learning your strengths and weaknesses…it’s life.



I have been reminded….

On yesterday’s post a comment was left by Mr. Anthony and part of it read “Careful not to miss it all once Christmas arrives!”.   Excellent point my friend and you got me thinking.  It is so easy to get caught up in the holiday stress, the ‘to do lists’, finding that perfect gift, and running around  that you stop enjoying the holiday.  December is a great month but that can easily be lost in the holiday craziness of parties, events, shopping, wrapping, and running around like you have gone mad that you start cursing the holiday and the month itself.  I mean even going shopping, if you stop and look around what percentage of people that you are shopping with have a sour, I am going to kill someone look on their face?  That’s not very Christmasy.  I have been guilty of it but it’s usually because I have encountered someone who is a Scrooge who has now put a damper on my day.  I always try to keep a positive attitude while I am out and about, especially during the holidays, holding doors for moms with kids in tow or the elderly, I always try to smile at people I pass, say hello.  I don’t want to be that person that looks like I could break at any given christmas moment.  Why do we let ourselves do that?  Do we blame the media for all the hype, ourselves for allowing the madness to take over, or is it just holiday on top of our already too busy  lives?  I don’t know but I am slowing down right now and reassessing the holiday.  No more stressing, no more worrying.  Its the time of year to relax and enjoy each other, friends, be thankful for everything that we have in our lives.  It is the time of year to stop looking at all the material things, the ‘stuff’ that doesn’t really matter.  Yes we are fortunate to have what we have, to be able to give the gifts that we do, to make our kids and family’s wish lists come true but when it comes right down to it..does that stuff really matter?  No.  I am not saying I am going to go return all the gifts that I have bought or stop shopping for the rest of the season I am just going to kick it back a notch and settle down a bit, enjoy this time with my family, be thankful for what we have and the family around us and most of all enjoy the upcoming two and a half weeks I have with the kids and the week I am going to have with my husband.  I am going to quit thinking everything has to be perfect (gifts included), let the kids help me wrap the presents without jumping all over them for putting the tape in the wrong place, I am just going to chill out a bit and relax.  I have let myself stress about the perfect gifts for everyone, wanting to get them exactly what is on their wish list..where is the element of surprise in that?  There is none.  Yes I have gifts for people that are exactly what they want but I have now reminded myself that this does not have to be the case with every single gift.  I used to be so good at giving great random gifts or making gifts that when the recipient opened it they had a huge smile on their face because it was something they weren’t expecting.  I somehow have let that go to they way side this year.  Have I let my inner Santa runaway?  Well today I am playing hide and go seek with my inner Santa and I will win and bring back the great random gifts.  One of the best gifts I have ever received was a tin box full of 365 random sayings and quotes, one to be pulled out each day, from my sister.  No she did not go out and purchase this gift, it was made by her and I still walk by it and pull a random saying out and it always puts a smile on my face and makes my day.  Gifts like that are truly the best.

So from here on out I vow to slow down, relax, chill out, and remember the true meaning of Christmas.  I will enjoy every moment I have with my family.  And the big one….I will try real hard not to start wishing school was back in after the first week they are out.   😉



The Difference between Snow here, up North and down South.

Schnee - 2005

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The first flakes of snow are falling now and it is so pretty.  Just a flurry or two throughout the day is all they are calling for, the ground is still too warm to hold the snow but it is just beautiful.  A snow event here in Tennessee is quite amusing and it was even more of an event when I lived in Georgia.  Let me explain…

I am from Indiana, a born and raised true Hoosier where snow falls and accumulates over an inch, ice collects on the roads, and people know how to drive in both and not too much freaking out occurs unless it is a big one.  You go to school unless there is a mass amount of snow on the ground or if there is ice on the roads, you don’t get out of work because you can’t make it (I called into work one day because I was not driving on 3 inches of ice and they sent someone to come get me), they don’t close businesses and stores unless it is Bad.  Hell, on my wedding day we woke up to 8 inches of snow and frozen pipes but the wedding still went on and yes people came to our wedding.  In Georgia and here that is not the case.  When we lived in Georgia (about 30 miles east of Atlanta) I was sitting at work one day when a ‘snow storm’ came.  You would think an F5 twister was headed towards the office.  The office stopped and my fellow co-workers started staring out the windows, the chatter started about whether or not they should leave before it starts accumulating, wondering about their kids in school, their husbands and wives out in this awful weather etc.  I sat, I watched, I listened, and I chuckled inside my head.  I couldn’t get over the spectacle this was turning into, it was great entertainment.  *In no way do I intend this to sound mean because if it doesn’t happen very often and you are not used to it, it can be quite a situation to be in.  This was my first time witnessing snow in Georgia and it was something to see.*  About an hour later after the snow started to fall they ended up closing the office and sent everyone home…for 2 days.  The store was the first stop on a fews trip to have that bread and milk, others went off to pick up their kids or spouse.  I called my husband who worked about a mile a way and I will admit we had a laugh out of this.  I headed home myself and that was an experience all in itself.   There is a reason that I stay off the roads now when a snow event happens…people that aren’t used to it can’t drive in it and that makes the roads a dangerous place.  That ‘snow event’ in Georgia landed not even 3 inches of snow and the whole town stopped and shut down for 2 days.  It was something but hey it’s Georgia and that kind of thing doesn’t happen all the time.

Here in Tennessee it is almost the same but it does take a little bit more of the snow and ice to shut everything down.  Well that might be a lie.  One morning I got up to get Will ready for school, I looked outside and it was snowing and there was a thin blanket of snow on the ground already.  I went ahead and got him up and ready for school and made the mistake of not turning on the news because I thought to myself he are going to school the roads are fine and not a whole lot of accumulation is predicted.  WRONG.  After getting him ready I turned on the news and there it was “School Closed”.  Oh my oh my.  Lesson learned.  Even if it is flurrying turn on the news in the morning.  I think that day we got maybe an inch of snow.  There was an evening last year when we did get a crazy amount of snow for around here and I had plans to go to the bar with some friends.  One opted to stay home because where she lives it is all hills and I would have probably stayed home too, another just didn’t want to get out in it.  It ended up being me and two other yankee friends, one from New Jersey and one from Ohio.  Needless to say the bar was pretty empty, there were a few in there that braved it but we still had an excellent time.  The roads were covered by the time I headed home and everyone was driving 2mph, not really icy roads just snow and slush.  Again, if you don’t know how to drive in it, it can be scary.  I do and the other people that don’t know are the ones that frighten me.

It is just so different here than up North and that is to be expected when the average snow fall isn’t much each year.  I am cool with one good snow fall a year, and maybe one on Christmas day, one time to play in it, build a snow man and then it is time to move on and warm up.  I do not miss Indiana’s winters at all.  I am convinced I am meant to live some where warm, preferably tropical.  I see us retired in the Keys somewhere.  Hey I can dream!   😉

So for now I will watch the beautiful snow fall and not accumulate, start a fire in the fireplace and enjoy the first snow of the season.


The Angel Tree Angels

Yesterday my sister and I took my kids to pick Angels off the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  What an awarding and wonderful feeling.

Before we left the house we sat the kids down to explain to them what we were doing.  Both of them understood the main reason…giving to the less fortunate so they too can have a wonderful Christmas and receive what they wished for.  What was hard was trying to explain why we must get the kids the gifts that they wished for instead of Santa.  My sister and I were put to the creative story test, I think we finally passed but we came real close to failing a couple of times thanks to my son being too smart for his own good and he kept calling us out on our story.  There was a fine line that we didn’t want to cross exposing the Santa truth.  We made it through without spilling the beans.

We went to the mall and each of us picked an Angel.  Will picked a boy his age (8), Emily picked a little 3 year old girl, Linds picked a 10 year old girl and myself I picked a 5 year old little boy.  Each of the Angels had a toy and clothing for their wishes.  We started with my little boy who wanted a DS game, off to gamestop for our first gift.  Done.  We headed to JC Pennys for the clothing.   Emily’s little girl made out with an outfit and a christmas dress, Will was funny with his, I went to pick out a pair of jeans for his and he said no way, I don’t like jeans I like comfy pants so my Angel is getting comfy pants.  Done.  Lindsey’s little girl wears sizes in the junior department so we headed there next.  That was a tough one because 1. she is a girl 2. she is in the junior dept and she is 10 3. we don’t know her likes, style and body type.  It makes it difficult because you want something 10 year old like and not revealing or too old, it’s hard to buy jeans because you don’t know the body type.  Lindsey picked out a couple of shirts and a coat for her and then changed her mind.  As she is putting the clothes back she gets tears in her eyes because it is so heartbreaking knowing that there are kids out there who are less fortunate, who just want the simple things in life and plus Linds wants the Angel’s Christmas to be perfect.  She decided on a shirt and a nice guitar since that was the other thing on the little girls wish list.

We headed to Toys R Us next.  We needed a cool skateboard for Will’s, Dora dolls for Em’s, a beautiful pink acoustic guitar for Linds’s.  I think they will be very excited Christmas morning to learn they received all the things on their wish lists!  The rest of the shopping was dedicated to Toys 4 Tots for a benefit my sister was going to last night.  We filled the cart to the top with games, footballs, hot wheels, barbies and slinkies.  Toys 4 Tots was getting one great donation from Linds!

The kids had a blast shopping for their Angels and Lindsey and I had a great time too.  Knowing that you are making a child’s wish list come true is a truly wonderful feeling.  It warms your heart in so many ways and makes you want to do so much more.  We were fortunate to have $300 to spend on our Angels and Toys 4 Tots from a charity benefit my sister threw awhile back.  I only wish I had that extra money each year during this time to give.  Maybe I will start a change jar this year and throw all extra change in there to cash in for next Christmas so we can do this again.

A true heartwarming experience.

Just my kids and I and a new sleep number.

I have been babysitting Jman off and on for 2 years and as of yesterday I am no longer babysitting after school.  Yay!  I am not excited because I was miserable babysitting, I love that kid like he is one of my own but it’s so nice to just have my two at home with me after school now.  My quality time with the kids is back.  We can take off and do things after school and we can just be together.  Yesterday after they got home we sat down and did some christmas crafts, nothing spectacular, we made a count down ring for the tree and they made a couple of ornaments for the tree.  And somehow I got roped in to making an owl for my daughter’s teacher out of construction paper.  That was a sight!  I didn’t really think she would take it to school to give to her, I honestly thought she would forget about it.  Oh no she packed it in her backpack this morning.  Mrs. Powell is going to think a child made it!  haha!  But what made yesterday so special was my daughter looked at me this morning and said “yesterday was a blast!”  I asked her what made yesterday so special and she says “because we made ornaments and the owl”.  Ahhh, that child knows how to get to me.  She too enjoyed our time.  A usual day after school is the 3 of them walking through the door, throwing their backpacks down where ever they please, the boys running to the pantry to eat me out of house and home and then the bickering begins.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard “MOM, will you get Emily out of my room”, or “MOM can you tell Emily to leave us alone”  I would be a millionair billionaire.  And it’s just not my son yelling those things it was Jman too (minus the mom part).  That makes it tough, poor Em just wants to play Pokemon too.  Oh and the 8 year olds attitude, sarcasm and what they think is ‘cool’, the “dudes”…goodness!  I am happy to have just one 8-year-old attitude to listen to now.  I have to say that my two, as much as they bicker and pick at each other, when it’s just the two of them 95% of the time they get along and play well together.  It’s so nice and makes me a happy mom.

For the past couple of months my husband has been complaining of not being able to sleep and blaming it on the mattress.  I thought he was full of it for the most part and told him he needs to go tot he doctor and get a sleep aid.  The man will not go to the doctor unless he is in some major pain and that is usually only when his collarbone is killing him.  Anyway, the night before last he asked me to trade him sides on the bed to see if my side he could get sleep on, I agreed.  Holy Crap!  The man wasn’t lying.  His side of the bed is awful, I slept like doo doo if you can even call it sleep.  I tossed and turned and was awake half the night, and every time I was awake all I could think about was a new mattress.  Yesterday I was on a mission to find a new mattress and surprise him with it.  He likes a firmer bed while I like it softer.  There is only one mattress compromise…A Sleep Number Bed.  I looked them upon the internet and was shocked that the price wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I then headed to the store.  The sales guy was fantastic there and spent over an hour with me, answering every question, not being pushy and being completely honest with me.  You don’t find that with sales people very much.  I decided to bring Billy up to speed with what I was doing since this was going to be an investment and if he was going to spend this amount of money I would want in the loop.  He was all for it.  I went back to the store and Mr. Randy, my new best friend aka sales guy, informed me that he would not sell me the bed today because there is a sale starting tomorrow.  Awesomeness.  Plus this gave Billy and I more time to talk about it and decide on the right one.  I came home with 3 different quotes because god forbid I narrow it down by myself, the joy of gemini-ism.  I finally got his undivided attention and we tackled the decision.  The queen P5 will be our new sleep number bed.  If you have not laid down on a sleep number bed let me just tell you…it is heaven.  I found out that my sleep number is 30, I know you all will sleep so much better knowing that about me  😉  At the store they have you lay down on a display bed that  is hooked up to a computer and it shows you all the pressure points in color and as they lower the number you can see the pressure disappearing.  I was sold.  I could have slept in that store for hours on the beds.  So needless to say I will be headed back to the Sleep Number Store today to purchase our new bed get up.  Merry Christmas to us!