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Pin Up Shoot – So much fun!

Almost 2 weeks ago a good friend of mine put together a Pin Up Girl Shoot and I had the privilege to shoot it.  Nat did great putting it all together, she did the makeup, hair and wardrobe.  She knew exactly what she wanted and had the day mapped out.  We shot for around 7 hours in and around Lucid Linds Studio and had a blast.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.

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For more information on booking your shoot visit today!

Just call me Miss MIA.

So yeah, it’s me, Miss. MIA as of late.  I have been crazy busy, it’s ridiculous and I’m worn plum out.  Yes I just said plum out.  Lord, I’ve been in the south too long.  With that said, I’m fix’n to tell you what I have been up to.

I’ve been…

-Running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

– Not reading blogs of the people that live in my computer, I am an awful friend.  I have a lot of catching up to do. I miss everyone!

-Taking pictures, editing, taking more pictures, more editing, editing, editing, editing.  Damn it’s time consuming.

-Trying to fine tune my time management between mom, wife, friend, and a photographer.  I’m failing at this.

-I’m now trying to find the time to start painting my house again.  I put down the paint brush a month ago and haven’t touched it since.  Umm… house looks confused.

-Looking for extra hours in my day. Does Walmart have time on sale?  I can’t find any extra time.

-Saturday night I shot a very talented rock’n band, One43, downtown Nashville at the Red Rooster.  I was in heaven because you just can’t beat mixing a good rock’n roll band with photography. I was one happy girl.

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I still have one more photo shoot to edit and then I will be caught up.  There’s only 1250 photos to go through, cut down and edit.  Geesh, again I need more hours in my day!

Now if you will excuse I must go pamper myself for a bit by getting my hair done.  It looks like I have a mop on the top of my head.  It’s way over due.


I’m Exhausted.

Wow how long has it been since I have done a regular post?  A week?  A month?  Longer?  All I know is that it has been for-ever.  I have been going non stop for almost a month now and this morning as I was sitting outside with B I realized I am getting exhausted.  Sad thing, there’s no end in sight.  Here is a little bit of this and a little bit of that:

-I am getting tired.

-I totally revamped my landscaping front and back.  It wore me out and made me sore.  I hate loathe landscaping.  It does look nice though so one big pat on the back for me!

-After 7 years of living in this house I finally don’t have fruit on my walls in my kitchen.  NO MORE FRUIT!  YAY!  I have been intimidated by painting my kitchen for 7 years.  I hate painting and I don’t trust my skillz in that area.  A couple of times I would pull a little piece of wallpaper off and tape it right back up because I wasn’t ready to take on the task. Well I told B the week before last that the following Monday would be the day to rid the kitchen of fruit.  Last Monday he went in and ripped a big ole piece of wallpaper off.  I almost cried.  I took a deep breathe and told myself…YOU can do this!  Well my friends I did!  It took me a whole week to get it done and now the fruit is gone and my walls are blue and white and it looks magnificent if I do say so myself!

-Due to the colors on my kitchen walls, I had to paint my chair rails and floor molding (whatever that is called) white.  This opens a whole freaking can of worms for the rest of the house.  I can’t just have white chair rails, floor molding, doors and door jams in the kitchen, No the rest of the house has to match.  So what will I be doing until I am 54 years old?  Painting.  Painting the floor molding in every room, painting the crown molding in the living room and dining room, painting doors and door jams in every room.  Good lord. Everything needs a fresh coat of paint in this house so it must be done!  I am on a mission.

-Now that I have the kitchen done, my next mission is the hall bathroom, my bathroom and my bedroom.  All need new paint.  Am I getting paid?  No.  Fuck that.  Someone should be paying me!

-Today I have another list of a 398 things to do.  I’m learning its going to be like this everyday for the rest of my life.  Fuck that too.  I just want to sit.  Today we are celebrating W’s birthday, which is actually Thursday but we are flying to South Carolina on Thursday for a family wedding so today is the day.  Dad and Susie are coming for dinner and my house is a mess.  So on top of getting the last few doors painting in the kitchen hall to the garage I need to go to the store, clean my house, finish multiple loads of laundry, scrape paint off the kitchen floor, and feed them.  Shit.

-I’m tired.

-I want to meet the person who is responsible for lighting this fire under my ass and poke them in the eyeball.  I’m tired.

-I thought my pile of trim tape was going to come alive and eat me the other day.

-We have had a Led Zeppelin painting in our kitchen for years now and after I got done painting the kitchen I thought just maybe that it would find a new home in another room.  Friday I woke up..walked into the kitchen..looked at my pretty new walls….and saw this…

B thinks I can’t cook without the boys of Zeppelin.

-My sister and I need to schedule time to go to Indiana sometime soon and see my grandma and cousins.  When am I going to fit this in?  I have no flipping clue.

-My aunt found me on FB a couple of weeks ago. Her and my mom were connected at the hip, my sister and I remind me a lot of them two.  She now lives in Florida and has zero relationship with her 2 kids who have kids of their own now.  This pisses me off to no end, especially now that I can read how she communicates with them.  It makes me want to call her out on all of her bullshit and scream “Did you not learn anything when mom passed away?” You have 2 great kids and 4 wonderful grandkids and you are choosing to not be a part of their lives.  Something could happen tomorrow and you will be left not really knowing them with no attempt made on your part to do so.  She has turned into a shitty human and it pisses me off.  She communicates with them like they are fair weather friends.  W.T.F.

-Thursday, like I said earlier, we fly to South Carolina.  B’s cousin is getting married at the Charleston Harbor Resort.  This is the first time the kids have flown and they are beside themselves with excitement.  Me on the other hand..I’m already stressed out about it.  I have never flown with kids, they have never flown.  Also adding to the stress of the trip, I have no flipping clue what to wear.  I don’t know if the wedding is right on the beach, is it inside the resort?  Heels?  Flip Flops?  I need to know this kind of stuff people!!  I don’t know what to pack for the kids, B has no clue what to pack for himself.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

-W’s been sick since last week, I think he is on the mend now, E is sneezing, and B feels like poopy.  Bad timing for this crap all around.  I swear if come Thursday I feel like crap and get this funk they have had I might slit my wrists.

I know that was all over the place but that is just a peek at the inside of my brain at the moment.  It’s all over the place and running at about 125mph.  Good times.  One day I will rest…One day. Until I go.


My Photo Shoot – Lucid Linds Studio, Nashville TN

My sister is in the process of opening her own amazing video/photography studio within her loft downtown, Lucid Linds Studio.  She has had a couple of paying shoots already by friends and is in the process of finalizing everything and waiting on her website to be done.  Meanwhile she is finishing up the inside and placing ads to get the attention of local photographers.  Friday we planned to do a photo shoot of both of us to show all the different options for the studio to add to her porfolio.  Well it ended up being a shoot of just me.  Now I am not a model, never claimed to be, don’t think I am even close to one but I will say I am pretty proud of how the shots turned out.  I was totally uncomfortable in front of the camera for the first half but then we turned up the music and just had fun with it.  Here are some shots from the shoot.  All photos are taken by my sister and edited by me.  If you are a photographer in the Nashville area looking for a great place to shoot that offers many inside and outside shooting options, leave a comment and I will get you the information.










A Few of My Favorite Things

We all have our favorite things that we just can’t live without.  I have wanted to do a post on mine for quite some time now and today is your lucky day!  Here are some of my favorite things that I just can’t live without!

My face wash…Dermalogica.  I was introduced to this brand about 2 years ago and it has changed my life. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it has.  I have always had acne, nothing crazy severe but enough to annoy the bejeezus out of me.  This stuff completely..I said COMPLETELY..wiped it out for me.  Thank you baby jesus.

Bra..Victoria Secret’s Miraculous Push Up Bra.  Yes it’s freaking miraculous.  Why?  Because if I didn’t wear it I would look 12 in the boobage department.  This bra makes you a size or two bigger than what you are and when you have had 2 kids and have lost any boobage that you might have had pre-kids..this bra is a flipp’n god send.  I know what people think, “Well that is just false advertisement”.  Let me tell you something, I have been with B for 13 years..He knows what is under there and I’m not out to impress anyone els,e so for me it’s just about feeling like I am actually 34 and not 12 (even though some 12 year old will put me to shame now), it’s about being able to fill a shirt, it’s about feeling good.

No that is not me, No that is not what my boobs look like in the bra..If they did I wouldn't need the damn bra to begin with.

Face Moisturizer…Clinique Youth Surge with SPF 15.  A couple of years ago I pissed off the skin god and in retaliation it gave me a couple of patches of dermatitis.  Dermatitis is a fancy word for freaking annoying dry skin.  I would get a couple of patches on my face and they would move around to different places when they felt like it.  It was super.  I was so annoyed with it I took my butt to the dermatologist to figure out what the hell it was and why it was there.  She told me it could be a number of different things that have caused it and gave me an antibiotic to take and some lotion.  Well neither worked, nor did changing what “could be” causing it.  UGH!  I was so annoyed!  I took my happy ass to Belk one day and headed to the Clinique counter to see if they had a magic potion.  Well they did!  I started using their Youth Surge and within days the dry patches cleared right up and haven’t been back since.  Thank you baby jesus.

Makeup….Cover Girl Point Plus Eyeliner.  Yes Cover Girl!  I have been loyal to this eyeliner for years…YEARS, I’m talking all the way back to the high school days.  I love it, love it, love it.  I have tried other ones, expensive ones and I always come back to this one.


Shoes….Reef Flip Flops.  Are all flip flops created equal?  In my eyes the answer is no.  I am a label whore when it comes to my flippy flops.  I heart the brand Reef, that is all that I will wear.  They are comfy and they treat my feet right…as their site says..”Ridiculously Comfortable”

I HEART them.

More Shoes..BOOTS!  I heart boots, to the point of needing therapy.  My latest purchase or I should say purchases in the boot department was the Althea Platform boot.  I tried a pair on at Agac`i a couple of weeks back (totally shopping for something else and made the mistake of walking through the store for just a “looky see”) and fell in love with them, so much so that I bought this boot in tan and black.  They are super comfy and oh so sexy.  I love them.  **If you have never been in an Agac`i store I highly recommend it!  Their clothes are great and not over priced but their shoes are all kinds of fabulous!  All are reasonably priced (I have never spent over $35 for a pair of shoes, including the boots) and all are so comfortable.  Go check them out!

So there you have it!  Just a few of my favorite things that I heart so much.  I could list more and go on for days but I have a dentist appointment to get to.


Spread Your Smile.

First thing first…

I will not be blogging like I normally do on a daily basis any longer.  This decision was made over the weekend.  I have let it somewhat consume me at times and I can’t allow that any longer.  I still will most likely blog a couple times a week and especially when I feel the need to get something out but I will no longer be sitting down every morning and forcing my fingers to type. Instead on the mornings that I don’t post I am going to dedicate that time back to my book “Awakening the Buddha Within”.  I bought this book over a year ago and read half of it and it hasn’t been touched since.  I need to get back on track with myself, my family and my husband.  ……Ommmm…..  I will be finding the inner me again and getting back to what is most important.

A smile..

I was watching the football game last night and it panned to a player on the Jets and it showed him smiling.  For the next 30 minutes I only focused on people’s smiles.  Have you ever realized how infectious a smile can be?  When they put the camera on that player and I saw his smile I couldn’t help but to smile myself.  Not because he was being funny or I thought he was good looking or any of that, it was simply because you could tell that was a genuine smile and it made me smile in return.  We, as humans, do have super powers and one of those powers is a smile.  You can warm a heart with a smile, you can turn a person’s day around simply with a smile, stranger or a friend.  Sometimes that is all one needs in their life at that very moment to make them feel better.  To me that is a super power and to me that is amazing.  So next time you see a stranger walking down the street with a not so happy look give them a smile, you never know you might just turn their day around.

With those 2 things said, remember to always be true to you, take the time to be..

Take the time to find yourself, be true to yourself, make it a point to make YOU happy and the loved ones around you.

And always spread your smile.


New School Sleep Schedule = Grumpy Britches

We are now at Wednesday here in the first week of school and the new sleep schedule, “up and at’em” early morning routine is taking its toll…on everyone.  E (6) has been a big ole Crabby McCrabberson the last two days.  W (8) is doing good, I think that kid could go on 0 sleep if he had to.  E on the other hand is a different story.

W and I were sitting on the couch watching Animal Planet last night when Miss Grumpy Britches graced us with her attitude.  This is between her and her brother.

E: Can I change the channel?

W: No I am watching this.

E: No Your NOT! (put as much sass in that as you possibly can)

W: yes I am! I’m watching this show.  (he is clearly watching this show)

E: Umph..No Your Not!

*She gets up and starts walking out of the room* Meanwhile saying…

E: Well I’m going to go watch tv in your room and I’m going to watch what ever I want!  How do you like that?  What are you going to do about it?!?

All the while I am just sitting there trying not to laugh and I’m in awe of this attitude coming from my little girl.  I do not usually allow all this attitude but I couldn’t help finding it comical because I knew all the sassiness was coming from her being so tired.  She dished it out good.  Now that I know she can bring the ‘tude’ I fear her.  Looking into the future and hearing this attitude when she is 10, 12,15 years old scares the crap out of me!

I can tell W is becoming exhausted too but he has a secret stash of crack or something because he is always full throttle.  Me, I am exhausted and becoming a little short and crabby.  I do my best not to let my fuse get down to explosion but it has came close a few times.  I managed not to set my alarm clock all summer long so needless to say Monday morning I wanted to take a sledgehammer to it.  Last night I was ready to go to bed at 8:00 but managed to stay up till almost 10 with toothpicks holding my eyes open.  I did not miss my alarm clock and all the glory that comes along with getting up early..not one bit!  Give me another week and I will be back on track.  For now…Coffee Don’t Fail Me!

Looking back I don’t know how I functioned without coffee for so long.  I didn’t start drinking my liquid crack until I was around 28/29 years old.  I took care of 2 kids in the infant stage with NO coffee!  I seriously should get a metal or a trophy, hell just a little gold star sticker.  Something!  I don’t know how I functioned, took care of a baby or later a 1.5 year old and a baby, made decisions and was coherent.  I must be super human.  Yeah that’s it!

Boom  Shakalaka!





Vegas Baby Prt 3 – When the Ppl that Live in Your Computer Come to Life

Left off Tuesday at Wednesday late afternoon…..

Tonight we have a date with Thypolar and Hacking Vegas at 7:00!  We have never met these crazy blogging/twitter buddies so we are stoked!

We played blackjack till 6:30 and then scrambled up to our room to get ready.  We were outside waiting for them by 6:50, we are fucking champs!

They roll up.  It’s time to meet my girl Thy!  I’m so excited!!!!!  Blogging/twitter buddies coming alive in real life!!  STOKED!  And no they aren’t serial killers because I’m here today!  Double Score.   😉   That was a joke of course.   But they didn’t try to murder us, butt rape us or take us to a dark alley so they are cool.  heehee.

We hop in the car and immediately start chatting it up like old friends.  Mr. T takes off driving like a mad cab driver taking us through parking garages and back streets (this is where I thought maybe we would end up in a dark alley   😉   ) and we end up at Ceasar’s Palace somehow.  I’m not questioning it, I’m just happy to be alive.  hahahaha!

We are going to see Absinthe.  We grab a beer and get in line, talking it up, sharing pictures and stories.  I LOVE these people!  It’s time to head inside.

Sorry the pic is so dark, it’s all Mr. T’s fault!

The show starts and 2 minutes in it’s already better than the Criss Angel show.  It’s like an old traveling circus show.  The humor is rude and crude and PERFECT!  The acts start and they were amazing!  A guy stacking chairs up to the top of the tent and climbed them, girls topless besides their pasties, 4 guys climbing each other, 2 guys balancing each other, a guy and girl on roller skates spinning each other like crazy and a tight rope act.  ALL this with no net or safety harnesses and we were 10 feet from the stage!  My face hurt from laughing so hard and my heart almost stopped beating a couple of times!  The show was hands down the BEST!!  What makes it even better than the BEST is seeing it with Thy and Mr. T!!

After the show we headed down to Fremont Street.  It is like stepping back in time, the feel of the old casinos (which scared me just a bit), the lights, and the people.  There was a band playing out on the street so we stopped for a beer and a listen.

The best people EVER! I heart them!

You can zipline down Fremont Street, the guys were all about it and Thy jumped on board with the thinking she was going to die.  haha!  4 can zipline at the same time so Thy got cocky and was all about winning.  Us girls didn’t have a chance against the guys.  Why?  Because we are tiny little things so the guys have weight on their side.  Turds.  B was the first off, you could here him hooting and hollering the whole way down.  Mr. T was close behind him while Thy and I came in 3rd and 4th.  It was awesome!  It was their first time ziplining on Fremont so it was really cool to get to do that with them.

Mr. T always looks so damn happy or like he has something in his pants playing with his butt.  😛

Soon after we ziplined I turned into a poophead.  All of a sudden didn’t feel so hot.  It could have been the fact that I drank in the afternoon, only ate one meal that day, and the heat.  I was feeling rough and lost my gusto.  I felt awful because well I felt awful and was putting a damper on the evening.  😦   Next trip out I will make it up to Thy and Mr. T, I promise!  I talked up so much we are going to party hardy and here I was feeling like poo and ready to hit the room.  We walked around for a bit more and then headed back to hotel.

Even though the end of the night ended with me feeling rough we had a fabulous time all night with Thy and Mr. T.  They are hands down 2 of the coolest, nicest, wonderful, most genuine people out there.  I am ecstatic that we got to meet them and I am pretty sure it’s safe to say that this friendship will go on for a very very long time.  It was so cool to get to know them outside of the blogosphere and twitter.

Our trip even ended with them!  They offered to give us a ride to the airport the next day.  They picked us up and guess who was with them?  13!!!!!!!  I got to me the one and only 13!  She is such a beautiful, polite and sweet thing.  I almost put her in my suitcase to bring her home with me but Mr. T was watching in the rear view mirror.  Damn it!   The ride to the airport there was talk about them making a trip to Nashville!  WOO-HOO!  I am holding you guys to it!!!!   😉    There were many hugs goodbye and I was sad to leave.  I could have spent a whole day with them and would be happy just hanging out talking.  We will do that next time!

So to you Thy and Mr. T,

Thank you so much for taking time out to spend with us.  We had a blast and can’t wait to do it again.  You guys rock!  Thank you for the ride to the airport and I can’t wait to see you guys again!!!  I am holding you to your Nashville visit.  Next time I promise NOT to drink in the afternoon and I will eat all my meals that day so I don’t turn into a poophead and ruin the fun!  So until the next real life meet up I will see you in Twitterville and the blogosphere!

Love you guys!!!

ps. Mr. T – Remember tonguing is spelled T-O-N-G-U-I-N-G.  heehee

Best trip to Vegas EVER!!!

Vegas Baby – Part 2 Blackjack Drama & Lots of Shots

Alright I left off yesterday on Tuesday night..It is now Wednesday Morning…

B decided to sleep in and I was up and at’em.  I was going insane because I was ready to start the the blackjack tables of course.  Duh, we are in Vegas!  Finally sleepy head decided to get up, we drank our crack and headed down to the casino.

It’s about 11:30 am.

We find a blackjack table with one young woman sitting at it so we join her.  Little did we know that she was HAMMERED!  It didn’t take too long…it took right around 1 minute or 1 hand into it, however you want to time it.  A few minutes after we sat down another young guy around our age joined us, his name was Keith.  So there are 4 of us at the table now…5 including our wonderful and awesome dealer Debbie.  So we are all on the same page here is the run down of characters for the day…

Debbie – our dealer

Joslin – the young hammered woman

Keith – young man at the table with us

Billy – Pit Boss

Gerald – Big pit boss

Here we go.

B and I order a mimosa as does Keith, Joslin (better yet let’s just stick with hammered girl because it’s more fitting) orders whatever the hell she is hammering at noon and we begin to play.  Hammered girl starts asking Keith if he is a homo and for the next 20 minutes he tries to convince her he is not.  I think he almost took her to his room to plant something in her ass to prove it.  Now she is keeping all of her chips in her purse so every hand we have to wait for her to dig out more chips or pick her purse up off the floor to get the chips etc.  I am starting to get annoyed.  Keith buys us a round of shots…Kamikazes.

Another mimosa for me…Bloody Mary for B.

Debbie was awesome.  She was a sport through this whole thing and kept a smile on her face the entire time, even with hammered girl raising her voice and becoming belligerent.  Billy, the pit boss, notices hammered girl raising her voice, sees the look on my face and comes over to check on things.  By this point Debbie has cut off hammered girl with the cocktail waitress, unknowingly to hammered girl.  She informs Billy of this and he puts ME in charge of the table.  Umm..huh?   🙂   Hammered girl tries to get another drink, finds out she is cut off and is not happy.

Another Mimosa for me and bloody mary for B..Yes please!

We play while trying to ignore hammered chick.  Keith is awesome and fun.  Ignoring her was hard because now she is talking B’s ear off.  She is asking him insane questions, he says something about me being his wife and now she won’t shut up about that.  “You mean you got her?”  “well your wife is hot” “I can’t believe you scored her”.  WTF?  SHUT UP! Next thing I know I look over and hammered girl is hanging on B, meaning her arms were completely around him with all of her wait hanging on his shoulder.  I feel my pulse rise.  (if I wasn’t already annoyed with her it probably wouldn’t have fazed me)  I hear B say get your fucking hands off of me.  I make eye contact with her and tell her “Get your fucking hands off of my husband…NOW!”  Yep stirring up trouble on the blackjack table.  Good Lord.  Of course she starts bawling.  For the love of all things hammered this chick wouldn’t stop crying!  “I’m so sorry” “if it was my husband I would be pissed too” blah blah blah.  First off why are you hammered at noon? and where the fuck are your friends?  So we spend the next 5 minutes trying to get her to stop crying.  Meanwhile Debbie has called the Big Pit Boss Gerald.  He was awesome.  He was this huge black guy with a very intimidating ‘take no shit’ look.  He just stood at the corner of our table and watched her.  I was cracking up.

Keith gets us another round of shots…Washington Apples.  It’s 1:00.

Keith decides he wants to buy a chick at another table a drink and makes the mistake of letting hammered girl know this.  She gets up to go talk to this chick to see if she is single.  Gerald, the big pit boss, stops her mid way next thing we know she is standing there crying…again.

Hammered girl makes it back to the table, unfortunately.  Keith at this point has had enough of her too.  Something gets said and the next thing I hear is from Keith to Hammered girl “Can you please shut the fuck up?, you are ruining my table karma! Just shut up or leave”.  I am about to bust out laughing and I want to high five our new found friend.  B and I decide we need to eat and coat our bellies because if we keep up at this pace we will be passed out in our room by 3.  We get up from the table and watch hammered girl literally cry to Keith and apologize.  When we finally see her walk away we head to eat.

We stop by the room after lunch and this is what happened.  Truth be told this is what happened almost every time we went to the room.

He loved that damn pillow.

Back down to the tables we went after B’s playtime with the pillow.  Debbie’s table was open with only Keith sitting there.  Score.  We sit back down and he immediately buys us another round of shots…Straight up Makers Mark.  I passed because I am not woman enough for that shot.  I ordered a beer.  Keith has obviously has been going strong since we left because he is 3 sheets to the wind by now.  It’s 3:30.  We continue to play and have a great time, until Keith decides we all need another round of shots.  Good lord.  This time the shots were Deck Farts.  They tasted just like their name but I drank it anyway because I’m cool like that.

Debbie this entire time was awesome.  She cut up with us the entire time and was very tolerant of all bullshit at the table throughout the day.  I heart Debbie.

Mind you Wednesday afternoon we were more buzzed than we were our entire trip.  Maturity?  Age?  Free shots?  I don’t know.  You pick and I’ll go with it.

We have plans this evening to meet up with Thypolar and Mr. T and they are picking us up at 7:00.  WOO-HOO!

I started to write about that and realized how long it was going to make this post so now you must wait until tomorrow!

Oh the Suspense!  ….When Blogging friends come to life!!!!!

Vegas Baby – Part 1

The Vegas vacation was awesome and I do believe that is an understatement.  We had a blast.  Here’s the recap.

We started off at the airport of course and a trip through security is always fun for me.  Why you ask?  Because I’m always one to get pulled and patted.  I don’t know why but it never fails.  I tweeted after going through security that day and I got a response of “you must look like a drug mule”.  This may be true.  I had on a thin tank, shorts, and flip flops.  That is it. No belt, no big pockets nothing.  They put me in the spinny look inside you thing and immediately get questioned if there is anything in my back pockets.  I said no just buttons on the!  So of course I get the rub down from Mary Butchess who, I’m telling myself, just wants to rub my ass.  After my molestation I immediately get called over to another stand where I am told to stand still and put my palms up.  Now I’m thinking HOLY SHIT, what the hell.  Dude takes a piece of cloth and wipes my palms, I look at my hands and they are shaking like crazy.  I know there is nothing on them…I’m hoping..but it’s still nerve wracking.  I finally get the clear to proceed.  That was good times.

Ok on to the good stuff!

We arrive in Las Vegas grab a coffee and our bags and it’s to the hotel we go.  The hotel was gorgeous.  We check in and head to our room.  The room was amazing.  Everything about our hotel was fabulous from the scent of vanilla when you walked through the front doors down to the bed in our room.  The bed was THE most comfortable bed I have ever slept on while on vacation.  It was tough to get out of it in the mornings.  Everything in the room was controlled by a bed side touch fancy.  What you noticed about the hotel was the smell, the lines of the design, and the textures used all over.  It was gorgeous.

Our View

B taking in the View

We settled into the room, chilled for a moment and off we went to check out our new home for the week.  We headed down to the casino and found an open blackjack table.  We played for a few and came out ahead…time to move on.  Our hotel was connected to the Monte Carlo by foot and to the Bellagio, Vdara and Crystals by tram.  We headed to the Monte Carlo.  There we walked around and had dinner at The Brand Steakhouse.  Seriously, the best filet I have ever had….Ever.  Yum.  We headed back to the room for a minute and to change because I was getting frost bite on my toes, it’s freaking cold in the casinos.  We were off to the Bellagio.  Let’s just say the blackjack tables at the Bellagio that night was so very nice to us.  We cashed in and headed outside into the freaking oven that is Las Vegas.  The fountains were going outside the Bellagio we stopped and took that in for a moment then headed down the block.  Yeah we made it to the corner of the Bellagio before saying screw this we are sweaty let’s go back in.

Now by this point I have done some major people watching and what I can’t get over is the number of kids in Vegas.  To me Vegas is not a family destination.  Kids were everywhere!  While we were eating dinner that evening, I noticed a couple of kids plopped down at the wall while their parents played at the tables.  What!  Blows my mind but whatever, mine weren’t there and that is all that matters to me!   🙂

Monday night we were back in our room a little too early for Vegas style but we were pooped from the day.  Tuesday was a brand new day.  Tuesday morning I got a tweet from Hacking Vegas (a fellow blogger & tweetster) who just happens to be a cab driver in the wonderful LV asking if we needed a ride anywhere.  SCORE!  This is a score for a couple of reasons…1. We get to meet the one and only Mr. T and 2. it’s freaking hot and it’s too early to work up a sweat walking.  Mr. T (the ultimate LV Hack) arrived (I was so excited to meet him!) and took us down to the Venetian.  We decided that we needed to take in a show that evening and we decided on Criss Angel’s Believe and got tickets.  The rest of the afternoon we walked 86.3 miles from casino to casino.  We stopped by The Mirage which was like walking back into time, the casino was just old and the people in there….I will just leave it at that.  Time to move on.  We stopped by Caesar’s Palace and then back to the Bellagio we went.

Me outside of the Mirage

It was time to hit the room and get ready for the evening.  We made reservations at Sirio for dinner and had some time to kill so we headed down to play some blackjack.  I didn’t like that I had to get up from the table for dinner, let’s just say I was on a roll.  Dinner was once again fabulous.  Sirio offers the taste of Tuscany and it was, again, the best pasta I have ever had.

The Criss Angel show was at the Luxor.  We were excited, it’s Criss Angel!  Yeah well, I really wish I could say nice things about the show but I can’t.  It was awful.  It was a huge huge waste of money.  You could tell how everything was done, there was no Vegas Glam or WOW, it was like it was thrown together in 5 minutes.  We were, to say the least, disappointed.  There were a couple of things that were alright but for the most part I wish I would have lost the money we spent on this show at a blackjack table.  After the show we played a few hands and felt the need to get the hell out of there.  We headed outside to get a cab and the line was a mile long.  At this point B is just bitter and pissy (mostly due to the fact that we just wasted too much money on a shit show) and he wasn’t about to stand in line for 15 minutes for a freaking cab.  We hoofed it down a casino and caught a cab there.  Why didn’t we just walk back?  I was in platform stilettos and those babies aren’t made for walking.  We finished the evening losing a bit and ended it for good with pancakes at 1am.

The first 2 days don’t sound all that exciting I know but we had a great time together.  I am sure I am leaving some stuff out too but this post took me forever for some reason.

Wednesday’s goodness is to come…it has all the good stories.  Stay tuned…..