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A Little Update

This poor blog has been neglected for so so long and it’s time for an update.

I have been so very busy with my new business Fnkybee Photography.  Everything has really taken off and I am having the time of my life!  We are doing all kinds of photography from musicians to engagements to my favorite Boudoir! You can check out our website! and keep up on our blog too!

When I started this adventure Boudoir Photography never even entered my mind.  After a shoot in December that turned in a boudoir like shoot I fell in love.  There is something about capturing a woman’s true beauty when she lets her guard down in the camera that makes Boudoir truly amazing.  Almost every client that I have done a Boudoir Shoot for was full of nerves and just couldn’t even imagine that the images would come out good.  The truly beautiful part of boudoir is when a client sees their final images and say “Oh My! I had no idea I could be that sexy and beautiful!”  That right there makes it worth it.  I love to hear that type of feedback and it makes me feel special that I can show them how gorgeous they are in a light that is so different from everyday.  Boudoir Photography is a great self esteem boost, it allows a woman to see themselves in a way that celebrates their true beauty.  It lets them see that even though they are a mom, a wife, a soccer coach or what have you that they still are sexy and admirable.

After much thought and bringing my sister on board with me full time we have decided to start up a sister company to Fnkybee Photography strictly for Boudoir.  We are working hard getting everything ready for the big announcement which will hopefully happen in a week or two!  Stay tuned for updates!  I will be updating this site with the information along with my Fnkybee Photography blog.  You can find links in the sidebar!  —->

If you are in the Nashville area or are visiting the Nashville area and are interested in a Boudoir Session or a Custom Photography Session please give us a call!  We do boudoir for women, couples and brides to be! We offer amazing services to make any shoot perfect!  Services:  Hair Styling and Makeup Application by our in house stylist, Custom Set Design, and we soon will be offering in house massages after your Boudoir session!  Boudoir Session can be held in our studio, in your home or in a decadent hotel suite!  We have an array of gorgeous end products to display your photos from any style of shoot!

As for now I will leave you with a slideshow from a few past boudoir sessions!

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Until next time..



Pin Up Shoot – So much fun!

Almost 2 weeks ago a good friend of mine put together a Pin Up Girl Shoot and I had the privilege to shoot it.  Nat did great putting it all together, she did the makeup, hair and wardrobe.  She knew exactly what she wanted and had the day mapped out.  We shot for around 7 hours in and around Lucid Linds Studio and had a blast.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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For more information on booking your shoot visit today!

New Camera and a Photo Shoot

Shew! Last week was crazy and busy.  On top of getting everything ready and up for Fnkybee Photography (<–click the link and check it out!) I bought a new camera.  Rock’n!  I moved from a Sony a300 to Canon 60D.  What a difference, I love it.  I was like a little kid on a Christmas morning.  Saturday I spent the day with my sister and my camera.  We shot at her studio, on the streets around her loft and on location.  It was a great day and we had a blast.

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You can see more shots from the day and keep up with what is happening at!

I will be a busy bee later this week.  I have a shoot all day Thursday, a shoot Friday and I’m shooting photos and film for a live band Saturday night!  Things are happening!  Can we say stoked?  Together now…”Stoked!”  It’s about to get real.  Bring it on.

I’m beyond excited to be shooting a band Saturday because this is the niche I want to be in.  I love being surrounded by the music, the atmosphere, the creativity, the vibe.  There is so much open creativity when it comes to shooting in the music industry, it’s not just head shots and robotic poses.  It’s edgy, it’s music, it’s instruments, it’s creative people, it’s the niche as a whole.  I heart it.

Till next time, Keep Rock’n.





My Photo Shoot – Lucid Linds Studio, Nashville TN

My sister is in the process of opening her own amazing video/photography studio within her loft downtown, Lucid Linds Studio.  She has had a couple of paying shoots already by friends and is in the process of finalizing everything and waiting on her website to be done.  Meanwhile she is finishing up the inside and placing ads to get the attention of local photographers.  Friday we planned to do a photo shoot of both of us to show all the different options for the studio to add to her porfolio.  Well it ended up being a shoot of just me.  Now I am not a model, never claimed to be, don’t think I am even close to one but I will say I am pretty proud of how the shots turned out.  I was totally uncomfortable in front of the camera for the first half but then we turned up the music and just had fun with it.  Here are some shots from the shoot.  All photos are taken by my sister and edited by me.  If you are a photographer in the Nashville area looking for a great place to shoot that offers many inside and outside shooting options, leave a comment and I will get you the information.










Friday’s Funnies – Get your Giggle On.

Yesterday I googled something looking for a picture and came across a slew of funny pics all coming from the same website,   I immediately clicked on the link and went to check out the full site.  Let’s just say….Bahahahahaha!  So instead of Friday’s Survival Sarcasm, I give you Friday’s Funnies.  All pics and their Captions come straight from

The following is from their “What the Crap?!” Page

"An F-5 tornado rocked the Keebler Cookie Factory today. The elves were devastated."

The future isn't looking good for those carrots.

Looks like a Rex Delaney family reunion a-brewin'

"Allow me to introduce our new Vice President in charge of Homeland Security Border Patrol..."


Dating on Craigslist. NOT a good idea.

Flint, Michigan stripper.

Somewhere along the line, a Teletubby porked a Village People.

Unfortunately for Kohler, their mascot, "Chester", sold more home security systems than faucets.

 Now some from their “Moment of Fail” Page

Oompa, Loompa, Dumpity-Doo. I'll shart my pants now, how about you?

Spy Kids?! FAIL!

Soap for the dirty whore.

It took Years of dedicated research to reproduce just the right taste.

"Yo. I just did me some laundry, bitches!"

The "L" is for "Luscious".

Young Rodney Dangerfield = Ninja.

 As Always Rock Your Friday!

Keep Rockin!

Project Nashville

Yesterday my sister and I took off downtown Nashville for a little fun with my camera.  It was a beautiful day and we had a blast.  Here are a few from our outing.

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If you are interested in any of the prints to purchase you can find these plus more not shown here on Monday in my Etsy Store SpokenStill PhotoArt!

Unofficial Photo Shoot~Sister Style

Yesterday my sister and I headed out to play photographers and had a little unofficial photo shoot.  We had so much fun!  So yet again is another post full of pictures.  I have to share though because I am super proud of them and how they turned out.


Playing around at the Lake with my camera

Yesterday I strapped my new lens on my camera and headed over to a couple of boat ramps near my house to see what I could find.  What I found was rocks, stumps, roots, mud..lots of mud, birds and dreary colors spite the sun being out.  Hey what do you expect in mid-February.   🙂   It was 64 degrees and the sun was out so it was just nice to get out and feel the sun on my face.  My new zoom lens was out of control.  I love it.  Here are a few photos from yesterday.  I also got Photoshop Elements yesterday and started playing around with it too.  After setting off the smoke alarms in the house from my brain smoking trying to figure out how to use Photoshop Element I finally figured it out and had some fun with a couple of photos.


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A Field Trip to a Local Dairy Farm

Welcome to Hatcher Dairy Farm!

Yesterday was the field trip with my son’s 2nd grade class to Hatcher Dairy Farm, a local dairy farm that has bee in existence since 1831 and still today the Hatcher family maintains it.  It was the best field trip to date I have been on with my kids.  I am convinced that a field trip with kids should be renamed “controlled chaos trip”, I don’t know how teachers do it.  Kudos to them.  The people of the dairy farm were wonderful and great with the kids.  They really took the time to teach the kids about the farm and what they do, not just here are some cows and this is where your milk comes from.  I was highly impressed.  Our trip started off by all the kids gathered around the owners to get the history of the farm.  It has been in the Hatcher family since 1831 and now the 5th generation is running it with the 6th generation in training.

They do everything themselves on the farm from raising the cows, breeding, milking and all the way to processing and bottling their product.  We were off to meet the moo cows.  The kids were absolutely amazed to be this up close and personal with the cows.  It absolutely blows my mind that some kids have never been around farm animals and this is all new to them.  I have realized how fortunate I was as a child to be raised in a small town that was surrounded by nature and had the opportunity to be around horses and farms.

Peek a Boo

Next we were taken down to the barn to meet the babies and Emma,the oldest cow on the farm.  The kids just loved seeing all the animals and the babies.  They showed them how the bottle feed the babies.  They brought out Emma so the kids could pet her and learn more about milking a cow.  The kids were completely grossed out when guy showed them the old style of milking.  Emma I have to say is a trooper.  She stood there unphased by all the surrounding kids hooting and hollering and petting her.  An average milking cow lives between 5-8 years and the average life span for the Hatcher cows is 10 years.  Emma being 13 is in outstanding health and is pregnant with her 9th calf.  Yes I said 9th!  Their cows live so long because they live in excellent conditions!


Meet Emma..

Isn’t she just adorable!  She looks straight out of a Disney movie!  The guy you see there was our guide and he was awesome.  Thank god the kids were only 8 and some of the stuff he talked about went straight over their heads because we got a sex ed course for cows while we were there and it was hilarious.  Next we were taking into the milking room where the kids were shown the modern way of milking.  The kids couldn’t stand the smell and I found that funny.  Being on this farm brought back many childhood memories for me and I personally loved the smell because of that..not that I enjoy smelling cow poop.  My great grandfather, who is amazingly still alive today because he has got to be pushing 100, had a dairy farm and I spent many weekends there helping him bring in the cows, feed and milk them.  He too had the what was then, modern milking equipment.  It was such a cool experience and I have many great memories there.

The trough you see is where the cows poop while they are being milked and a couple of the kids kept wanting to touch it or lean on it.  GROSS.  So I told them if any of them touch it I am entitled to call them poopy heads the rest of the day.  I am a super chaperone.  😉   But they stopped touching it.  So whatever works.


The milking equipment.

Next stop processing and bottling.

We headed back up to the front of the farm for fresh butter and milk tasting.  Did you know that the greener the grass is the more yellow the butter?  I know I am plethora of information today!


Fresh Butter! It was so good!

The farm like I said before has been around since 1831 and it was so full of charm and personality.  Everything was old and worn.


The Mac Daddy bull of the farm..He was Huge!

We had a blast and I could have spent hours there taking pictures.  I would love to go back another day and take more..I think I might have to make that happen.

A new day..A new venture. Help Name my New Venture!

My husband has been encouraging me to start my own business with my photos and sell my photos online.  A shop on is now in the works.  Now whether or not this is going to work is beyond me but I hope for the best.  I have always had a love for photography since I was a little kid and I took my first good shot of my mom and dad on the beach in Fort Meyers Florida. I have never pursued it but have always taken shots here and there, mainly of friends and family and of course my kids..millions of the kids.  About 2 years ago my husband got me a good camera, Sony a300, for Christmas.  I love that camera even though it is on the cheaper side of the dslr cameras, it still takes good pictures for playing around.  About a year ago I really started paying attention to taking shots, to what I am taking a picture of, playing with different angles etc.  Seeing some of my shots rekindled my love for photography.  Not every shot is note worthy but I have learned that when I do try and have the time to play I might just have an eye for it.  I have received many good compliments on some of my photos and that gives me a little kick to really do this.  I have given myself a deadline of Wednesday, that would be tomorrow!, to come up with a name for my little etsy shop so I can go and apply for a business license and all that jazz.  For the last 2 days I have done nothing but stare at this computer screen researching all the avenues, requirements, sites etc. and now my eyes are crossing and I think my head is going to explode but it is all worth it.  I have list upon list that I need to organize into pretty little lists, because right now it all looks like confusing chicken scratch.   The fact that my husband is so encouraging and behind me on this makes it that much easier and a lot more fun.  He is constantly throwing ideas at me as he passes.  “Hey if this takes off you could do this, and this, and that, and this!”  I love ya babe but one step at a time.   🙂   My head can only hold so much right now.  But if this does do something everything that I make will go towards making it better and taking it a step further.  What gives me hope is seeing other’s photos.  I have a few friends up home that have successful photography businesses, they do portraits, and some of my photos are just as good as theirs.  Even to see what is being sold on Etsy and other sites, my photos are just as good.  Now whether or not those are selling is another question but if they think theirs are good enough mine sure as hell are!

Here are a couple of names that I am playing around with..what is your favorite?  OR if you have an idea for a name let me know!!!

StripedSocks Photography

FnkySocks Photography

Fly Bird Photography

StripedBee Photography


I also enjoy taking pictures of people, none of these will be going into the shop but here are a few of my favs that I have taken of my daughter:


Peace and Love


My little sweetie