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Fnkybee Photography

After last weeks photo shoot I had a friend ask me to do a pin up girl shoot for her and about 10 girls for their bar.  It’s an anniversary gift for the bar’s owner and they all will be pin up girls.  How Fun!   This lit a fire in me, it made me think “I can do this”.  I just have to put myself out there, I have to cross over the intimidating hump and find confidence in myself and just do it.  So I am.

I would like to introduce

A photograph captures your unique story in time, even though it comes with no words, the story will forever be told with an image.

For now my focus is on finding people to shoot for cheap to get my experience, build a portfolio and to get my name out there.  I am very excited to start this because this is me.  When I started SpokenStill I was kidding myself.  My love is not taking pictures of trees and landscapes it is shooting people, capturing their story.  I want to help my client tell their story through still images.  I want to give people something a little different, not just the traditional portrait with the white background.  I want the photos to have an edge, I want them to pop, I want people to be amazed by them.

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What I offer is modern, edgy and urban photo shoots on location or in a studio.  I will photograph singles, groups, bands, kids, you name it and I will shoot it.  If you are looking for studio shots they will be held at Lucid Linds Studio in the heart of downtown Nashville where a plethora of options are available inside and out.  Urban, traditional, inside, and outside the possibilities the studio offers are endless.  There are numerous textures and colors at my disposal.  The studio also comes with the use of a dressing room, full kitchen and bathroom, internet access and a full sound system.  If you would like more information on the studio or are a photographer yourself looking for a great studio for your shoots please visit for more information.

If you are interested in a special price photo shoot please contact me by leaving a comment here or on my website or shoot me an email at


My Monday Ramblings: Upcoming events and tattoos.

I am happy to report that my house is now void of all Christmas…ahhhh….wonderful.  Back to normal finally.  I finished my puzzle yesterday finally.  I thought my eyes were going to cross but I was on a mission to get it done.  When all finished I had 3 pieces missing!  Grrrrrr!  So frustrating and the thing is I thought I guarded it with my life.  Nope..obviously I failed.  I have the puzzle bug again and can’t wait to start another one but this time if someone so much as breathes in the direction of the dining room they will get zapped by the laser security system I am gong to install.

This will be my dining room once a new puzzle is purchased.

This winter break has me all out of whack.  I have been staying up way too late and sleeping in way too long.  Wednesday is going to kill me!  That is when the kids go back to school.  I haven’t stayed up so late on so many consecutive nights in I don’t know how long and sleeping past 8am for more than one morning in a row..What!  That hasn’t happened in years.  So my alarm going off at 5:40am is not going to be pleasant.  I have been staying up until midnight every night for the past week, with a boost of energy coming around 10.  That is just absurd.  I am usually inserting toothpicks into my eyelids at that point to keep them open.  I know I know..I am just a party animal.

A couple of things I have to look forward to this week:  I am taking my bestie to get pedicures on Wednesday or Thursday for her birthday pampering that was on the 28th.  Better late than never.  Then on Friday another friend and I are taking her out to dinner and then for some tasty beverages.  Can’t wait..much long over due.  The original 3 will be back together once again for a much needed night out.

Another thing I have to look forward to this month is a great dear friend is coming to see me on the 14th!  I am stoked!  We have been friends since our Freshman year in high school and I haven’t seen her in 2 years besides the skype screen.  I love this girl and miss her so much.  She is one of the 5 that I would trust my life with..that’s scary now that I am thinking about it.   😉   I love her dearly and can’t wait to spend 5 days with her and her kiddos.  She and her husband have been playing with the idea of moving down here when a manager’s position opens up within his company in the area.  If this happens watch out!  Good lord..can we say trouble????  She is one that knows me like that back of her hand, we can finish each other’s sentences, know what the other is thinking without a word, have the same views, and I would trust her with anything..damn I love that girl!  I can’t wait to see her.  I just hope B is up for babysitting one night so I can take her out on the town.

I was reminded this am that I will be seeing Rick Springfield once again in concert.  Oh Joy.  (I mean that with love)  My bestie loves him and he is coming to town once again in the month of February.  I went two years ago with her on Valentines Day to see him.  I am an AWESOME friend and date   😉   so I agreed to go yet again to see him with her.  I love me some Jesse’s Girl but that is the only song I know really.  He puts on a great show, I will give him that for a 60 year old and he is still good looking and easy on the eyes.  The people watching is what makes this for an entertaining night.  You want to talk about some crazy women!  Good lord!  They go nuts for this guy!   I told her this morning that Rick Springfield is slowly bypassing the people that I want to see in concert with the times I have seen him.  Rick Springfield 2  Justin Timberlake 0. *sniff*  (going on hotness on stage..JT I would eat alive if put in a room with him, bestie of course would eat Rick alive if given the chance)


The tattoos are just a plus...Nom nom him alive I tell ya!

Which brings me to another topic…tattoos.  B was not pleased with my last tattoo on my wrist and I vowed not to get anymore.  Well so much for that.  The other night as we were sitting at the bar we started talking about tattoos.  I told B that I know I made that vow but I have got to get my back finished so it looks right.  He was cool with this thank goodness.  I also squeezed in that I wanted another on my shoulder to cover up an old one and he was down.  He is one with not one tattoo, never thought about it, doesn’t ‘get it’.  So I thought.  He told me that he had started thinking about tattoos and has an idea for one if he ever decides to get one.  WHAT?  Come again?  I’m sorry but I don’t think I heard you correctly!  Huh?  Yes people he knows what he would get if that time ever came.  That is ah-mazing and made me oh so happy.  Let’s just go ahead and bump you up to a whole new level of hotness in the stratosphere.  B with a tattoo…oh my god!  Nom, nom, nom…  If I can get him hooked on tattoos he may never be allowed to put clothes on again.  Not that I want clothes on him now…I’m just saying.  So I am going to visit the guy that did my wrist to see what he can draw up for me for my back and get it scheduled.  I am SO excited!  More tattoos…Yes please!

Bare area on the left is what is going to be filled in and maybe get my sun and ankh covered.

I am going to leave you with my favorite video.  Eminem’s Love the Way You Lie…It’s HOT.

Nightmare on Elm Street Documentary…Awesome.

Last night I watched a documentary on Nightmare on Elm Street.  It was an almost 4 hour movie recapping all the Nightmare with interviews of actors, directors, screenwriters, producers etc.  It was one of the best movie documentaries I have seen.

After watching the Nightmare on Elm Street Documentary I want to go rent all 7 of them (I think there was 7, it was 6 or 7) and have a marathon.  I remember 1 through 4 with 1 and 3 sticking out in my mind with haunting moments.  It has been so long since I have seen Nightmare 1 that I forgot or just didn’t realize Johnny Depp was in that movie and he was the one that got sucked down in the bed.


I Hated this scened with a passion.  It scared the living bejeezus out of me.  And to think I didn’t realize I was looking at Johnny Depp.  Dumb girl.  But hey I was probably 13/14 when I first saw this movie, a few years after it first came out.

This is what got me!

Talk about a movie giving me nightmares.  I would not sleep in a middle of a bed forever and still today think about it from time to time.  Not cool man, not cool.  Did you know they used a rotating room to make this shot and it was completely upside down when they started dumping the ‘blood’.  Gallons of water hit that light you see there on the ceiling and electrocuted the dude pouring the water.  Then all hell broke loose.  The rotating room was operated by hand and they lost control of it when dude was electrocuted.  Everyone was running around trying to find the kill switch for the electricity, the camera guy was stuck spinning in the room.  It was mayhem and panic.  They did this scene in one shot and if you look back at the movie the ‘blood’ moves and thanks to the room loosing control that shot was made awesome.

Now let’s pause for a moment…and take another look at the actor that got sucked into the blood vomiting bed…


I could eat him.

Ahh…I could eat him alive.  He is dreamy.  Yes I just said dreamy.  He’s groovy too   😉

Nightmare 2 I remember but was not effected by.  Now Nightmare 3..that’s a whole different story.  My favorite by far.  Looking back I probably needed therapy as a teen.  One of the scariest movies I think I have ever seen.  I’m talking scary not the new blood and guts movies that are out now.  I don’t do blood and guts very well anymore.  I’m getting old.  There were so many scenes in Nightmare 3 that scared me for life and gave me a great deal of nightmare of my own.  Let’s recap.


This scene where their veins are ripped from their arms and they are puppeted (I’m pretty sure that is not a word but this is my blog and I say it is a word now) around has haunted me since the first time I watched this movie.  That is just freaking c-r-ee-py!  One of the best horror scenes ever shot.  Just the thought of that happening is enough to make your skin crawl.  I get the heeby jeebies just thinking about it!



Who can forget the scene where Krueger is in the tv and picks up blonde chick with his robot tv  arms and his head pops out the top, antennas and all, and puts her head through the tv with the classic phrase “Get Ready for Primetime, Bitch”.  Classic.  Scary.





Then there was the Krueger worm.  Completely scary and wrong in so many ways.  And if I was doing this all right in sequence this one should be above the tv one, but I am lazy so I am leaving it as is.  When they made the first model for the Krueger worm they all had the same thought when they first laid eyes on it…it looked like a penis.  The creator of the worm said “I know”.  That is what he was going for but they couldn’t pull that off with out a different rating so they had to change the head just a bit and make it a different color, they made it a greenish color.  It was originally a flesh color.  There is more underlying sexuality in these movies than I first realized.  I am blaming my age when I first watched the movies for my ignorance and not picking up on it.  Hey I was young and seen a worm not a penis..I was too busy being scared and trying not to soil my pants.


What cracked me up last night as I was watching the documentary was when they talked about Nightmare 2 and the underlying gay tones that was played out unknowingly through the entire movie.  The directors didn’t intentionally make it out to be that way but when they played it back they were all shocked.  It is now ranked as the #1 gay horror movie.  Watching the clips it is so, main character with a “no chicks aloud sign on his door”, he walked out when given the chance with his girlfriend to go spend the night at his buddy’s house, the nude scene with the coach and the bare ass towel smacking, and little things like a board game named “probe”.  Quite funny.

I barely remember seeing Nightmare 4, didn’t waste my time with Nightmare 5, watched parts of the New Nightmare and haven’t watched Freddy vs. Jason.  This is why I need a marathon.  It was 1 and 3 that did it for me.  Even though Nightmare was created by Wes Craven he only directed 1, 3, and New Nightmare.  Really the only good ones out there.  They failed miserably at 2 and lost the true Nightmare feeling and well, made it gay.

Nightmare on Elm Street, for me, was my true horror film and ones that I will always remember.  Freddy Krueger will always be the real true boogey man.  I mean come on he lives in your nightmares how much better can a horror film get!

I do like a good horror movie…main word horror.  I don’t do blood and guts too well anymore.  Sign of getting old?  Maybe.  What did it in for me was Rob Zombie’s House of a 1,000 Corpses.  I watched when B was out of town and I was alone in the living room.  I think I watched the majority of it with my hands over my face.  That was just a weird gory movie, but then again it was a Rob Zombie movie so what was I expecting.  I have tried to watch the Saw movies but just can’t.  It sucks because it’s a psychological movie and I love those..movies that mess with the brain.  I just can’t stomach them though and it makes me feel like a wussie.


Would you want the world to know?

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This morning on the Today show Lindsay Lohan getting out of rehab was top news.  15 minutes into their first hour they did a full story on this breaking news.  Why again do we care?  Now it’s all about Tiger Wood’s divorce.  Again why do we care?  These stories beat out the story of a man who sawed (YES sawed..with a saw) off his own arm because he was stuck in a furnace.  (I don’t know why he was stuck in a furnace because it is going on the 2nd hour of the show and they still haven’t told this story but we know about Lindsay and Tiger) I mean come on..they are interviewing people to get to the bottom of these stories.  Lindsay Lohan’s mom (who is a piece of work herself), a lady that knows everything about Tiger’s now ex-wife and how many credits she has remaining until she gets her Masters in Psychology (she has 40 to get just so you know and you missed the Today show).  I don’t understand (maybe it’s just me) why these stories are top news.  Are we that shallow of human beings that we make this top priority on the news.  Is it to make the regular joe feel better about themselves?  “I was thinking my life was so hard until I heard about Tiger’s woes, I’m glad I’m not him that would just be awful”   Is to make sure we have “water cooler talk” at work, on facebook or at the next playgroup.  If so, SHEWEE, I am glad we are given these topics to discuss because I wouldn’t want to sit around and talk about the real current events (complete sarcasm there).  Do we thrive on other people’s screwed up lives, miscomings, and mishaps?

Would you want the world to know of your divorce, overdose, clothing mishaps, that you had lipo, time in rehab or jail?  Not me.  It would mortify me.  I would hate to have my boob fall out or be hammered and fall down and some putz paparazzi get a picture of it.  It’s bad enough when your friend does and it makes it onto facebook.   I do not watch Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, read Star etc. because for one I don’t care and two these are people’s lives we are talking about, human beings.  I know the celebs will never know that I don’t read about them or watch a certain show to get the latest scoop to find out who has had plastic surgery, botox, butt implant, divorce, went to rehab or who is doing who but that is just a little more privacy for them.

So to the media, E!, sleeze mags and the shows that go along with it…you should be ashamed of do you sleep at night?  What if it was you and your family that was in the spotlight and all your dirty laundry exposed?  I don’t think you would be such a happy camper then…just say’n.