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Pin Up Shoot – So much fun!

Almost 2 weeks ago a good friend of mine put together a Pin Up Girl Shoot and I had the privilege to shoot it.  Nat did great putting it all together, she did the makeup, hair and wardrobe.  She knew exactly what she wanted and had the day mapped out.  We shot for around 7 hours in and around Lucid Linds Studio and had a blast.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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For more information on booking your shoot visit today!

My Photo Shoot – Lucid Linds Studio, Nashville TN

My sister is in the process of opening her own amazing video/photography studio within her loft downtown, Lucid Linds Studio.  She has had a couple of paying shoots already by friends and is in the process of finalizing everything and waiting on her website to be done.  Meanwhile she is finishing up the inside and placing ads to get the attention of local photographers.  Friday we planned to do a photo shoot of both of us to show all the different options for the studio to add to her porfolio.  Well it ended up being a shoot of just me.  Now I am not a model, never claimed to be, don’t think I am even close to one but I will say I am pretty proud of how the shots turned out.  I was totally uncomfortable in front of the camera for the first half but then we turned up the music and just had fun with it.  Here are some shots from the shoot.  All photos are taken by my sister and edited by me.  If you are a photographer in the Nashville area looking for a great place to shoot that offers many inside and outside shooting options, leave a comment and I will get you the information.










A Few of My Favorite Things

We all have our favorite things that we just can’t live without.  I have wanted to do a post on mine for quite some time now and today is your lucky day!  Here are some of my favorite things that I just can’t live without!

My face wash…Dermalogica.  I was introduced to this brand about 2 years ago and it has changed my life. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it has.  I have always had acne, nothing crazy severe but enough to annoy the bejeezus out of me.  This stuff completely..I said COMPLETELY..wiped it out for me.  Thank you baby jesus.

Bra..Victoria Secret’s Miraculous Push Up Bra.  Yes it’s freaking miraculous.  Why?  Because if I didn’t wear it I would look 12 in the boobage department.  This bra makes you a size or two bigger than what you are and when you have had 2 kids and have lost any boobage that you might have had pre-kids..this bra is a flipp’n god send.  I know what people think, “Well that is just false advertisement”.  Let me tell you something, I have been with B for 13 years..He knows what is under there and I’m not out to impress anyone els,e so for me it’s just about feeling like I am actually 34 and not 12 (even though some 12 year old will put me to shame now), it’s about being able to fill a shirt, it’s about feeling good.

No that is not me, No that is not what my boobs look like in the bra..If they did I wouldn't need the damn bra to begin with.

Face Moisturizer…Clinique Youth Surge with SPF 15.  A couple of years ago I pissed off the skin god and in retaliation it gave me a couple of patches of dermatitis.  Dermatitis is a fancy word for freaking annoying dry skin.  I would get a couple of patches on my face and they would move around to different places when they felt like it.  It was super.  I was so annoyed with it I took my butt to the dermatologist to figure out what the hell it was and why it was there.  She told me it could be a number of different things that have caused it and gave me an antibiotic to take and some lotion.  Well neither worked, nor did changing what “could be” causing it.  UGH!  I was so annoyed!  I took my happy ass to Belk one day and headed to the Clinique counter to see if they had a magic potion.  Well they did!  I started using their Youth Surge and within days the dry patches cleared right up and haven’t been back since.  Thank you baby jesus.

Makeup….Cover Girl Point Plus Eyeliner.  Yes Cover Girl!  I have been loyal to this eyeliner for years…YEARS, I’m talking all the way back to the high school days.  I love it, love it, love it.  I have tried other ones, expensive ones and I always come back to this one.


Shoes….Reef Flip Flops.  Are all flip flops created equal?  In my eyes the answer is no.  I am a label whore when it comes to my flippy flops.  I heart the brand Reef, that is all that I will wear.  They are comfy and they treat my feet right…as their site says..”Ridiculously Comfortable”

I HEART them.

More Shoes..BOOTS!  I heart boots, to the point of needing therapy.  My latest purchase or I should say purchases in the boot department was the Althea Platform boot.  I tried a pair on at Agac`i a couple of weeks back (totally shopping for something else and made the mistake of walking through the store for just a “looky see”) and fell in love with them, so much so that I bought this boot in tan and black.  They are super comfy and oh so sexy.  I love them.  **If you have never been in an Agac`i store I highly recommend it!  Their clothes are great and not over priced but their shoes are all kinds of fabulous!  All are reasonably priced (I have never spent over $35 for a pair of shoes, including the boots) and all are so comfortable.  Go check them out!

So there you have it!  Just a few of my favorite things that I heart so much.  I could list more and go on for days but I have a dentist appointment to get to.


Spread Your Smile.

First thing first…

I will not be blogging like I normally do on a daily basis any longer.  This decision was made over the weekend.  I have let it somewhat consume me at times and I can’t allow that any longer.  I still will most likely blog a couple times a week and especially when I feel the need to get something out but I will no longer be sitting down every morning and forcing my fingers to type. Instead on the mornings that I don’t post I am going to dedicate that time back to my book “Awakening the Buddha Within”.  I bought this book over a year ago and read half of it and it hasn’t been touched since.  I need to get back on track with myself, my family and my husband.  ……Ommmm…..  I will be finding the inner me again and getting back to what is most important.

A smile..

I was watching the football game last night and it panned to a player on the Jets and it showed him smiling.  For the next 30 minutes I only focused on people’s smiles.  Have you ever realized how infectious a smile can be?  When they put the camera on that player and I saw his smile I couldn’t help but to smile myself.  Not because he was being funny or I thought he was good looking or any of that, it was simply because you could tell that was a genuine smile and it made me smile in return.  We, as humans, do have super powers and one of those powers is a smile.  You can warm a heart with a smile, you can turn a person’s day around simply with a smile, stranger or a friend.  Sometimes that is all one needs in their life at that very moment to make them feel better.  To me that is a super power and to me that is amazing.  So next time you see a stranger walking down the street with a not so happy look give them a smile, you never know you might just turn their day around.

With those 2 things said, remember to always be true to you, take the time to be..

Take the time to find yourself, be true to yourself, make it a point to make YOU happy and the loved ones around you.

And always spread your smile.


Adventures in Couponing

The Sunday before last I started couponing.  Don’t freak out you will not see me on Extreme Couponing or anything like that.  I just want to save a little money.  I tried to do this before and I allowed myself to become intimidated by it and never followed through with it.  This time I am determined.

I have never been a grocery coupon user, maybe here and there but NEVER consistent.  I’ve tried in the past, clipping a few and then sticking them in my purse only to forget about them and then they expire.  So we can chalk it up to laziness, disorganization, and my brain flat lining in the check out line.

This time I am on a mission.  A mission to save some money, to figure it out, and to become diligent on using them.  When I made this decision I spent the entire day researching.  If I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it right and make it effective.  I am not out to save a dollar or two, I want to make a dent in my receipt.  I spent the day on,, and  Each site is a plethora of information and can quickly become overwhelming but I didn’t let it happen.  I took it slow.

The Krazy Coupon Lady site has a beginner section that breaks down becoming a good couponer in 10 days.  This site seems a bit more dedicated to the organized hoarder extreme stock piling couponer but it still has good tips.

Couponmom site is where I spent the majority of my time.  It is full of good information and tutorials.  What I love about this site is the video tutorials and every week she posts sales for the each store and matches them up with coupons giving you, in black and white, item, sale price, coupon to use with the date of the paper and the source it came from, price after coupon, and percentage saved.  You can go down the list and check the boxes of the items you want or need and print them out.  After you print your list, you match up the coupons you need for your trip and out the door you go.

I ran up to the gas station and got 3 papers.  Yes I bought 3, don’t judge me.  I have found you need at least 2 papers so you have 2 of the coupons especially for the B1G1 deals.  Anyway, I bought 3 papers and headed home to start clipping.  My living room looked like a newspaper stand exploded.  I spent the evening clipping, printing out online coupons and organizing.

Monday evening I headed out on my first couponing trip.  I decided on Walgreens.  Not too overwhelming right?  I printed out my little list, matched up my coupons and off I went.  I only had a few things that I was after, I started small.  First couple of items went into the basket and I was feeling great!  Next up toothpaste.  Well what do you know the particular brand that I was after was wiped out.  Not a tube left!  WTF!  Damn stock pilers!  I was bummed, I didn’t let it get me too down and it was time to check out.

My total before discounts and coupons: $31 and some odd cents.

My total after: $11.85!!!

AND I got $4 in register rewards to use on my next trip!


I was stoked…I was beyond stoked!  It was AWESOME!  I did it!!  I was so proud of myself!  I will admit confession style that I did get a little high from it.  I can almost *almost* understand the crazy couponing people out there that get $600 of stuff for $4.

My next trip out was the following day to try this at a grocery store.  I had prepared my list the night before, loaded up the kids and off we went.  The store that I was going to was still in the process of changing their sale signs over throughout the store so I panicked for a moment with the thought “oh crap, am I here on the wrong day?”  I grabbed their weekly ad from the front of the store and all was good to go.  Here I am walking around with my list, coupons, and the weekly ad stopping in every aisle making sure not to miss what I am after.  Yes, I was that person.  It was checkout time, the moment of truth.  I had a whole cart full of stuff, top and bottom.

My total for the Trip: $116.00

Total Savings for the trip: $47.01!


I had one more trip to make the following day for a couple of reasons.  I get my meat from this store and also they had some good sales on things THAT I NEED not want just to say I have it.  Well, it was depressing.  Why?  Because the hoarders stock pilers bought it all up.  Empty shelves everywhere.  85% of things that were on my list were gone, just tumbleweeds blowing by on the shelves.   So Sad.  I finished up my shopping and headed home.  I did save that day but not as much as I had planned because of the bare shelves.

That trip leads to my first couponing rant:  These extreme couponers that clean out shelves need to stop.  Just because you can get it for free or for $.75 doesn’t mean you need to buy every single one of them on the shelf.  Leave some for the little people, that just one 2 of them.  There is no damn reason…NO DAMN REASON…you need 150 tubes of toothpaste, 64 bags of chips, 100 deodorants, or 50 boxes of mac and cheese unless you are planning for the end of the world and I am pretty sure we still have a few billion years before that happens.  I just wanted 2 boxes of mac and cheese, that’s it and they were gone.  If you are one of these extreme couponers that have your whole basement stockpiled with absurd amounts of items and absurd amounts of one specific item you are *in my eyes* an organized hoarder.  Period.  If you have 6, 7, 12 kids cool, stock it up a bit more but if you are a normal family of 4 there is absolutely NO REASON to clean out a shelf.  You are selfish.  Period.

With that said I am not against a small stockpile..SMALL..Key word.  5 tubes of toothpaste cool, 5 12-packs of pop awesome, 5 bottles of shampoo right on etc etc.  I am out to save money, have some things on the back up but that’s it.  I won’t lie I don’t want to have to go buy toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner or lotion every month and yes I want to get it on sale but I will get enough to last me a few months and that’s it.  I will NEVER clean out a shelf.  You have my word.

This past Sunday I stayed true to my mission, purchased my papers and clipped and now all of my coupons are nicely organized in a binder.  You read that right, I made a binder.  Why?  Because it is soo much easier.  I originally had them all in a little holder that fit nicely in my purse but when I found myself rummaging through it to find something it was like a lightbulb when off…The binders make complete sense.

I also found a GREAT spreadsheet that I have started using that tracks my spending and savings.  I found it on, another great website.  Even if you don’t coupon this is still a great spreadsheet to use if you are trying to work on a budget.  You can find the spreadsheet by clicking on the link above and then under the downloads tab by clicking on ‘savings tracker’.  It is a spreadsheet that comes ready to go with all formulas in place.  You can set your budget for every month and after your trip to the store you enter the info from your receipt and it keeps a running tally of the shelf cost (cost of all items purchased before any savings), store discounts, coupons amount, sales tax, your total and it gives you the percentage saved on that trip.  It is so handy and easy to use or if you have trouble figuring it out she offers a video tutorial or a handy dandy user manual.  I highly ,highly recommend trying it!  On this website she also offers a coupon 101 and many many helpful hints and links.

Screen shot of the Spreadsheet, taken from

So there you have it, my adventures thus far in couponing.  I have to run out today and get a few things because I NEED them not because they are just on sale (that’s just an added plus) so the adventure continues.

Last Night I Stopped and Let Myself Just Be

Last night I stopped and I listened.

I went outside to have a cigarette last night and usually when I go out I have my phone in my hand or my ipad, something to toy with while I am out there.  This has become a habit.  Last night I I went out with neither for the first time in awhile.

It was about 11:00, it was silent except for the summer night bugs singing their songs, there was a breeze blowing.

I sat and I listened.

I listened to the silence which is night.

I listened to the sounds of the bugs that are only out during the summer night warmth.

I listened to the breeze rustling the leaves in the trees.

I watched the breeze blow through the line of trees, jumping from one tree to the next.

I sat and felt the night breeze on my face and I breathed it in.

The breeze was fresh,warm and cleansing.

I cleared my mind of the chaos which life can be.

I let myself just be.

Life, we let it consume us with the daily chaos it can have.

We are always running here or there, worrying about this or that.

All which is most likely insignificant when it comes down to it.

How often do you let yourself just be?

How often do you stop and take in what is around you?

How often do you sit and listen to the night?

The night is a mysterious beautiful time.

All is quiet, the daily hustle is over, the day is at rest.

It’s the perfect time to…

..just be.

Turn it Up! Play it Loud! – Aggression

Today’s Turn It Up! Play it Loud! is dedicated to Rock’n Out.  There are certain songs I play when I’m pissed, going to get a tattoo done, want to get out some built up tension or just simply rock.  These are some of these songs…

When I’m off to get a tattoo done I play this song along with some others for a couple of reasons.

1. I’m about to endure pain and usually for an extended time.

2. It’s a good song.

Feeling a bit of tension..I rock this one and have for many years


Others that get me going..

I had the pleasure of seeing Staind live in a very small venue and it was Aw-some.

We got to see Papa Roach live a couple of years ago and was blown away.

We were there to see another band but they stole the show, they put on an awesome show.l

There you have it people.

Turn it Up! Play it Loud!

And as always…

Rock your Friday.

Keep Rock’n.



Too Lazy to Type..So here’s a Vlog

This am I’m lazy, I’m not going to sugar coat it..I am.  So I snuck out on the patio and now I give you….another vlog.

#IHNFCWYJS <—-What? Exactly.

Here we go again. No, I’m not channeling White Snake.  Here we go again on Friday together.  Isn’t it wonderful.

-Like I have said before Twitter makes me twitterpated.  The people that live in my Twitter (that sounds kinda dirty, ha!) make me happy, they make me laugh, they keep me sane.  I heart them.  What I have noticed about twitter lately is the immense use of acronyms.  They have always been there but I have taken note as of late to how much they are used.  Not only to how much they are used but to the fact that I don’t know what 95% of them mean.  I have decided that I need to walk around with an acronym dictionary to ‘get’ what is being said on twitter.  I read a tweet and just smile and nod like I know what that acronym means.  On the outside I am saying “yeah I totally get what you are trying to say”, On the inside I am saying “I have no flipping clue what you just said”.  #IHNFCWYJS

-Another twitter thing that cracks me up is what we will do as true twitters to get what we need said within the 140 character limit.  Poor vowels, they are the first thing thrown to the way side when we need to shorten our words.  We will stick in a number to replace a few letters, spaces..what are those when we have a lot to say?, correction punctuation..what’s that?  To become a true twitterer you must throw out everything you have ever learned about correct grammar and in English class and channel your inner 7 year old to write your tweet. Perfect example is one of my tweets that was retweeted by a buddy and shortened to fit.  Perfect example on what we will do to get that 140 limit!   🙂

-On another note B was asked by a dude that he has known for a few years now if he would be interested in playing bass in his band for some upcoming gigs next month.  Of course B jumped at the offer, anytime he has a chance to play he is stoked.  The guy sent B some of their old songs to get familiar with.  Let me start off by saying B usually plays rock, that is his genre of choice but he will play whatever.  Good thing because this band is a punk band.  His first practice as a punk bass player is tonight.  Interesting.  Rock Punk On!?!?

-If you have been watching The Voice at all you know of Javier Colon on Adam Levine’s team.  He is, in my opinion, the most talented singer on the show.  His voice is just amazing.  This week he blew me away again with his rendition of Coldplay’s “Fix You”.  Now I am not a Coldplay fan, I think there is one song that I dig but that is it.  Blasphemy I know, but it is what it is.  So with that said I had never heard of the song “Fix You”.  I instantly fell in love with it.  The words are just beautiful.  I went to itunes and compared the original to the Javier’s version.  You know who won?

Yep, I would much rather listen to Javier Colon sing it than Coldplay.  His version is now mingling on my iPod.  My money is on him to win the fist season of The Voice and when his record comes out I will be purchasing it because his voice is like butter…smooth.

On that note Rock Your Friday!



Blog Lovin

I have a new blog that I stalk follow now on a daily basis, 27 & Counting.  Nicole is a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere and I enjoy her blog immensely.  She is a sweet tea lovin country girl from Kentucky living in Texas with her husband who is a secret agent or something mysterious like that   😉   but also a roper.  You can tell by her words in her posts that she is just an all around genuine human. I love that!  Plus she promised me a spot in a rocking chair on her front porch with sweet tea in a mason jar waiting for me!  SCORE!

During my morning stalk stop by of her blog this am I noticed that she had won an award!  You go Girl!  You deserve it!  As I am reading and thinking Awwe! It’s so sweet, I notice she has passed along the award to fellow bloggers.  Guess who was one of them?  Go on Guess!

Your’s Truly…ME!  Fnkybee!

Uh Huh..Do a little Dance!

I won….Drum Roll Please…..

So in order to accept this award fully I must follow the rules of course.  I wouldn’t want to break them and get blog jailed.  So here we go.

1. Thank and Link the giver of the award.

Nicole..thank you, You rock my world.  Get that Sweet Tea ready!

2. Share 7 Radom Facts about yourself.

1. I never wanted kids, I couldn’t stand them.  I asked my mom at the age of 18 if I could get my tubes tied.  This is quite funny seeing that I have 2 of them now and was the President of our local MOMS Club Chapter for 2 years.

2. I think one reason I love tattoos so much is the pain.  If there comes the day that I can’t take the pain anymore, I’m officially old.

3. W was birthed naturally.  This was not by choice and it hurt..really bad.  I had an epidural needle in my back when I unknowingly pushed.  Needless to say the needle was taken out and it was game on.

4. I hit rock bottom in my younger years and dug myself out of the hole.  I think that is the sole reason why I appreciate every single thing that I have in my life now.  You don’t know what you have until it is all gone.

5.  When I sing I sound like a dying cow.  Just ask my kids.

6.  I was meant to be a princess or filthy rich.  That is so shallow of me but I could rock it like no ones business.

7.  If I was a princess I would want B to be my prince that rescues me from the evil witch. (gag me with a spoon, right?)

 3. Pass the Award to 10 Blog Buds.

1. My latin lover Marina over at Marina Sleeps. – She rocks the missing latin in me.

2. My cosmic twin Jen over at Firecracker3’s Musings – She’s my cosmic twin of course & we share the same brain over the span of states

3. My Las Vegas Lover Thy over at Thypolar’s Life Uncensored  – She’s my secret girlfriend and I love her

4. Thoughtsie over at Thoughts Appear – She rocks my world on a daily basis

5. The Soapbox – She tells it like it is.  That’s Right!

6. Pkitass over at All I know is This –  She is A-Mazing & has a coffee stealing cat named Chococat

7. Ann over at Waxing Lyrical – My Canadian friend that rocks my world when she posts

8. My Las Vegas Lover’s Husband over at Hacking Vegas – he has to share whether he likes it or not! AND his blog is awesome.

9. Tom B. Taker over at Shouts From the Abyss – He’s awesome and says poop a lot

10. Don’t Make that Face – I have no idea what her name is but she is Hil-arious

So there you have it people.  My award, my random facts and my list of award winning blogging buds.

Rock on with your bad selfs!