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A Little Update

This poor blog has been neglected for so so long and it’s time for an update.

I have been so very busy with my new business Fnkybee Photography.  Everything has really taken off and I am having the time of my life!  We are doing all kinds of photography from musicians to engagements to my favorite Boudoir! You can check out our website! and keep up on our blog too!

When I started this adventure Boudoir Photography never even entered my mind.  After a shoot in December that turned in a boudoir like shoot I fell in love.  There is something about capturing a woman’s true beauty when she lets her guard down in the camera that makes Boudoir truly amazing.  Almost every client that I have done a Boudoir Shoot for was full of nerves and just couldn’t even imagine that the images would come out good.  The truly beautiful part of boudoir is when a client sees their final images and say “Oh My! I had no idea I could be that sexy and beautiful!”  That right there makes it worth it.  I love to hear that type of feedback and it makes me feel special that I can show them how gorgeous they are in a light that is so different from everyday.  Boudoir Photography is a great self esteem boost, it allows a woman to see themselves in a way that celebrates their true beauty.  It lets them see that even though they are a mom, a wife, a soccer coach or what have you that they still are sexy and admirable.

After much thought and bringing my sister on board with me full time we have decided to start up a sister company to Fnkybee Photography strictly for Boudoir.  We are working hard getting everything ready for the big announcement which will hopefully happen in a week or two!  Stay tuned for updates!  I will be updating this site with the information along with my Fnkybee Photography blog.  You can find links in the sidebar!  —->

If you are in the Nashville area or are visiting the Nashville area and are interested in a Boudoir Session or a Custom Photography Session please give us a call!  We do boudoir for women, couples and brides to be! We offer amazing services to make any shoot perfect!  Services:  Hair Styling and Makeup Application by our in house stylist, Custom Set Design, and we soon will be offering in house massages after your Boudoir session!  Boudoir Session can be held in our studio, in your home or in a decadent hotel suite!  We have an array of gorgeous end products to display your photos from any style of shoot!

As for now I will leave you with a slideshow from a few past boudoir sessions!

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Until next time..



Pin Up Shoot – So much fun!

Almost 2 weeks ago a good friend of mine put together a Pin Up Girl Shoot and I had the privilege to shoot it.  Nat did great putting it all together, she did the makeup, hair and wardrobe.  She knew exactly what she wanted and had the day mapped out.  We shot for around 7 hours in and around Lucid Linds Studio and had a blast.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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For more information on booking your shoot visit today!

New Camera and a Photo Shoot

Shew! Last week was crazy and busy.  On top of getting everything ready and up for Fnkybee Photography (<–click the link and check it out!) I bought a new camera.  Rock’n!  I moved from a Sony a300 to Canon 60D.  What a difference, I love it.  I was like a little kid on a Christmas morning.  Saturday I spent the day with my sister and my camera.  We shot at her studio, on the streets around her loft and on location.  It was a great day and we had a blast.

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You can see more shots from the day and keep up with what is happening at!

I will be a busy bee later this week.  I have a shoot all day Thursday, a shoot Friday and I’m shooting photos and film for a live band Saturday night!  Things are happening!  Can we say stoked?  Together now…”Stoked!”  It’s about to get real.  Bring it on.

I’m beyond excited to be shooting a band Saturday because this is the niche I want to be in.  I love being surrounded by the music, the atmosphere, the creativity, the vibe.  There is so much open creativity when it comes to shooting in the music industry, it’s not just head shots and robotic poses.  It’s edgy, it’s music, it’s instruments, it’s creative people, it’s the niche as a whole.  I heart it.

Till next time, Keep Rock’n.





Fnkybee Photography

After last weeks photo shoot I had a friend ask me to do a pin up girl shoot for her and about 10 girls for their bar.  It’s an anniversary gift for the bar’s owner and they all will be pin up girls.  How Fun!   This lit a fire in me, it made me think “I can do this”.  I just have to put myself out there, I have to cross over the intimidating hump and find confidence in myself and just do it.  So I am.

I would like to introduce

A photograph captures your unique story in time, even though it comes with no words, the story will forever be told with an image.

For now my focus is on finding people to shoot for cheap to get my experience, build a portfolio and to get my name out there.  I am very excited to start this because this is me.  When I started SpokenStill I was kidding myself.  My love is not taking pictures of trees and landscapes it is shooting people, capturing their story.  I want to help my client tell their story through still images.  I want to give people something a little different, not just the traditional portrait with the white background.  I want the photos to have an edge, I want them to pop, I want people to be amazed by them.

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What I offer is modern, edgy and urban photo shoots on location or in a studio.  I will photograph singles, groups, bands, kids, you name it and I will shoot it.  If you are looking for studio shots they will be held at Lucid Linds Studio in the heart of downtown Nashville where a plethora of options are available inside and out.  Urban, traditional, inside, and outside the possibilities the studio offers are endless.  There are numerous textures and colors at my disposal.  The studio also comes with the use of a dressing room, full kitchen and bathroom, internet access and a full sound system.  If you would like more information on the studio or are a photographer yourself looking for a great studio for your shoots please visit for more information.

If you are interested in a special price photo shoot please contact me by leaving a comment here or on my website or shoot me an email at


We Are Nashville, 1 year later after the floods.

1yr ago today Music City was devastated by floods. Today we stand tall, unbroken & rebuilt.

We Are Music City, We Are Nashville.

I can remember it like it was just yesterday, we had friends coming in from out of town.  Our friend Chuck and his son was coming down from Illinois to stay the night on their way back home to Georgia, his wife was driving up from Georgia and meeting them here at our house.  The rain started and it didn’t stop.  Chuck and his son made it early in the afternoon.  When they were on Interstate 24 just minutes from our house and the water started to rise.  The water was at the edge of the interstate and if they would have been on the interstate for 10 minutes longer there is a good chance they would have been 2 victims of the rising water.  This picture is Interstate 24 about 15 minutes from my house where Chuck and his son had just came through not even an hour before.

Meanwhile, his wife was coming up from Georgia.  She pulled over in a town just before our because 1. there was a tornado heading right for where she was driving and 2. she couldn’t take driving in the non stop white knuckle pouring down rain any longer.  B, Chuck and his son headed out to pick her up.  As soon as they left the house a tornado warning came for us.  I put the kids in the closet and hunkered down for about 10 minutes.  After we had the clear back came B and Chuck.  They couldn’t get out of the neighborhood.  Every entrance was flooded.  Chuck was on a mission to get to his wife.  B stayed here with me and the kids because of the weather and Chuck headed back out.  He made his way through the waters and made it to his wife.  I was relieved when they made it back.

The rest of the afternoon we sat in front of the tv and watched in awwe.  We couldn’t believe our eyes.  It just kept rising..and rising..and rising.  The pictures that were coming in were unbelievable.  There was moments of complete silence in our living room with the occasional gasp.  This was happening.

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B’s phone started to ring and it didn’t stop (he runs Sunbelt Rentals Pump and Power, Nashville Division).  B went into work mode over drive.  I didn’t see him for a week, his guy’s families didn’t see their husbands and fathers for weeks.  They worked day in and day out, delivering pumps, pumping water out of buildings downtown, and anything and everything they could do they did.  The hard work, sweat and probably some sleep deprived tears were appreciated everywhere by everyone.

Nashville was over shadowed during this time by the Gulf Oil Spill.  That was Ok.  We didn’t need it.  This city came together like no one had seen before.  We didn’t need the coverage, we didn’t need the help because the people of Nashville jumped into action.  People came together, immediately went out to help rescue their neighbors, even if those neighbors were towns away.  That day I fell in love with my city all over again and on a whole new level.  I was proud to call myself a Nashvillian.

Take a few minutes and watch this incredible video. The song is “When one of us Stands” written for the floods.

There was a great article that was written by Patton Fuqua titled We Are Nashville.  Here are a few quotes from the article.

“The national news coverage gave us 15 minutes, but went back to focusing on a failed car bomb and an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico”

“The Cumberland River crested at its highest level in over 80 years. Nashville had its highest rainfall totals since records began. People drowned. Billions of dollars in damage occurred. It is the single largest disaster to hit Middle Tennessee since the Civil War. And yet…no one knows about it.”

“But let’s look at the other side of the coin for a moment. A large part of the reason that we are being ignored is because of who we are. Think about that for just a second. Did you hear about looting? Did you hear about crime sprees? No…you didn’t. You heard about people pulling their neighbors off of rooftops. You saw a group of people trying to move two horses to higher ground. No…we didn’t loot. Our biggest warning was, “Don’t play in the floodwater.” When you think about it…that speaks a lot for our city. A large portion of why we were being ignored was that we weren’t doing anything to draw attention to ourselves. We were handling it on our own.”

Benefits, concerts and telethons quickly followed raising money to help the ones effected, the ones that lost everything in the flood.  I am very proud to say that I was able to be a part of one benefit.  My sister, myself and a few others came together and put together a benefit concert at 3rd and Lindsley, one of Nashville’s oldest music venues where my sister was working at the time.  We had music all night long, a silent auction, sold t-shirts that we had made and took donations with all the money going to The Community Foundation.  I am so proud to say that all of our hard work raised almost $3000.  It felt so good to do something that would help others.

The people of this city and all surrounding areas came together in the most beautiful way.  The floods didn’t discriminate in it’s attack.  Everyone from the common Joe to celebrities were effected by the waters and all came together to help one another.

After a year people are still rebuilding, still feeling the effects of the waters.  On this day 1 year later we are being hammered by rains again with our western counties in Middle Tennessee on the verge of being flooded again, some already are.  It makes the memories of what happened a year ago that much more vivid and some unfortunately are reliving it once more.  My heart goes out to them and everyone in this wonderful beautiful city which we call home.

I am proud to call this wonderful city my home.

I heart you Nashville.

We are Nashville, We Are Music City.

Project Nashville

Yesterday my sister and I took off downtown Nashville for a little fun with my camera.  It was a beautiful day and we had a blast.  Here are a few from our outing.

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If you are interested in any of the prints to purchase you can find these plus more not shown here on Monday in my Etsy Store SpokenStill PhotoArt!

HELMET Rocked..Mosh Pits are Questionable

The Helmet concert rocked!  I am pretty sure I damaged my hearing last night since my ears are still ringing this morning.  It was LOUD!  Seeing a concert at 12th & Porter makes it a personal experience in so many ways.  The venue only holds 300 people so there is not a bad place to be in the house.  We were right up front 3 feet away from the stage.  There were 2 opening bands for Helmet, Mindset Defect who is a local band out of Nashville and Intronaut who is from LA and is on tour with Helmet.  Mindset Defect was awesome, I dug them a lot, Intronaut not so much.  Intronaut, I couldn’t tell you one lyric they sang, the instruments were up way to loud and the vocals to low.  Then it was Helmet time…AWESOME!  Man were they good.  Page Hamilton, the lead singer for Helmet is awesome and a cool guy.  He made it a very cool experience.  He said that 12th & Porter was one of his top 10 venues to play because it is so personal and the sound is great.  He would stop and talk during the show, he even recognized 2 guys in the crowd from past shows.  One he looked at and said “hey you were the one that got your nose broken in ’92”!  He remembered that..that was awesome and I’m pretty sure made that dude’s night.


Mindset Defect

Mindset Defect




Helmet-Mr. Page Hamilton


In the Meantime…

What I don’t and never will understand is the mosh pit.  Why do males feel it is necessary to push or pretty much beat each other up during a concert??  I asked Mr. Jimmy, one of our friends that went with us, this very question.


Meet Jimmy...


His answer to the mosh pit question was it’s like being an alpha dog.  He said when you can stand in the middle of the pit with your arms out and no one dares come near you…You are the top dog..Alpha of the pack.  Well if I was a dude in the mosh pit I know I wouldn’t come close to Jimmy.  He’s scary but yet one of the biggest teddy bears I know.  He told me last night that he is my pit bull..Word.


Jimmy in the pit



4 dudes fighting for the Alpha Title


There is always one of these dudes in the mosh pit..for some reason the shirts come off and it’s usually one of the guys that should keep his shirt on.  Oh and there was a dude in the pit barefoot…GROSS!


Seriously..Put your shirt on.


You can almost smell the testosterone coming from the mosh pit.  They all run around with the “I’m going to beat the hell out of you” look on their face..push, shove, and then hug saying “sorry I almost knocked your head off dude we’re cool”.  Huh?  Don’t get it.

The concert was awesome and it ended with the guys from Helmet hanging on stage at the end shaking hands, signing autographs and taking pictures.  How cool is that?  Billy (my husband) was standing there with a shit eating grin on his face and I suggested he go up, he’s not one to do that sort of thing.  He did it and he got to shake Page Hamilton’s hand and say nice job.  Talk about looking like a kid on Christmas morning opening a present that they wanted all year long.  He was one happy boy, I don’t think I have ever seen him smile that big as we were walking out.  Then we got into the car and his phone rang with kill.

I will leave you with one more video from last night….

Please forgive the quality of the videos and photos..they were taken with my cheap little point and shoot.


HELMET Tonight!

Meantime (album)

Image via Wikipedia

Tonight is the night…HELMET!  Word.  We have been looking forward to this concert for over a month… We are pumped.  The concert is at a small venue downtown, 12th & Porter, very very cool place to see a concert.

I will be rock’n it with the guys tonight since I am the only girl going..just me and the boys.  \m/\>.</\m/

Remember my post from yesterday and our music?  Well this is one of the “old” bands I used to listen to.  It takes me back to t high school riding around in my friend’s shit brown old Firebird rocking out to some Helmet then my tape got stuck in his stereo and I was bummed.  I wonder if he ever got it out?

But first I have a date..a lunch date with a great girlie and her son who might just be the cutest kid ever, he is my little BFF who is only 2 years old.  Love him.


Rocking the To Do List like a Champion.


My To Do List


Yesterday I had a to do list, you can find this said list to your right——->.

I rocked this to do list like a true champion!  I am very very proud of myself for setting out and accomplishing everything on this list.  I even managed to find enough time to bathe and get back into my pajamas and continue completing the tasks from the couch.  Then the phone rang, I checked my list to see if I had the time to answer this phone call, yep, I penciled in a couple of minutes.  It was my sister asking me if I would like to go to the Capital Street Party with her last night.  This is a free concert that Capital Records has put on for the last 3 years.  This year the artist were: Jennette McCurdy (Sam from iCarly), Troy Olsen, Luke Bryan and Darrius Rucker.  I told her that I had a long list of things to get done and that I wouldn’t be able to go.  Then my husband called..Geesh people don’t you know I am busy here!  I told him about the invite and he said well don’t you want to go?  I said na too busy.  Then I made a cup of coffee because I was completely exhausted at this point and with that burst of energy called my sister back and told her I was coming.  Luckily I found some free time in the evening.  This is what is cool about Nashville, how many other cities throw a free concert on a Wednesday evening with big and soon to be big names?  Not many.  We get there and it’s not crowded at all, cool!  We look around and don’t see any beer vendors!  Are you kidding me?  How can we be at a concert and not enjoy a nice cold beverage?  Then we see a couple standing there with cute little plastic cups with a yellow colorish goodness inside, we approach and ask where we can get some of that cold goodness and they direct us over to the bars/restaurants.  We make our way over to find all the bars are selling beer off their patios and providing the cups so we can walk freely and enjoy the concert AND they were only $3!  AWESOME!  No price mark up for the festivities!!!  Let me just add that the ice cold beverages tasted oh so yummy and went down way to well and fast.  It wasn’t even 9:30 and I needed food in my stomach to mingle with the beverages.  I spot a corndog vendor..Score!  It was absolutely delicious, it could have been from the 5 beers, I am not sure but it was good.  I was sad that we missed Jennette McCurdy only because my kids are such big fans and my daughter couldn’t believe I was going to see her.  I noticed a very very very very long line leading to a school bus and everyone in this line was under 13.  Lightbulb went off!  She is signing autographs!  Lindsey and I walked to the head of the line because we are cool like that and there she was Sam.  I pulled out my handy dandy camera and snapped a few pics.  Score one for the mom!  I just earned some cool points with the kiddos.


Jennette McCurdy aka Sam!


It’s fun to go downtown with my sister because she knows who so many people are from working at a music venue for 5 years.  She pointed out who used to be the lead singer for Trick Pony, she was standing right in front of us.  She also pointed out the drummer for Jason Aldean and a couple of other folk I didn’t know who they were.  The concert was good.  It was neat to see Troy Olsen because my sister dated him for a short while some months back.  He is good, some of his lyrics are questionable but not bad on the ears or the eyes 😉  Luke Bryan was good, that was the first time I have ever heard him, I enjoyed it.  Darrius Rucker will always be Hootie to me but his country is good.  We listened to him for about 45 minutes and then walked over to where my sister works for what I thought was only going to be a *meaning one* beer.  We learned today that 10 minutes after we left Keith Urban was on stage with Darrius Rucker..Shit!  That would have been cool to see especially for free.  Anyway like I said we walked over to her bar for what was supposed to be a beer.  Well a beer and 3 shots for me and 5 for my sister later we were headed to another bar where some friends were.  Ummm…yeah it wasn’t supposed to go like that.  Thankfully we get to the other bar and what is that sitting on the friend’s table…a pizza!  Score again with the food because I need it.  I scarf down some pizza and not touch another drink of alcohol because I need to get my ass home, like soon.  I have to be up at 6 with the kids AND I have to be at a pumpkin patch with my daughter’s kindergarten class at 8:30am!  Go supermom, there is nothing like a hangover at the pumpkin patch with a bunch of 5 year olds!  I take some cash from my sister, who needless to say is 3 sheets to the wind at this point, I needed the cash for the cab because mine was all spent by now due to the shots from earlier.  I get a cab, get to my car and I am home in bed by 1am.  Awesome!  That escapade was not on my to do list but sometimes you have to make time for spur of the moment activities…they are always the best.


It's Hootie!



The Devil’s Dungeon, You might get impregnated by the devil.


Devil goat

Image via Wikipedia


Holy $&*#%!!!!!  Please feel free to insert any profane word where the symbols are because believe you me any word will do, I am pretty sure I used every profanity in book last night.  The Devil’s Dungeon is where we visited last night and yep it lived up to it’s name.  My sister  informed me that she likes to be first, heading the group through the haunted house because and I quote..”nobody is going to take my scare away from me!”  Well, Ok then.  The line moves and cuts off at us to go in, Lindsey informs door dude that she wants to be first and he lets her know she is getting her wish.  You see my sister has a way of getting what she wants, it’s a gift or some sort of super power, last night her super power worked…we were first.  We are taken into a room to sit and have the rules told to us by a red dude who informs us one of the rules is no runnings because if you fall you will be impregnated by the devil.  Perfect!  I have always wanted to have satan’s child!  I’m already a sweaty mess.  Here we go..arms interlocked..deep the door and enter Devil’s Dungeon.  It took us almost an hour to get through the dungeon, screaming at every turn.  We were told that the ‘actors’ or as they should be called Satan’s helpers are not aloud to touch us as we are not aloud to touch them. Cool, right?  Well they never touched us, instead they would get so close to your face you could feel them breathing on you, never a touch.  I do believe we touched them a couple of times because they wouldn’t get the f*&k out of the way!  Just let me through dude, you made your point and almost made me soil myself now let me get on with my bad self to the next episode.  It was a very well done haunted house I have to say.  There were people climbing the walls, jumping out at every turn, a zombie lady in a wheel chair which was fabulous, dude dragging a shovel after us, you name it.  Then we entered the abortion clinic..oh good god!  That was interesting.  Then we came to the coolest part of the place.  We entered a hall way where there was a bridge we had to cross and all around the bridge the walls were turning, the walls had holes of light shining through with a strobe light going.  You couldn’t walk straight across it, you were constantly losing your balance and holding on for dear life, like the bridge was the one turning.  It was the best optical illusion!  After passing a dude dressed up like a fairy with the word slut written across his stomach we entered a pitch black room with I don’t know how many doors.  We picked one and entered.  It is pitch black, you have to feel your way through.  We ended up back with the slut fairy..shit!  Enter again, pick another door.  Let me just say this was my least favorite part of the place.  I don’t like not knowing where to go, I was dripping sweat like I just ran a damn marathon..not cool man..not cool.  We finally made it to another room where there were more doors, by this point we have lost the rest of our group and it’s just the 3 of us.  For the next 20 minutes or so we feel our way, pick another door, end of up the same freaking place.  SHIT!  There was an employee in this room that would give us *hints*.  Sure.  His hints were “it’s the door to the right on the northern wall”  Seriously?!  I forgot my damn compass at home dude.  Then his other hint was “its the door with the handle”  Great!  That narrows it down, there are 5 doors (I’m guessing it was pitch black).  We finally picked the right one and moved on.  We came to the last room thank god and there stands this dude with glowing red eyes that liked to get right in our face and I mean I could have touched noses with him, who proceeded to tell us that we are fucked.  Great!  I felt like it at this point.  He would get so close to us and spit air at us that it would move our hair..Creepy!  He cornered us for a few minutes and had us almost peeing in our under roos.  We finally slip past him and see the light to the outside.  We cross the threshold into fresh air and there is a guy sitting there that looks like he is waiting for his peeps to come out, he says to us that was great wasn’t casually.  We say yes and just as we get the word yes out we hear a chainsaw and we are chased halfway up the parking lot.

It was a good night and I think I’m good with the haunted houses for the rest of October.